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Astroshaman New Site - Formerly ItsAllGoodAstrologyBenjamin is now in the process of posting to AstroShaman.com updated versions of the relevant articles, MP3s and videos that remain on his old site, ItsAllGoodAstrology.com. His hope is to bring over everything worthwhile and finally shut the old site down. (Anyone who tries to visit ItsAllGoodAstrology.com after it closes will be automatically redirected to AstroShaman.com.)

The seven newly revised archive posts published on AstroShaman.com today are:

What Sign Will My True Love Be? Why you need to look at much more than sun signs to do meaningful relationship astrology.

“Crazy Time:” the Uranus Opposition in Your Life and Mine. Why a person’s early 40s is often such a tumultuous time!

Sharper Intuition with Daily Morning Meditation.

Obama Astrologized. Benjamin’s insights into his chart as he was about to start his first term as president.

Who You’re Becoming: Progressing Planets & Personal Evolution.

Smoothing the Transition to the New Golden Age.

Did the Signs Just Change? And are there now 12 or 13? Written in 2011 in response to the hoopla around whether there were now 12 or 13 astrological signs.

Feel free to check out the posts that interest you. There’s much more to come!

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