April 2014 Astrology Forecast: Cardinal Grand Cross Peaks!

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If you’re ready for revolutionary transformation on an unprecedented scale, then April is your month! The peak of a Cardinal Grand Cross on 4/22 has Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto forming an amazingly precise geometrical square in the sky — exact to one-third of a degree!

You can use the incredible power of this Grand Cross — the most powerful aspect pattern I’ve ever seen — to turbocharge a quantum leap into the next level of your personal evolution and awakening. You can also hyper-energize your activities in the physical world. It’s time to surf the tsunami!

April 20-23, “Four Days of Supreme Intensity,” are loaded with exact aspects involving the planets that make up the Cardinal Grand Cross. Opportunity abounds for the adventurous!

April also features a powerful Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) in Libra that strongly aspects all four asteroid goddesses, the Sun’s entry into Taurus, and a Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in Taurus.

  • Throughout April: Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square
  • 4/2: T-square peaks: Sun-Uranus-Pluto
  • 4/14. Pluto retrograde
  • 4/14. Grand Cross peaks: Mercury-Mars-Jupiter-Uranus
  • 4/15. Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) in Libra
  • 4/19. Sun enters Taurus

Four Days of Supreme Intensity!

  • 4/20. Uranus squares Jupiter
  • 4/20. Pluto opposes Jupiter
  • 4/20. T-square peaks: Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto
  • 4/21. Uranus-Pluto square (#5 of 7)
  • 4/21. Grand Trine peaks: Venus-Jupiter-Saturn
  • 4/22. Jupiter squares Mars
  • 4/22. GRAND CROSS PEAKS: MARS-JUPITER-URANUS-PLUTO (2014’s most powerful astrological event!)
  • 4/23. Uranus opposes Mars
  • 4/23. Pluto square Mars
  • 4/23. T-square peaks: Mars-Uranus-Pluto
  • 4/29. Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in Taurus

The Story So Far

As April opens, we have five retrograde planets: Pallas Athena thru 4/8, Mars thru 5/19, Vesta thru 5/27, Ceres thru 6/1 and Saturn thru 7/20. And the pervasive energies of revolutionary transformation (a Uranus-Pluto square), as well as universal love, compassion and spiritual awakening (Neptune in Pisces), remain powerful for years to come!

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during these times. “Business as usual” is the best strategy for these periods, which occur when the Moon has made its last major Ptolemaic aspect but has not yet moved into the next sign.

  • 4/3, 2:44 am – 7:49 am (Gemini)
  • 4/5, 4:31 pm – 5:41 pm (Cancer)
  • 4/7, 2:14 pm – 4/8, 5:52 am (Leo)
  • 4/10, 2:26 am – 6:09 pm (Virgo)
  • 4/12, 1:12 pm – 4/13, 4:35 am (Libra)
  • 4/15, 3:43 am – 12:22 pm (Scorpio)
  • 4/17, 3:10 am – 5:45 pm (Sagittarius)
  • 4/19, 9:17 pm – 9:29 pm (Capricorn)
  • 4/21, 7:21 pm – 4/22, 12:20 am (Aquarius)
  • 4/23, 12:11 pm – 4/24, 2:57 am (Pisces)
  • 4/25, 4:03 pm – 4/26, 6:02 am (Aries)
  • 4/27, 7:02 am – 4/28, 10:25 am (Taurus)
  • 4/30, 11:54 am – 4:57 pm (Gemini)

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  1. Cynthia Cameli says:

    I just discovered your page and appreciate your style and enthusiasm. Do you have any suggestions about how to spend the day on 4/22? I mean, is it best to sit quietly and meditate, take long walks, sit on top of a mountain, do ritual …. for the greatest good. Thanks.

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