Astrology Computer Reports: Strengths & Limitations

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Astrology clockAstrology computer reports can be an extraordinary value. For far less than the cost of a personal consultation, you can benefit from the insights of some of the world’s finest astrologers.

On the other hand, there are things a human astrologer can do that no astrology computer report could ever aspire to.

Strengths of Astrology Computer Reports

A first-rate astrology computer report can excel at giving detailed information about specific astrological combinations. These can include the meaning of a planet in a sign or house, or how two planets interact with each other.

This is valuable information, and forms the foundation of any meaningful intepretation. If you’re new to astrology, or just know a little about it, this alone can provide many helpful insights into living a happier and more fulfilling life.

Those already familiar with their charts can also benefit, since every astrology computer report author has a unique perspective. For example, even after doing years of consultations, I was still amazed at how many new things I learned about my chart from the TimePassages Natal Report.

Limitations of Astrology Computer Reports

So if astrology computer reports are so good, why would you ever need a human astrologer?

For starters, even the best astrology computer report can’t combine multiple chart factors into an integrated interpretation. Think of the chart’s components as a jigsaw puzzle. An astrology computer report can, at best, fit two or three pieces together. It takes a live human to assemble the entire puzzle, giving you the big picture and its deeper meaning.

Then there’s intuition, which can tell a human astrologer how to best communicate information to a client. For example, an astrology computer report will always describe a Sun-Pluto square in exactly the same way. An intuitive human astrologer might be guided to describe this aspect in different ways, all true, in different contexts. And, of course, an astrologer can also communicate important (but non-astrological) intuitive messages.

And I don’t know of any astrology computer report that can answer your specific personal questions.

There are many other things a human astrologer can do that an astrology computer report can’t. But you get the idea.

Are Astrology Computer Reports Worth Using?

Even with their inherent limitations, astrology computer reports can offer many valuable insights. In fact, our TimePassages Natal Report was personally selected by Benjamin because it’s so accurate, helpful and positive.

What you won’t find in TimePassages is an unmitigated “gloom and doom” interpretation for any scenario. TimePassages natal reports also won’t say that a specific planetary setup must result in a specific unchangeable outcome. You always have free will choices. Therefore, even the most challenging aspects can have positive outcomes.

Remember that you can purchase our astrology computer reports with complete confidence. There’s no risk, thanks to our money-back satisfaction guarantee.

You are welcome to contact us by email or phone (828-338-9852, 8 am-10 pm US eastern time) with any questions or comments. Click for more information on our TimePassages Natal Report.

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