Astrology Consultations: How Often?

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calendar - Astrology Consultations: How Often?You know how often you should see your dentist or your eye doctor. But you may not know how often you should consult with your astrologer.

If you’ve already worked with a good professional astrologer, then you already know how extraordinary the benefits can be. (If not, our Astrology Services Page can give you an idea.)


One of the biggest benefits is timing. A good astrologer can tell you when specific planetary forces will be strongest. He can also tell you how they’re most likely to affect you.

Once you know this, you are poised to transform challenge into opportunity. You can also gain the greatest pleasure and benefit from times of natural ease and abundance.

I’ve done about 5000 client sessions. In that time, I’ve observed that most people prefer to focus mostly on the coming 12 months. It’s enough information to be helpful, but not so much that it’s overwhelming.

So, to stay in tune with the powerful forces affecting your life, get an annual update with your astrologer. Many people see their eye doctor every year, to make sure their physical vision stays as clear as possible. Seeing your astrologer every year can help you maintain a clear vision of your life direction!

The Birthday Consultation

But when during the year should you schedule your annual consultation?

That one’s easy: around the time of your birthday. (Before, ideally. Then you’ll know what to wish for when you blow out your candles!) Having a birthday reading makes it easy to remember when to do your annual astrological check-in. It also lets you take full advantage of a helpful predictive tool: the Solar Return chart.

The Solar Return is the horoscope of the moment when your transiting Sun returns to its exact natal position. The Solar Return provides extremely helpful information about the main challenges and opportunities you’ll experience between birthdays.

Your birthday consultation combines the Solar Return’s insights with information drawn from other moving energies. (I also look at transits, progressions, transits to progressions, and solar arcs). A good astrologer can integrate all this information to give you a helpful picture of what’s on the horizon. He can also give you specific tools and techniques to help you make the best use of these astrological energies.

The Birthday Discount

Here’s another good reason to see me when you’re turning another year older. I always offer a 20% discount off my full astrology rate when you counsel with me during your birthday month!

As-Needed Sessions

There may also be times, between your regular annual sessions, when you want additional astrological support. You often don’t discover the exact details of a challenging transit until it arrives. Once you tell your astrologer exactly what’s going on, he can offer insights precisely tailored to your situation. (Thankfully, your astrologer can also tell you when a challenging life period will be over!)

Other Reasons for Additional Astrology Consultations

You can also have more upbeat reasons for seeing your astrologer between annual consultations. You might want a relationship consultation to learn more about a budding romance. Perhaps you want to understand your child’s natal chart, so you can guide them in harmony with their soul mission. A career change, a new spiritual path, relocation — astrology’s vast range of insights covers the entire range of human experience.

And if you just want a brief check-in on a specific issue or two, I offer by-the-minute consultations for as little as $20.

I hope that this information has given you a better sense of how astrology can help you, both on a regular basis and as the need arises. You can learn more on my Astrology Services Page.

Please fell free to contact me when your next birthday rolls around — or any time I can be of service!

Revised 3/25/13. Originally published in the April 2008 newsletter. Photo Credit for calendar image (without question mark): eliazar via Compfight cc

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