2013 Winter Solstice Chart: FREE MP3

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2013 Winter Solstice chart

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Welcome to the FREE MP3 of Benjamin’s 2013 Winter Solstice Chart interpretation, set for Washington, DC. This interpretation originally appeared in Episode 342 of Benjamin’s free podcast, This Week in Astrology, for the week of 12/16/13.

Highlights of this chart include extreme cardinality and strong fire and earth elements. Aspects patterns include a Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-square and a Ceres-Jupiter-Neptune Thor’s Hammer.

Strong angular placements include the Sun, Mars and Uranus. Benjamin also discusses Venus’ powerful station (she turned retrograde less than five hours after the solstice!) and an uplifting Sun-Neptune sextile.

Duration: about 27 minutes

2013 winter solstice chart interpretation

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