The 2013 Spring Equinox Chart

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The 2013 Spring Equinox Chart, which captures the position of the planets as the Sun enters Aries, contains some powerful messages. By understanding them, we can align ourselves more harmoniously with the energies of the next three months.

The data for this chart is 3/20/13, 7:02 AM EDT, Washington, DC.

Spring Equinox 2013 Chart

Spring Equinox 2013 Chart

Pisces and Aries Emphasized

The signs of Pisces and Aries are both powerfully energized, with four planets each. (Neptune, Mercury, Chiron and Venus are in Pisces. The Sun, Mars, Uranus and Pallas Athena are in Aries.)

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, while Aries is the first. Combining these two archetypes creates some fascinating possibilities. These include the movement from dreaming to doing, acting as the spiritual warrior, sacred sexuality, and initiating divinely inspired creativity.

Mars-Uranus Conjunction

Arean Mars and Uranus are tightly conjunct. Less conscious expressions of this aspect include impulsive sexuality, sudden violence, unexpected accidents, and destructive impulsiveness. But you can also use this Mars-Uranus conjunction to act immediately on your intuitive flashes. Bold new beginnings, in ways that serve the highest good of all, are also supported.

Quadruple Conjunction: the Sun, Mars, Uanus and Venus

The Sun is conjunct three planets: Mars, Uranus and Piscean Venus. Thus, new beginnings in relationships and creative expression are strongly supported. This could be something new starting, or revitalization of something that already exists. Uranus’ presence calls for either taking relationships and creative projects to the next level, or letting them go.

Neptune, Mercury & Chiron in Pisces

In Pisces, we have a triple conjunction of Neptune, Mercury and Chiron. The Neptune-Mercury combination can let your rational mind more easily receive a constant flow of intuitive information. Your writing and speaking can feel as if you’re simply taking dictation from your inner wisdom. Mental inspiration is abundantly available.

Chiron represents the wounded healer. As it energizes Mercury, painful memories of past injuries can arise. Rather than spinning a story of suffering around this, you can call on the divine healer within you to clear these old hurts once and for all.

This aspect can set the stage for you to receive healing or mentoring. It can also empower your own abilities as a healer or mentor. Spiritual or energy healing is especially supported.

The “Finger of God” Returns

The signature feature of the 2012 Winter Solstice Chart returns for an encore appearance here. This Yod, or “Finger of God,” features two planets at the “back end” of an elongated triangle. These impact a third planet at the tip.

The two planets at the back end are Saturn and Pluto. Saturn represents conservatism, old traditions and existing structures. Pluto represents death and rebirth, like a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly. The theme here is the destruction of old structures that have outlived their usefulness. At the same time, new ones arise to take their place.

This idea is given even stronger emphasis because these two planets are in mutual reception. (Each in a sign that the other one rules.) Saturn is in Scorpio (the sign ruled by Pluto), and Pluto is in Capricorn (the sign ruled by Saturn). This reiterates the theme of profound transformation.

The planet at the tip of this Yod is Jupiter. In ancient astrology, Jupiter is the Great Benefic: bringer of hope, joy, celebration and expansion. And Jupiter is in Gemini, the sign of eclecticism, curiosity and playfulness. Thus, this Yod can once again represent the challenges of transformation leading to a bright, sunny and delightfully diverse future.

Grand Trine

This Spring Equinox Chart features another aspect pattern: a Grand Trine. The three corners of this equilateral triangle are occupied by the Cancerian Moon, Scorpionic Saturn, and the Pisces triple conjunction discussed above: Neptune, Mercury and Chiron.

There are many ways to use this fertile mix of energies. The one that jumps out at me is the Law of Attraction.

Neptune and Pisces represent visualization and imagination. Saturn represents physical manifestation. The presence of Mercury and the Moon means that both mental and emotional energy are easily available.

Powerful, positive emotions are a critical ingredient in a successful Law of Attraction manifestation. Therefore, the Moon’s powerful placement in Cancer – the sign that it rules – is very auspicious!


With a little tweaking, we can transform this Grand Trine into another aspect pattern: a Kite. First we strip the Grand Trine down to one planet in each corner: the Cancerian Moon, Scorpionic Saturn, and Piscean Chiron. This allows us to add Capricornian Pluto, which opposes the Moon and sextiles Saturn and Chiron.

The Moon is the only personal planet in this Kite. Therefore, it receives the full weight of Chiron the wounded healer, Pluto the psychologist, and Saturn the reality-checker. To me, this repeats the theme discussed above in relation to the Pisces triple conjunction: psychological and emotional purging. Something else is also worth repeating here: asking your divine power to clear all this stored-up pain for you may be far more effective than trying to do it from the ego level!


The theme of emotional cleansing receives still more emphasis with a T-square. This challenging aspect pattern features a Moon-Pluto opposition, with both planets squaring conjoined Mars and Uranus.

Emotional volatility and intensity can be triggered by this fiery T-square. If so, make this your mantra: “It’s only coming up for clearing.” Make frequent use of my healing invocation, or your preferred technique for rapid emotional clearing. With the Moon in Cancer, family interactions may become more emotionally challenging than usual.

All of this psychological processing can feel overwhelming at times. Remember that every layer of emotional pain that you clear lets the unconditional love at your core shine through more brightly.


The 2013 Spring Equinox Chart offers both challenge and opportunity. Such intense emotional clearing is not something most of us look forward to. But it is indispensable if we wish to awaken spiritually, or even if we just want to be more consistently happy. Replacing the outworn with the new can be joyous if embraced rather than resisted. And there’s plenty of energy supporting the manifestation of your desired reality.

Make of this Spring Equinox Chart what you will. As always, the universe stands poised to fulfill your expectations!

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