Aug. 19-25 2013 Astrology Forecast: Healing

heaing hands - Aug. 19-25 2013 Weekly Astrology Forecast: HealingHealing is a dominant theme this week. A Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron-Pluto Kite supercharges emotional and psychological healing in particular, while a Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron Grand Trine and a Uranus-Chiron semi-sextile empower healing more generally.

A more challenging aspect pattern, a Venus-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross, can supercharge revolutionary transformation in your relationships and creativity. We also have an Aquarius Full Moon and the Sun & Mercury entering Virgo.

8/19 (Mon)

Some of Neptune’s more challenging qualities — confusion, deception and aimlessness — could be impinging on your relationships, creativity or finances with Neptune quincunx Venus. But an adjustment in your focus could support soul-deep connection with a beloved, new creative inspiration or easy connection with your own divine essence!

Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron-Pluto Kite

A Grand Trine involving Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron began on 8/8, peaks on 8/21 and ends on 9/2. This Grand Trine now gains power as Pluto joins the configuration to form a four-planet Kite aspect pattern. The Kite peaks on 8/26 and also ends on 9/2.

Chiron’s gifts of healing and mentoring are intensified and taken to deeper psychological depths by Pluto. The emotional power of this Grand Trine (all three of its planets are in water signs) is also amped up by the Lord of the Underworld.

This is a potent time to clear repressed feelings, especially if you’re willing to experience them fully as they clear. You may find this healing invocation helpful as you do this work.

8/20 (Tue)

Your thinking can be creative, practical and inspired with Leonine Mercury quintile Saturn.

Full Moon

The August Full Moon shines forth at 9:44 PM (28°10′ Aquarius). Consider how “full-filled” you are with how you’re cultivating your uniqueness, genius and authenticity, and how you’re using your special gifts to serve humanity.


The Full Moon’s aspects add depth to the interpretation. With the Moon conjunct Neptune, evaluate the development of your spiritual consciousness and inspired creative expression.

This lunation’s tightest aspect is an opposition to Leonine Ceres. This suggests that financial prosperity and self-esteem can be enhanced by embracing leadership opportunities and “strutting your stuff.”

The Moon also opposes Mercury, emphasizing the importance of communication as the Moon wanes. And a loose opposition to Vesta reiterates the theme of humanitarian service to causes beyond your own selfish interests.

Sabian Symbol

This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.” The chrysalis can be seen as a metaphor for your unawakened consciousness encased in the prison of ego. The butterfly, of course, symbolizes you flying free in your spiritually liberated state. These invocations can help accelerate your launch!

Venus-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross

Venus joins the preexisting Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square today to form a Grand Cross, one of astrology’s most powerful and challenging aspect patterns. The Grand Cross peaks on 8/25 and ends on 8/30, while the T-square continues through 9/12.

The Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square is a major astrological event, transmitting powerful revolutionary energy. It can also catalyze paradigm shifts in your beliefs, religious practices and philosophies. Learn more about the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square.

In the Venus-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross, Libran Venus brings relationships, creativity and (to a slightly lesser extent) finances into high focus. Whatever’s already working well in these areas can receive tremendous empowerment!

Whatever isn’t serving your highest good in these areas may be brought to your attention, perhaps emphatically! These potent astrological forces can help you bring revolutionary transformation to that which can be changed for the better. If something is a negative influence and can’t be changed, these energies can help you release it.

8/21 (Wed)

It’s rare enough to have a day when two slower planets aspect each other. But to have three slower planet aspects on the same day is extremely rare!

The first of the slower planet connections is a Jupiter-Uranus square. While the connection of these two planets is a big deal all by itself — one of its standalone effects is to empower religious, spiritual and philosophical breakthroughs — this square is also part of two powerful aspect patterns. So I refer you to my interpretations of the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square and Venus-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross to better understand the current Jupiter-Uranus influence.

A Jupiter-Chiron trine strongly amplifies the power of healing and mentoring thru 9/2. With Jupiter in Cancer, this can be especially helpful in family settings. This trine is part of the Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron Grand Trine and the Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron-Pluto Kite

Uranus and Chiron are exactly semi-sextile today. However, they’ve been making this aspect energetically for years, and will continue making it for years to come!

So while the opportunity for breakthroughs in healing and understanding is especially strong today, you have plenty of time to enjoy enhanced wellness and wisdom. Because Uranus and Chiron are making a semi-sextile, a minor hard angle associated with irritation, these breakthroughs may include some discomfort.

Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron Grand Trine Peaks

The Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron Grand Trine that began on 8/8 peaks today and ends on 9/2. As I wrote on 8/8, Chiron’s gifts of healing and mentoring are harmoniously empowered.

With all three planets in water signs, this is a great opportunity to fully experience your emotions without resistance. This can allow previously repressed feelings to be cleared. You may find this healing invocation helpful as you do this work.

The Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron-Pluto Kite that started on 8/19 fully incorporates this Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron Grand Trine.

8/22 (Thu)

How is your habitual internal chatter affecting your self-esteem? Is negative self-talk making you feel bad about yourself? Or are you giving yourself positive reinforcement that makes you feel great? Your internal psychodynamics will be easier to perceive with Mercury conjunct Ceres.

A Venus-Juno trine lends harmony and ease to committed romantic partnerships.

The Sun enters Virgo today, radiating the energies of service, health and attention to detail.

8/23 (Fri)

Virgo isn’t normally associated with popularity, but it’s getting a lot of planetary attention right now! The Sun entered this sign yesterday, and Mercury enters Virgo today. Mercury rules Virgo, so its presence will give a significant additional boost to the themes of service, health and attention to detail as it transits this sign through 9/9.

8/24 (Sat)

Any necessary transformations in your relationships, creativity and finances may be brought to your attention with Libran Venus square Pluto. At the same time, all that’s harmonious in these areas will be empowered. This aspect is part of the Venus-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross that started on 8/20.

A Sun-Mercury conjunction in Virgo can help sharpen your analytical thought and precision in speech.

8/25 (Sun)

Creativity is amplified with a Venus-Mars quintile. Spend some time with your Muse! This can also have a harmonizing effect on relationships, and can help moderate the challenging effects of yesterday’s Venus-Pluto square.

Fuzzy communications are possible with a Mercury-Neptune opposition. Make sure you’re understanding and being understood! This aspect can also help open communications between your rational mind and your intuitive wisdom.

The Venus-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross that started on 8/20 peaks today and wraps up on 8/30.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

8/20, 9:45 pm – 8/21, 12:45 am (Pisces)
8/22, 9:39 pm – 8/23, 3:14 am (Aries)
8/25, 6:02 am – 9:15 am (Taurus)

Whatever your Sun Sign, Benjamin’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone.Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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