Aug. 26 – Sept. 1 2013 Astrology Forecast: Two Grand Sextiles!

two more grand sextilesA Grand Sextile is astrology’s rarest and most magical aspect pattern. And this week we have two of them! Both empower analytical thought, healing, mentoring, transformation, financial opportunity, metaphysical activities and more.

A Mars-Juno-Saturn T-square can help you strengthen weak links in key relationships. And this week’s 16 significant astrological events (wow!) offer a smorgasbord of energies you can partner with to enhance your life!

8/26 (Mon)

Challenges may come up in your committed relationships with Saturn square Aquarian Juno. Stay open to intuitive flashes that can inspire you with innovative solutions!

Libran Venus makes two challenging aspects today. Her quincunx to Chiron may catalyze wounding in a key relationship. If so, you can ask Spirit to clear the deeper original wound that the new one stirred up with this invocation. Then explore what adjustments you and your partner can make to harmonize the situation.

Venus’ opposition to Uranus can introduce an unexpected twist into your partnerships, creativity or finances. If so, invite your divine intelligence to inspire you with the optimal course of action. Or you can ask this of Uranus itself, since he is the giver of intuitive flashes. (The planets are all conscious beings, and are responsive to planetary invocation.)

The Sun’s opposition to Neptune is an ideal time to make conscious connection with your higher self. Your desire for altered states may be strong, and is more wholesomely satisfied with divine connection or creative inspiration than with drugs, alcohol or escapism. With the Sun in Virgo, you can use focused craftsmanship to fine-tune the manifestation of your divine inspirations.

8/27 (Tue)

Your thinking can be practical, well-organized and productive with Virgoan Mercury sextile Saturn.

What would happen if you put your relationships, creativity and finances under a magnifying glass? You might be finding out now, as Venus squares Jupiter. With Venus in Libra, the first two areas might be getting the most scrutiny. Your willingness to see what’s actually happening, even if you don’t like it, will maximize your ability to initiate whatever changes are needed.

Mars transits Leo today through 10/15. This makes more energy available for new beginnings and reinvigoration of performance, leadership, risk-taking and relaxing.

Watch for challenge in key relationships as a Mars-Juno-Saturn T-square begins today, peaks on 9/6 and ends on 9/14. This aspect pattern can expose weak links so that you can choose to either strengthen or sever them. Used consciously, this T-square can also help give a new relationship a more solid foundation.

8/28 (Wed)

Ceres transits Virgo today through 11/3. A thorough analysis of your finances may help you discover new ways to augment your prosperity. You may also discover that your self-esteem improves when you serve others – but, ultimately, only if you’re appropriately compensated for your efforts.

Be sure you get as good as you give, whether your reward is money or simply a good feeling inside. Here’s a good reality check: would you happily perform the same service again?

Research, investigation and communicating deeper truths with precision are supported with Virgoan Mercury trine Pluto. (This aspect is part of the Grand Sextile starting today).

Grand Sextile #2

I wrote about a Grand Sextile – astrology’s rarest and most magical aspect pattern – in my 7/29 forecast. And now, lo and behold, we have another one starting today!

Most of the planets in this Grand Sextile were also present in the last one. These include Jupiter, Chiron, Pluto and the two Lunar Nodes. Mercury is the only newcomer.

This Grand Sextile is not as abundantly populated as last month’s: it only contains six points, not 11. But what it lacks in numbers, it makes up for in duration. The prior Grand Sextile lasted 33 hours, while this one endures four days. It peaks on 8/29 and ends on 8/31.

As I explained in my prior interpretation, this aspect pattern indicates extraordinary talent, ease and opportunity. A Grand Sextile includes 15 aspects: six trines, six sextiles, and three oppositions. It also incorporates 11 aspect patterns within itself: two Grand Trines, six Kites and three Mystic Rectangles!

As before, all of this Grand Sextile’s points are in the receptive feminine elements of earth and water. So stay alert to what the universe is offering you, and see how willing you are to receive it. Techniques based on passive receptivity, such as my invocations for healing and awakening, gain extra potency during this time.

In general, when interpreting complex aspect patterns, it’s helpful to think of the slower planets (Jupiter thru Pluto) influencing the quicker personal ones (Sun thru Mars). Since Mercury is the only personal planet involved here, we’ll think of everything else sending energy its way.

With Virgo in Mercury, analytical thought and fine discrimination are empowered. Mercury’s opposition to Chiron supports communication about healing and mentoring. Mercury’s trine to Pluto supports diving into the depths of the psyche with unusual ease. And the sextile Mercury receives from Jupiter amps all of this up another notch, while also contributing optimism and hope to the proceedings.

The Lunar Nodes, which aspect Mercury by soft aspects, reinforce this interpretation. The South Node starting point is in fixed Taurus, which tends to prefer things as they already are. But the North Node destination is in Scorpio. This sign represents profound transformation, like a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly. In fact, Scorpio’s most exalted symbol is a phoenix rising from the ashes!

Viewed through a different lens, this Grand Sextile can also support abundant financial opportunity. Metaphysical activities such as spiritual healing and channeling are also empowered.

However you choose to use it, this aspect pattern represents a rare and magical opportunity. There won’t be another Grand Sextile until – wait a minute, can it really be so soon? – 9/1 thru 9/7, when the Sun moves into the spot Mercury will be vacating.

8/29 (Thu)

The opposition of Virgoan Mercury and Chiron could support your clever crafting of some dead-on verbal zingers. Better yet, you could use this energy to introduce healing words into situations of conflict, or to mentor those who can benefit from your wisdom.

The Mercury-Chiron opposition is part of the Grand Sextile that started yesterday and peaks today.

If you knew that God was sending you text messages, would you make sure that your cell phone was receiving them? With Virgoan Mercury quincunx Uranus, you may need to make appropriate adjustments if you’re not already receiving your intuitive flashes loud and clear. (This invocation may help.)

8/30 (Fri)

You can enjoy steady productivity, with i’s dotted and t’s crossed, with the Virgoan Sun sextile Saturn.

Focus your thoughts with enhanced detail with Virgoan Mercury sextile Jupiter. This aspect is also great for writing and all forms of communication, and is part of the current Grand Sextile).

9/1 (Sun)

It’s a new month! Here’s my September astrology overview.

You can refine your transformation and empowerment with enhanced ease with the Virgoan Sun trine Pluto.

Grand Sextile #3!

A Grand Sextile may be astrology’s rarest aspect pattern, but we sure are getting a lot of them lately! The third Grand Sextile since late July ramps up today, the day after the August Grand Sextile finishes. This new one will also be the longest of the three, stretching over eight days. It peaks on 9/4 and ends on 9/7.

This Grand Sextile is identical to the one that started on 8/28, except that the Sun is replacing Mercury in Virgo. (The other members of this Star of David aspect pattern are Jupiter, Chiron, Pluto and the two Lunar Nodes. Saturn is also included thru 9/4, adding stability and productivity into the mix.) Because the Sun acts more like a “blank slate” than any other planet, with its meaning heavily colored by its sign, everything I wrote about Mercury’s Grand Sextile also applies here.

Mercury fundamentally represents learning and communication, while the Sun stands for the core of ego and vitality. The Sun also shines, radiating life-giving heat and light throughout the solar system.

So the substitution of the Sun for Mercury makes it easier to radiate this Grand Sextile’s qualities to the world around you. Do this in whatever way lights you up the most!

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

8/27, 6:59 pm – 7:09 pm (Gemini)
8/29, 12:45 am – 8/30, 7:34 am (Cancer)
8/31, 8:07 pm – 9/1, 8:02 pm (Leo)

Whatever your Sun Sign, Benjamin’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after. Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone.

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