Apr. 15-21 2013 Weekly Astrology Forecast — Taurus Stampede!

Taurus Bull Painting - Apr. 15-21 2013 Weekly Astrology Forecast -- Taurus Stampede! A Taurean stampede highlights the week: Venus, the Sun and Mars all enter the Sign of the Bull. Amp up your sensuality, immersion in nature, and simple “beingness.”

Communication is our other major theme: Arean Mercury makes intense aspects to Pluto, Uranus and Saturn. Enjoy the intuitive flashes and mental stimulation, but watch your tongue!

4/15 (Mon)

Venus transits Taurus, a sign she rules, today through 5/9. This accentuates the five senses, relaxation, and enjoyment of nature. It also asks you to recognize yourself as a “human being” rather than just a “human doing.”

Give appropriate attention to money and the pleasures it can bring. Artistry is also supported, especially three-dimensional creative modalities that involve more than just the eyes.

You can get a jump start on your mental creativity today, with Arean Mercury quintile Jupiter.

4/16 (Tue)

Notice whether the words and opinions of others are affecting your self-esteem. This is a possible effect of Arean Mercury square Ceres. You can choose to start affirming a positive image of yourself whenever you’re ready!

4/17 (Wed)

A week after the Aries New Moon, the energy of initiation gets an additional pump-up with an Arean Sun-Mars conjunction. Get rolling with the things that are primed to go! Leadership and sexuality are also strongly energized.

4/18 (Thu)

Assertive feminine energy could run into a roadblock as Saturn opposes Pallas Athena. Pallas Athena is in Taurus, so persevere stubbornly if what you’re striving for is worthwhile.

Many blessings can flow from a Venus-Neptune sextile. They include increased creative inspiration and easier connection with the divine within you. Also stay alert for enhanced perception of the divine essence that animates everyone and everything around you. Enjoy!

4/19 (Fri)

Here’s an invocation perfect for Neptune’s trine to Cancerian Ceres. “Spirit-that-I-am, please flow the energy through me to serve the highest good of each member of my family.” Name your family members individually if you wish. Then rest in your breath, stay as passive as possible, and let your Higher Self take care of the energy flow.

Most people feel more calm and energized when they do this. Ironically, they often feel best afterward when sending energy to someone they’re having conflict with!

Learn more about these FREE invocations.

Thinking, writing and speaking may feel a bit tangled with Arean Mercury quincunx Saturn. Be careful that suppressed anger doesn’t lead to inappropriate verbal aggression. Taking a methodical, disciplined approach to your learning and communication can be helpful.

The Sun enters Taurus today at 6:03 PM. This emphasizes the same Taurean qualities mentioned in the 4/15 forecast: keener attunement to your five senses, relaxation, enjoyment of nature, and recognizing yourself as a “human being” rather than a “human doing.” You may find it helpful to take an unhurried, “Steady Eddie” approach.

4/20 (Sat)

Certain planetary pairs have special relationships. This is the case with Mercury (rational mind) and Uranus (divine mind). Uranus is considered the higher octave of Mercury, and Uranus and Mercury are conjunct in Aries today.

This makes it a great time to energize your rational mind’s receptivity to Uranus’ intuitive flashes. You can distinguish these from normal thoughts because of the feeling of absolute certainty when they pop in.

Think of these instructions and information snippets as text messages from God. I believe them to be the most reliable information you can receive on the physical plane.

Mars, hot on the heels of Venus and the Sun, is the third planet who enters Taurus this week. He’ll stay in the Sign of the Bull through 5/31. This adds some sexual sizzle to Taurus’ inherent sensuality. Mars’ transit of Taurus can also provide some “Energizer Bunny” endurance.

4/21 (Sun)

Arean Mercury receives yet another powerful aspect this week, with a square to Pluto. As stated earlier, be careful not to lash out with careless words of anger. However, this aspect can be a boon for deep mental probing, research and investigation, and appropriately assertive truth-telling.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during these times. “Business as usual” is the best strategy for these periods, which occur when the Moon has made its last major Ptolemaic aspect but has not yet moved into the next sign.

4/15, 3:42 pm – 10:51 pm (Cancer)
4/18, 8:31 am – 11:15 am (Leo)
4/20, 7:49 am – 9:10 pm (Virgo))

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