Apr. 22-28 2013 Weekly Astrology Forecast: An Eclipse, Grand Trines & T-Squares, Oh My!

cat - Apr. 22-28 2013 Weekly Astrology Forecast

The astrological weather is pouring this week. We have an eclipse, two Grand Trines and three T-squares! Opportunities and challenges involving relationships, money and the Law of Attraction are highlighted.

4/22 (Mon)

It’s reality-check time for your relationships, finances and creativity as Taurean Venus opposes Saturn. What structures in these areas are so strong that you can add on another story or two? Which ones require repair or demolition?

You’ll know the answers by observing what’s arising in your life. Most people filter events through their preconceived ideas of what they think should be happening. Can you muster the courage to see what’s actually happening?

4/23 (Tue)

Stand firm in your assertiveness. Stay true to your causes. Your allies are powerful Pluto and the warrior goddess Pallas Athena, trining in Taurus.

4/24 (Wed)

Thinking and talking can rev into high gear with Arean Mercury sextile Jupiter. This is a great energy for generating original ideas and thinking big. This aspect can also generate “Motormouth Syndrome,” so speak only as much as necessary!

Overlapping T-squares

Juno squared Saturn on 4/13 . Normally, the influence of a separating aspect such as this would gradually fade.

But that’s not the case here. While this square is still in orb thru 5/5, three Taurean planets – Venus, the Sun and Mars – form overlapping T-squares with Saturn and Juno. They do this by opposing Saturn and squaring Juno.

Thus, the core effect of the Juno-Saturn square – reality checks and restructuring opportunities within your committed relationships – will be repeatedly rekindled.

The first T-square, Venus-Juno-Saturn , started on 4/18, peaks today (4/23), and ends on 4/27. The Sun-Juno-Saturn T-square starts today, peaks on 4/29, and ends on 5/5. (The third T-square, Mars-Juno-Saturn , kicks off on 4/28, peaks on 5/1, and ends on 5/5. I’ll tell you more about that one in the 4/28 forecast.)

Venus rules relationships, and the Sun mainly acts to personalize these energies. So neither planet fundamentally alters the core meaning of the Juno-Saturn square. But they do intensify it!

T-squares: The Bottom Line

Here’s the bottom line. The Juno-Saturn square keeps getting re-energized by these overlapping T-squares. So the square’s influence, rather than fading, remains strong from now through early May.

So stay ready to work productively with any challenges that arise in your significant partnerships. These relationships could be romantic, platonic, or business-related. If the partnership is strong, you can take that already solid connection to the next level. If a weakness in the relationship is exposed, decide whether it’s better to work through the issue or release the partnership.

Other Wednesday Aspects

The same areas that are being tested as Venus opposes Saturn (see this week’s 4/22 forecast) receive additional transformation opportunities as Taurean Venus trines Pluto. However, this aspect is more likely to empower relationships, finances and creativity. Financial opportunity is the most clearly supported theme, so keep your eyes open for enrichment opportunities!

Bringing divine consciousness into your daily activities is an uplifting way to use a sextile between the Taurean Sun and Neptune. (You may find this simple invocation helpful.) This energy also supports creative productivity and Law of Attraction work.

Vesta transits Cancer today through 5/9. This placement supports devoted service to family.

4/25 (Thu)

Let your inspiration come alive as two harbingers of creativity conjoin in Taurus: Venus and Pallas Athena. A steady, methodical approach to your artistry may serve you well now.

It’s a great time for hands-on healing as Taurean Venus sextiles Chiron. Mentoring related to relationships, finances or creativity also benefits from a strong flow.

Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse occurs at 3:57 pm today (5°45′ Scorpio). This “Full Moon on steroids” asks how “full-filled” you are with your committed partnerships, transformation and psychological well-being. It’s also a good time to evaluate your investigations, occult practices, and how well you’re releasing what doesn’t serve you.

As eclipses go, this one is not especially powerful. This is because the luminaries are 12° distant from the Lunar Nodes. NASA’s description calls this eclipse “…barely partial with just 0.5 arc-minutes of the Moon’s northern limb dipping into umbral shadow.”

And this eclipse isn’t even visible from the Americas. Still, its themes will remain in play for at least the next six months.

Aspects to the Eclipse

As a Full Moon, however, there are numerous aspects energizing its effects. Saturn tightly conjuncts the Moon. This aspect invites you to embody maturity, responsibility and discipline as you face any challenges that arise.

The Moon opposes Mars and Venus, astrology’s natural relationship rulers. This reinforces the idea that transformation in your important relationships could be powerful.

The status quo won’t suffice under this energy. If you have a strong relationship, take it to the next level. If there are issues, decide whether it’s best to work on them or let the relationship go.

The Moon also trines Neptune. This opens the door to a steady flow of divine inspiration and spiritual consciousness. This invocation might help you be more receptive to it: “Spirit-that-I-am, please saturate me with the maximum amount of light and divine consciousness that serves highest good, starting now. Thank you.” Learn about my invocations here.

Financial themes are also accentuated by this eclipse. The Moon is in Scorpio, the sign that can represent great wealth. Venus, the natural ruler of money, opposes the Moon. And Ceres, the asteroid goddess of abundance, trines the Moon. So be sure to evaluate your financial situation under this lunation.

The Sabian Symbol

This eclipse’s Sabian Symbol is, “A gold rush tears people away from their native soil.” From a spiritual perspective, this describes the awakening process.

The “gold” is the most valuable prize available: abiding divine union. The “native soil” you’re being torn away from is ego identification. The illusion that you are a separate being is utterly destroyed once you experience yourself as the All That Is. After this revelation, life lives itself as a harmonious flow of synchronicity.

Grand Trine

Ready to amp up your financial manifestation power? A Grand Trine aspect pattern, made up of Ceres, Saturn and Neptune, can help you!

This Law of Attraction powerhouse started on 4/12, peaks today and ends on 5/9. The Grand Trine’s two slowest planets, Saturn and Neptune, embody Law of Attraction energy. (My free online article, An Astrological Signature for the Law of Attraction, explains why.) And Ceres, the grain goddess, radiates the energy of abundance.

So if you’re not already doing daily visualizations, in which you’re calling in the exact amount of money you want, this would be a great time to start!

4/26 (Fri)

What do sacred sexuality and the Law of Attraction have in common? They’re both supported under a sextile between Taurean Mars and Neptune.

Any activity that uses divine consciousness for worldly activities can benefit from the aspect. For an awakened being, that’s everything! For everyone else, how about some tai chi, yoga, or ecstatic dance?

4/28 (Sun)

Used consciously, the opposition between Saturn and the Taurean Sun can be a godsend. If you’ve got your time management, discipline and maturity mojo on, you can be tremendously productive.

But what if you experience some of this aspect’s challenging effects, such as depression or lack of motivation? Forcing yourself to engage in a productive activity can get Saturn back on its good behavior. Or maybe you’re being given less externalized energy so that you’ll take some quiet time to reflect, plan or meditate.

Lots of creative magic can blossom under a quintile between Neptune and Taurean Venus . This is another  Law of Attraction booster, especially around relationships, money and creativity. You can also more easily connect with the divine, both within yourself and within others.

Mars-Juno-Saturn T-square

As mentioned in the T-squares section of the 4/23 forecast, a third T-square involving the current Juno-Saturn square starts today. This Mars-Juno-Saturn T-square starts today (4/28), peaks on 5/1, and ends on 5/5.

As stated in the 4/23 forecast, the core effect of the Juno-Saturn square is reality checks and restructuring opportunities within your committed relationships of all kinds: romantic, platonic, or business-related. Adding Mars into the mix creates a strong sense of urgency, as well as the potential for conflict.

So don’t be surprised if you have to navigate some unusually turbulent seas. As I said before: if the partnership is strong, you can take that already solid connection to the next level. If a weakness in the relationship is exposed, decide whether it’s better to work through the issue or release the partnership.

Vesta-Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine

Saturn and Neptune are already involved in a financially auspicious  Grand Trine with the asteroid goddess Ceres. Today Saturn and Neptune form a second, overlapping Grand Trine with Vesta. This forms as that asteroid goddess joins her sister asteroid goddess Ceres in her Cancerian corner.

The Saturn-Neptune trine continues to empower Law of Attraction work. But with Vesta involved, manifestations involving causes that transcend your own selfish interests receive special support. Vesta also symbolizes sacred sexuality, the occult, and enlightenment practices. So focusing your intention in these areas is also empowered.

You have almost a month to work your magic in these areas. The Vesta-Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine starts today, peaks on 5/11 and ends on 5/26.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during these times. “Business as usual” is the best strategy for these periods, which occur when the Moon has made its last major Ptolemaic aspect but has not yet moved into the next sign.

4/22, 2:03 am – 4/23, 3:26 am (Libra)
4/24, 8:12 am – 4/25, 6:27 am (Scorpio)
4/26, 4:57 am – 4/27, 7:33 am (Sagittarius)

“Cat or Alien?” photo by kaibara87, on Flickr.

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