Astrology: Free Will or Fate?

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astrological finger of fateThe following question, which I was recently asked by a prospective client, reflects a common misconception about how astrology relates to the question of free will vs. fate. I hope that you receive some helpful insight from my response.

The Question

I am not really clear how knowing more about what is going on is going to help me. Can I really change anything that is going to happen in my chart or prevent it?

My Answer

Great question. In fact, I help people use astrology to take charge of their lives! You are not a helpless victim in a fatalistic universe. The planetary forces are just raw material, whose influence and outcome are powerfully shaped by your thoughts and intentions.

If we did a session, my primary goal would be to educate you about the low and high side possibilities of your planetary influences. Once you understand these simple ideas, you can “reprogram” any astrological influence you’re not happy with to call in its high side expression.

Archetypally Predictive

I believe astrology to be archetypally predictive, not concretely predictive. In terms of your current planetary influences, this means that I can accurately describe the types of energies you will be experiencing, how long they will last, and when they will be strongest.

But I can’t tell you the exact things that are going to happen to you, or whether you’ll perceive them to be good or bad. All this is determined by your state of consciousness, and how you choose to work with these astrological forces.

Understanding your current astrological influences gives you a clear map of the territory. This makes it much easier to plan your optimal life strategy!

Beyond Free Will

The above applies to reality as perceived by the unawakened ego. Once you can hold a certain level of divine consciousness, you see that free will is an illusion — as is the entire physical universe it appears to operate in.

Free will is a helpful and necessary tool until this awakening happens, so use it for all it’s worth until then! After awakening, free will is perceived as a hindrance to the perfect, automatic action taken by the divine through the blissfully surrendered human. It is extremely cool to experience “doing, but no doer”!

The more you awaken, the less you need astrology and other divinatory tools. But until you can access the information you need within yourself, astrology can help you live a happier and more fulfilling life!

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