Apr 29 – May 5 2013 Weekly Astrology Forecast: Energizer Bunny Time!

Energizer Bunny parade float - Apr 29 – May 5 2013 Weekly Astrology ForecastRelentless endurance is one of this week’s strongest astrological themes, with three “Energizer Bunny” transits. This will help you persevere through any relationship challenges that the peaking Mars-Juno-Saturn T-square throws your way. And you can make the most of several flowing connections that offer a melange of opportunity and support.

4/29 (Mon)

Family and financial matters receive stabilization and support with Saturn trine Cancerian Ceres.

5/1 (Wed)

Irresistible force meets unmovable object, or boundless endurance? It’s your choice as Taurean Mars opposes Saturn. Remain persistent to overcome any financial obstacles.

Mercury transits Taurus today through 5/15. This supports a steady, methodical approach to learning and communication. Capitalize on Taurus’ slowing effect to occasionally let your mind rest in simple beingness.

Relax into transformation, nice and easy, as Pluto trines the Taurean Sun. This can also augment the Energizer Bunny effect of today’s Mars-Saturn opposition.

Mars-Juno-Saturn T-square

Today marks the peak of a Mars-Juno-Saturn T-square. It started on 4/28 and ends on 5/5.

As I said in the 4/28 forecast, a Juno-Saturn square is at the heart of this aspect pattern. It stimulates reality checks and restructuring opportunities within your committed relationships of all kinds: romantic, platonic, or business-related. Adding Mars into the mix creates a strong sense of urgency, as well as the potential for conflict.

So don’t be surprised if you have to navigate some unusually turbulent seas. If the partnership is strong, you can take that already solid connection to the next level. If a weakness in the relationship is exposed, decide whether it’s better to work through the issue or release the partnership.

5/3 (Fri)

Take a down-to-earth approach to mentoring and healing with the Taurean Sun sextile Chiron.

5/4 (Sat)

Your mind can connect more easily with the constant flow of intuition that Spirit is beaming your way with Taurean Mercury sextile Neptune. This aspect also empowers Law of Attraction work.

Are any of your important relationships stuck in a rut? Helpful insights about this may come to light with the Taurean Sun square Juno.

5/5 (Sun)

It’s easy to get stuck in your own fixed viewpoint with Taurean Mercury opposing Saturn. Do your best to keep an open mind. This aspect can also empower mental discipline.

It’s a great time to methodically put the finishing touches on your creative masterpieces with Taurean Venus quintile Chiron.

Be ready for possible paradigm shifts in your self-esteem, finances and family with Uranus square Cancerian Ceres.

The week’s third Energizer Bunny aspect hops in with Taurean Mars trine Pluto. Speaking of bunnies: erotic pleasure, from the simply sensual to the divinely ecstatic, also receives flowing support. So do athletics, leadership and taking action to support a worthy cause.

The healing of self-esteem issues is one opportunity available to you as a Grand Trine peaks today. This Ceres-Saturn-Chiron aspect pattern started on 4/21 and ends on 5/14. With all three planets in water signs, this configuration also supports emotional stability and healing.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during these times. “Business as usual” is the best strategy for these periods, which occur when the Moon has made its last major Ptolemaic aspect but has not yet moved into the next sign.

4/29, 12:37 am – 8:23 am (Capricorn)
5/1, 10:08 am – 10:21 am (Aquarius)
5/3, 12:25 am – 2:27 pm (Pisces)
5/5, 12:01 pm – 9:05 pm (Aries)

Energizer Bunny photo by Jeremy Vandel, on Flickr

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