An Astrological Signature for the Law of Attraction

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Law Of Attraction Magnet ManI constantly strive to help my clients understand the raw material of their chart’s energies. This allows them to take charge of their destiny and consciously partner with their planetary forces. Maximizing the high-side potential of their charts lets them enjoy a life filled with abundant growth, fulfillment and happiness.

The Law of Attraction, the idea that our thoughts create our reality, dovetails naturally with this philosophy. I often discuss it during my consultations.

By its nature, the Law of Attraction works for everybody. But, based on my client work, natal aspects involving the 10th and 12th letters of the astrology alphabet* make it especially potent!

Before I get too deeply into the astrology, though, here’s a brief Law of Attraction overview. (For an extremely simple, astrology-free how-to article, read my earlier post The Law of Attraction Made Simple.)

Law of Attraction Primer

The Law of Attraction was most recently catapulted into mass consciousness by the popular DVD and follow-up book The Secret. (It was the astrological timing of the DVD’s runaway success that clued me in to the aforementioned 10-12 resonance. But more on that shortly!)

The Law of Attraction is hardly a new idea. The Secret was inspired by Wallace D. Wattle’s century-old book, The Science of Getting Rich. Ernest Holmes’ The Science of Mind is a Law of Attraction classic. It became the foundation text for The Church of Religious Science and its offshoots after its 1926 publication. And Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich gave hope to those struggling to survive the Great Depression when it appeared in 1937.

Today, Esther Hicks is one of the highest-profile Law of Attraction teachers. Esther channels Abraham (a collective of nonphysical, but very materially minded entities) in up to 60 cities per year.

For a while, I immersed myself in dead and living Law of Attraction authors via book, video and audiobook. (My favorite book so far: The Attractor Factor, 2nd Edition by Joe Vitale). Based on what I learned and experienced, I have created this bottom-line summary of the basic LOA technique:

  1. Get it on paper. Write down the outcome you desire, in as much detail as possible. If composed electronically, be sure to print it out. Ink on paper is the first level of physical manifestation.
  2. See the details. Imagine what you desire as if it has already manifested. Direct a 3-D movie in your mind. Experience your desired reality in your imagination in as much detail as possible. Include all five senses.
  3. Feel the euphoria! As you visualize, feel powerful, positive emotions. Pump yourself up with maximum happiness, euphoria, joy, bliss and ecstasy. In your imagination, celebrate the fact that you are now enjoying the manifestation of what you desired!
  4. Karma-Free Safety Clause. You want to insure that your visualization is in harmony with divine law. Therefore, close with the Karma-Free Safety Clause. It states, “This, or something better, now manifests for the highest good of all concerned.” (Short form: “This or something better.”) This gives Spirit permission to substitute as needed to keep your manifestation karma sparkling clean. It also lets you do worry-free, full-power visualizations!

Finally, don’t worry about how your desires manifest – that’s up to Spirit. Specifying that your desire must be fulfilled by means of a particular person, or via an exact scenario, may prevent or delay its manifestation. However, if you can see ways in which your own efforts can help bring it about, roll up your sleeves and jump in!

The 12-10 Connection

Now that we understand our Law of Attraction basics, let’s address the astrological factors.

The Secret received extensive media coverage from Fall 2006 through Spring 2007. It drew the most attention via several episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show. The most powerful sky transit during this period was a Saturn-Neptune opposition, exact in August 2006 and February and June of 2007.

Neptune and Saturn represent the 12th and 10th letters of the astrology alphabet. In a Law of Atttraction context, Neptune represents imagination and visualization. Saturn represents crystallization and physical manifestation. Thus it was perfect timing that these planets’ opposition, the aspect of relationship, was the astrological headliner during this latest Law of Attraction outbreak.

Neptune and Saturn were also making major aspects when earlier Law of Attraction landmarks were published. They were square when both The Science of Getting Rich (1910) and The Science of Mind (1926) were published. Think and Grow Rich (1937) came out when they were in 0pposition.

Strong Saturn-Neptune aspects don’t just affect Law of Attraction books. I have also found that clients with strong Saturn-Neptune (or 10-12) connections are naturally powerful manifesters.

This appears to be true even when the client does not use Law of Attraction consciously. In such cases, people can experience distinctly unpleasant outcomes. As I often tell such clients, “Worry is a sincere prayer for what you do not want!”.

The Pivot Technique

To help such clients (or anyone) deal with negative thoughts, I frequently offer my version of Abraham’s Pivot Technique1. To do this, first congratulate yourself on becoming aware of any negative thought. Then visualize its positive opposite while generating joyful emotions. Doing this consistently can reprogram negative thought loops into positive ones.

Client Testing

I developed my 10-12 Law of Attraction theory several years ago. Since then, I have tested it with about 200 clients who have this chart signature. When I ask them if they’re good at manifesting the things they really want, they almost always say yes! (I should note that my clients tend to be more spiritually aware and committed to personal growth than most people. This, of course, makes it more likely that they would have awakened their inherent Law of Attraction potential.)

Admittedly, this anecdotal evidence is hardly scientific proof. But the abundance of smoke does suggest a fire!

Saturn-Neptune Aspects

The easiest way to spot a Law of Attraction signature is to find aspects between Saturn and Neptune. Going back as far as World War II, these two planets were in quadrature (conjunction, opposition or square) aspect, or darn close, in the years 1944-45, 1952-53, 1962-63, 1971-72, 1979-80, 1989, 1998-99 & 2006-07.

Quadrature aspects tend to be the most powerful. However, I’ve also seen Law of Attraction-talented clients with Saturn and Neptune connecting by trine and sextile. Non-Ptolemaic aspects such as the quincunx and semi-sextile can also be manifestation markers. There seem to be numerous aspects that will do the trick!

Other Law of Attraction Signatures

Using the logic of the astrology alphabet, any cross-fertilization of Saturn/Capricorn/10th house and Neptune/Pisces/12th house could produce a Law of Attraction signature. Beyond the Saturn-Neptune aspects already discussed, these could include Saturn in the 12th House, Neptune in the 10th, Saturn in Pisces and Neptune in Capricorn. (These last two were both happening when Saturn and Neptune were in mutual reception from 1/29/94 until 4/6/96. I expect this group of kids, now in their mid-teens, to blossom into Law of Attaction powerhouses!)

I’m also beginning to suspect the existence of other Law of Attraction signatures. The natural movement from Pisces to Aries – dreaming to doing – would seem to suggest a 12-1 connection. Indeed, I recently worked with a client who manifests extremely well, but lacks any 10-12 signature. But both his 12th and 1st houses are loaded!


There’s no telling many Law of Attraction astrological signatures may exist. But my observations have shown that one in particular – connections between the 10th and 12th letters of the astrology alphabet – consistently resonates with a special ability to shape reality with thought.

* The astrology alphabet contains 12 letters. The archetypal energy of each letter is represented by a house, a sign, and that sign’s ruling planet(s). For example, the first letter is represented by the First House, Aries and Mars. The second letter is comprised of the Second House, Taurus and Venus. And so on. In this context, I find that modern rulers carry more weight than ancient ones. Thus I only list Neptune, and not Pisces’ ancient ruler Jupiter, in describing the 12th letter.

1. Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham), Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires, Hay House, 2004, pp. 249-256.

Revised 3/7/13. Originally published in the 3/14/11 newsletter.

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  1. Alex says:

    I have a non-ptolemaic Sat/Nept signature in my chart. It is a quincux between Saturn retrograde/Aries/1st and Neptune/Scorpio/8th. However, I don’t see myself as specially able to manifest thoughts into reality. Even with a Mars/Virgo/5th Trine to Saturn to give Saturn a push, I am an underachiever. Maybe, the square between the Mars/Neptune influences negatively the Sat/Nept. I am guessing that square Sat/Nept takes energy away from the Sat/Nept quincux.

    The Saturn is also in the vertex of a Finger of God (Sat/Nept/Plut) [Pluto/Virgo/6th]. I guess Mars and Pluto gang up to annul any chance that Saturn/Neptn manifestation mark could have ever had.

    Regardless, of all my mumbling, any positive advice would be very welcome.

    • Benjamin says:

      A quincunx requires an adjustment on your part to bring the energies together, Alex, so I wouldn’t expect it to function automatically. But by systematically doing the Law of Attraction steps (which is the adjustment required), you should be able to do it with consistent applied effort. Please let me know if I can offer further help on this!

  2. SQ says:

    i have mars in pisces, neptune and saturn in 12th house does that count ????????

    • Benjamin says:

      Yes it does! It’s even stronger if Neptune and Saturn are conjunct, and stronger yet if Neptune and/or Saturn are aspecting personal planets or angles.

  3. SQ says:

    hiii thanks for your response . no they are not conjuct . but saturn trine my sun and neptune is so negatively aspected in my chart it sequare my venus and it is in my kite opposite jupiter chiron and ceres

    • Benjamin says:

      I don’t believe there’s such a thing as a negative aspect. You can always find a way to use an astrological setup on the high side. If you’d like to set up a session with me, I’ll show you how anything you perceive as negative in your chart is really a blessing in disguise.

  4. Sara says:

    I have Neptune conjunct Mars and my ascendant in Sag in the 12th house and a Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Midheaven stellum in Libra in the 10th house. Yes, I really feel like I have an easy time manifesting my dreams, especially the older I get. I feel like I’ve been getting closer and closer to something in the last couple of years and I feel like it intensifies day by day. I do feel like I am very dedicated to personal growth especially since my Saturn Return. I also feel much more spiritual and in tune as each day passes.

    I’ve really, really enjoy your podcast (which is how I ended up on this LOA blog) and now I can’t wait for my Monday commute! The invocations have been incredibly helpful as well. I just wish I wasn’t on the West Coast so I could attend your events! :D

  5. John says:

    An interesting and perceptive article Benjamin – thanks for sharing it. Like you, I suspect that there are many other “manifestation signatures” within the natal chart.

    I have been into the L.O.A. for years, and have had some inspiring successes, but I have no natal Saturn-Neptune connection whatsoever. However, I do have Saturn exactly trine (Mercury) in PISCES, a Neptune ruled sign. I am sure this particular configuration contributes somewhat to both my deep and sustained interest in the L.O.A, and my successes.

    Possibly, natal Mars-Neptune aspects (which I don’t have) could be another: taking your spiritual inspiration (Neptune) and running with it (Mars, which is exalted in Capricorn).

  6. Eli says:

    I was born 2-28-94 within that time span You wrote would make me a “law of attraction powerhouse” I recently discovered the law of attraction and I’ve found that it’s extremely easy for me to manifest my thoughts into reality. I was skeptical about the law of attraction but stumbled upon your article and it made me more confident about it. I would just like to thank you for sharing this and having a hand in changing my life and the lives of those I touch with this new found gift I will be using for the rest of my life.

  7. John says:

    We are all fluid spiritual beings (Neptune) that have manifested (Saturn) into solid bodies here on the earth plane.

    The key to succeeding in manifesting (Saturn) your dreams and fantasies (Neptune) is to vibrationally align with and get into the flow (Neptune) and essence of what it is you want, believing unconditionally (Neptune) that you can have it.

    As conditioned human beings (Saturn), it is only our own resistance (Saturn) that continues to hold the manifestation of our dream away from us. If we could drop our resistance, we could manifest it immediately. Becoming proficient with the Law Of Attraction is a spiritual discipline (Neptune-Saturn) that one becomes more and more proficient with over time (Saturn).

    As these two very different planetary energies blend in a rather intense way over the next couple of years via the Saturn-Neptune square in the heavens, it will be a good opportunity to learn how to drop our resistance (and perhaps cynicism) in order to allow our fondest dreams to manifest.

  8. Sherry says:

    Thanks for this article, Benjamin!

    I have a powerful Scorpio Neptune at 12′ 55 at the end of my fourth house.

    It forms the apex of a T Square to my Leo Sun and my Aquarius Saturn in the 8th,

    at 20’11. I am Leo with Cancer rising, and a 9th house Pisces Moon. Moon opposes

    my Virgo Uranus, Mercury, Pluto conjunction and opposes Pluto with the tightest 0′


    I am about to turn 52, and have transformed my mind and life with Law of

    Attraction manifestation. I am blessed to have my only child born in July ’95

    with a Cross of Pluto conj. MC, trine his Pisces Saturn, which opposes Mars and

    Moon opposed his Venus Mercury conjunction. Cancer Sun and Venus are in his 6th

    house. He attends a college honors program on a full scholarship, studied over-

    seas and plans on joining the Peace Corps to prepare for employment as a refugee

    aid worker in camps. I don’t mean to brag about him so much, but in my case I

    suffered parental abandonment and ended up failing in school due to horrible self

    esteem and was subjected to chronic belittlement and discouragement from family.

    I was left alone to raise my child in poverty, and from those ashes of self defeat

    found the strength to raise my child with positive self esteem and lofty goals.

    In short, I raised him the exact opposite of how I was raised and told him that

    “Bad parenting made me a better parent”.

    Love your articles, Benjamin!

  9. Julie says:

    Hi Benjamin – Can you please update this article to give the dates of the Saturn/Neptune aspects occurring in 2016 with tips on how to use the energies?

  10. Oriana says:

    This is very interesting. I found this article because I was curious about the effects of transiting Neptune (5th) squaring my Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in the 2nd house. While traditional descriptions point to unclear and unrealistic thinking, hopes and plans, this transit has led me to a very deep exploration of Law of Attraction. Transiting Saturn is also in the mix, traveling through my 2nd house and over Mercury/Jupiter. The Saturn transit has manifested as absolute poverty, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my 56 yrs. In fact it’s pushing me to suicidal thoughts. So basically I have both Neptune and Saturn ganging up on my 2nd house Mercury Jupiter. For the last 9 mths I have studied and tried to apply LOA, while failing miserably (due to Complex PTSD and GAD getting in the way). At any rate, I wanted to find another perspective on these transits. The Neptune square is interpreted as negative energy, yet it is teaching me a great deal about inner belief systems in regards to manifesting. It’s teaching me to think differently, which is not necessarily wrong. It’s teaching me to have faith, to trust and to communicate with source. Saturn is the big financial lessen, and the big resistance. Not sure I have the strength to make it through this battle, but it is a bit comforting to know that a Neptune/Saturn square can signify the ability to manifest. Thanks.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Very interesting article Benjamin. I personally have Saturn (1st at 23 degrees in Virgo) square Neptune (4th at 22 degrees in Sagg). Saturn is also opposite my Sun (7th at 0 degrees in Aries). I have manifested so much in my life, even before I realised what I was doing. I am a 1980 baby and see that those in my age group also have this and notice how far we have come as a whole, it’s really incredible. I have had to learn a lot about having this power, because it is power, and absolutely have had to learn to control my thoughts with LOA. Very interesting stuff. I live in Australia now, but spent a bit of time out in Western NC when I realised the importance of the details when manifesting, long story, but it’s still close to my heart.
    Thank you for sharing. :)

  12. Wendy says:

    You make a very,very good point..Bravo!!I’ve learned some harsh lessons about needing to take responsibility for what I’ve manifested. (I’m made some real boo-boos when I’ve manifested things without,as Dr. Vitale cautions,considering what core NEED the apparent WANT is trying to fulfill:What that car,house,job,relationship,money etc is ACTUALLY about…)Ihave had the most success when working with a friend; we planned ahead of time specific ways we would acknowledge and celebrate each little success along the way(,IE.,visualizing exactly HOW and WHERE we’d celebrate EACH LITTLE goal-ette along the way to our bigger objective,and how great that would be!Recognizing those little details was essential!!! BLESS you so much for the 10th-12 signature info,and happy manifesting to you …

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