August 1-15 2018 Astrology Forecast: “Hammered” Solar Eclipse

Thors Hammer Comic

A “hammered” Solar Eclipse – which aspects a rare and challenging Quadruple Thor’s Hammer – highlights the first half of August. This is the third and final eclipse in an unusually intense eclipse season!

We also have Uranus turning retrograde, a volatile Mars-Uranus square, and many potent aspect patterns. Read on to learn the best ways to partner with these powerful energies!

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Personal Planet Retrogrades

Mercury is retrograde thru 8/19, and Mars is retrograde thru 8/27.

8/1 (Wed)

Three challenging aspect patterns begin on the first day of August – an omen of this month’s high intensity!

2018 08 07 Th Ma Ce UrThor’s Hammer Begins: Mars-Ceres-Uranus

The first half of August features four simultaneous Thor’s Hammers, which quickly combine to form a rare and awe-inspiring aspect pattern: a Quadruple Thor’s Hammer! Today’s Mars-Ceres-Uranus Thor’s Hammer is the first one to coalesce. It’s also the only standalone Thor’s Hammer I’ll interpret on its own. It begins today (8/1), peaks on 8/8 and ends on 8/14.

Ceres, representing the divergent themes of abundance and shadow work, is at the apex. Mars and Uranus hold down the back end.

The Mars-Uranus square can work in fast and unexpected ways. Wealth could unexpectedly appear or disappear. Shadow work could get triggered when you least expect it. Emotional healing could happen faster than you imagined possible. (Many people have told me that my free Healing Invocation is the fastest self-healing tool they’ve ever used.)

Mars, the planet of self-initiation, also lets you choose whether to focus on wealth enhancement, shadow work or both. With Uranus in the mix and Mars in Aquarius, let your intuitive flashes guide you!

2018 08 09 T Sq Ve Sa ChT-square Begins: Venus-Saturn-Chiron

Relationship is also a central theme of today’s second T-square, which includes Venus, Saturn and Chiron. Circumstances are likely to show you the areas in which important relationships can benefit from healing. This T-square starts today (8/1), peaks on 8/9 and ends on 8/18.

If a relationship triggers challenging emotions in you, I once again recommend my Healing Invocation. It has helped thousands quickly and efficiently clear negative energy from their bodies.

Since Venus also represents creativity and money, challenge could arise in these areas as well. Chiron is the mentor and Saturn is the wise elder, so it may be a good idea to seek sage counsel. Or, if you’re willing and able, you could offer advice and healing to others.

2018 08 10 T Sq Me Jun JuT-square Begins: Mercury-Juno-Jupiter

In-depth communication with your committed partner(s) is energized by a Mercury-Juno-Jupiter T-square. It starts today (8/1), peaks twice – on 8/9 and 8/30 — and ends on 9/4. The double peak happens because Mercury begins this aspect pattern in retrograde motion, and completes it after turning direct.

By using this aspect pattern skillfully, you can probe into the depths of any relationship challenges without unnecessary drama. My favorite tool for harmonizing relationship challenge is the 4-Part Nonviolent Communication Process.

Mars Square Uranus

Breakthrough or chaos? Depending on your focus, a Mars-Uranus square (2°3′ Aquarius-Taurus) can tip either way.

Left to its own devices, this square could catalyze unwise impulsiveness, sudden violence or devil-may-care promiscuity. Consciously harnessed, this square can give you powerful support to take immediate action on life-affirming intuitive flashes from your higher self. This is a great time for bold and unconventional action – if that guidance is coming from your inner wisdom.

Because both planets are moving so slowly – Mars turns direct during this square, while Uranus turns retrograde – this aspect stays in orb all the way through 10/12!

8/3 (Fri)

You can more clearly see whatever’s going on in a committed partnership – whether you consider it good or bad – as Jupiter opposes Juno (14°12′ Scorpio-Taurus). This can help you decide whether to go deeper, let the person go, or work to heal the relationship.

Sexual healing is smoothly and strongly supported by a Mars-Chiron sextile (2°2′ Aquarius-Aries). This aspect can also energize other types of healing and mentoring, including those involving martial arts or athletics.

8/4 (Sat)

It’s Hammer Time!

As I mentioned on 8/1, the first half of August features Thor’s Hammers galore! A Thor’s Hammer, also called a Quadriform, Arrowhead or God’s Fist, is a challenging aspect pattern formed by a 90° square and two 135° sesquares. Today marks the beginning of both a Triple Thor’s Hammer and a Quadruple Thor’s Hammer – both of which aspect the 8/11 solar eclipse!

2018 08 12 Triple Th Jun Pa Ju Sa ChTriple Thor’s Hammer Begins: Juno-Pallas-Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron

We’ll first examine the Triple Thor’s Hammer. It starts today (8/4), peaks on 8/12 and ends on 8/19.

With three intense Thor’s Hammers woven together in the sky, it’s likely that challenging situations will arise. Given the particular planets involved – Juno, Pallas, Jupiter, Saturn and Chironcommitted partnerships of all kinds, romantic and platonic, are a central theme.

Emotional triggering is likely in your important relationships. Strategic assertiveness is a key theme: not only standing up for what you want, but doing so in a well-considered and effective manner. The righteousness of your cause doesn’t guarantee your success: the specific approach you take can make all the difference. (The 4-Part Nonviolent Communication Process has helped many couples in conflict reach win-win solutions.)

2018 08 11 Quad Th Ma Ce Jun Pa Ju Sa Ch UrQuadruple Thor’s Hammer Begins: Mars-Ceres-Juno-Pallas-Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron-Uranus

If three Thor’s Hammers aren’t enough for you, how about an aspect pattern with four of them? This Quadruple Thor’s Hammer contains a personal planet (Mars), three asteroid goddesses (Ceres, Juno and Pallas), both social planets (Jupiter and Saturn), and two slow planets (Chiron and Uranus). That’s over half of the 14 physical points I use in my charts! This aspect pattern begins today (8/4), peaks on 8/11 (the same day as the Solar Eclipse) and ends on 8/14.

This aspect pattern basically adds the Mars-Ceres-Uranus Thor’s Hammer I discussed on 8/1 to the Triple Thor’s Hammer I just interpreted. In this eight-planet mashup, the opportunity to do productive shadow work, when triggered by challenges within committed partnership, rises to the fore.

Ceres, Chiron and Scorpionic Jupiter carry the shadow work theme. Juno stands for committed partnership. Saturn helps you do the work in a methodical, mature and disciplined way. Pallas Athena encourages a strategic approach, while Mars and Uranus offer the possibility of rapid healing breakthroughs. Even if a committed partnership isn’t under significant challenge, this is still a wonderful time to do proactive healing work in your important relationships.

Individual Thor’s Hammers

The Mars-Ceres-Uranus Thor’s Hammer carries a distinct meaning of its own, which is why I gave it its own interpretation on 8/1. The three remaining Thor’s Hammers in this mega-aspect pattern all have overlapping planets and similar interpretations, so I’m not interpreting them individually. But, in the interest of completeness, here are their key dates:

  • Pallas-Jupiter-Chiron Thor’s Hammer: starts 8/2, peaks 8/11, ends 8/19
  • Pallas-Saturn-Chiron Thor’s Hammer: starts 8/4, peaks 8/12, ends 8/19
  • Juno-Pallas-Saturn Thor’s Hammer: starts 8/4, peaks 8/12, ends 8/21

Here’s a final technical note for you deep divers. The Triple Thor’s Hammer is clearly an integrated aspect pattern, with all the individual Thor’s Hammers sharing planets and forming a symmetrical pattern. But the Quadruple Thor’s Hammer is a different story. It’s formed by adding the Mars-Ceres-Uranus Thor’s Hammer to the Triple Thor’s Hammer. However, the Mars-Ceres-Uranus Thor’s Hammer doesn’t share planets with any of the other Thor’s Hammers, and throws the symmetry of the Triple Thor’s Hammer askew.

A purist might argue that this isn’t a Quadruple Thor’s Hammer at all, but a standalone Thor’s Hammer whose timing happens to overlap most of the Triple. I think all eight planets will affect each other significantly, and the skewing effect will add additional challenge. We’ll find out soon enough which view is correct!

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8/5 (Sun)

You can use the Law of Attraction to amplify abundance and clear old emotional wounds as Neptune opposes Ceres (15° 55′ Pisces-Virgo). With Ceres in Virgo, be as specific as possible about your desired outcome!

8/6 (Mon)

You can strut your stuff to the max with the Leonine Sun square Jupiter (14°26′ Leo-Scorpio). This aspect can also amplify your leadership, willingness to take risk, and playfulness. But be careful not to bite off more than you can chew, or let your ego run away with you!

8/7 (Tue)

Uranus God LightningUranus Retrograde

Uranus turns retrograde today at 2°33′ Taurus. He’ll turn direct again on 1/6/19 at 28°36′ Aries. This five-month retrograde is a good time to reflect on how fully you’re embodying the high side of Uranus:

  • Are you comfortably embodying what’s unique about yourself, and sharing it with the world as appropriate?
  • Are you following your intuitive flashes?
  • Are you serving others using the special gifts you most love to use?

As Uranus retrogrades in Taurus through 11/6, reflect on how you manage money and possessions. Would a different approach to material matters, even a radically different one, make your life more wonderful? What breakthroughs would serve you in the Taurean realms of sensuality, persistence, and nature immersion?

As Uranus retrogrades in Aries, 11/7 through 1/6/19, contemplate life-affirming paradigm shifts in your assertiveness and sexuality. How can your roles as entrepreneur, warrior or initiator change for the better?

Any sensitive natal points in the 29th degree of a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) or the first six degrees of a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will feel the energy of transiting Uranus strongly during this station. If something represented by these points doesn’t serve your highest good, it will draw itself to your attention to be released or improved. And you can take whatever’s already in harmony to the next level!

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2018 08 07 T Sq Su Jun JuT-square Peaks: Sun-Juno-Jupiter

A committed partner could support you stepping into the spotlight under a Sun-Juno-Jupiter T-square. This aspect pattern could also bring up challenges that need to be dealt with in important relationships … or amplify what’s wonderful!

Financial issues and opportunities can also come to the fore under this T-square. It started on 7/26, peaks today (8/7) and ends on 8/18.

Relationships and creativity can enjoy smooth harmony – and maybe a quantum leap or two – as Venus trines Mars (1°3′ Libra-Aquarius).

You can enjoy a deeper level of soul connection in committed partnership as Neptune sextiles Juno (15°52′ Pisces-Taurus).

8/8 (Wed)

Thor’s Hammer Peaks: Mars-Ceres-Uranus

The Mars-Ceres-Uranus Thor’s Hammer that started an 8/1 peaks today (8/8) and ends on 8/14.

2018 08 08 T Sq Jun Pa JuT-square Peaks: Juno-Pallas-Jupiter

Have you given away too much power in a committed partnership? You can use appropriate assertiveness and strategy to balance the scales with a Juno-Pallas-Jupiter T-square. It started on 7/17, peaks today (8/8) and ends on 8/29. This aspect pattern also supports you and your committed partner entering into a positive, life-transforming process together.

Performing artists can entertain their audiences with abundant inspiration – as long as they make any necessary adjustments – with the Sun quincunx Neptune (15°51′ Leo-Pisces). With focused attention, this aspect also supports spiritual awakening practices and expressing your inspired creativity. But be careful not to overdo substances, escapism, or aimlessness.

Healing and mentoring in relationships is strongly supported by a Venus-Chiron opposition (1°54′ Libra-Aries). If you get triggered, try my Healing Invocation for yourself and the 4-Part Nonviolent Communication Process with your partner.

Learning and communication are energized by a Sun-Mercury conjunction (16°27′ Leo). With both planets in sequin-loving Leo, you can get your message out with pizzazz!

8/9 (Thu)

T-square peaks: Venus-Saturn-Chiron

The Venus-Saturn-Chiron T-square that began on 8/1 peaks today (8/9) and ends on 8/18.

Venus makes two aspects today. A Venus-Uranus quincunx (2°33′ Libra-Taurus) encourages life-affirming paradigm shifts in your relationships, creativity and finances. If you’re getting intuitive hits in any of these areas, follow them!

A Venus-Saturn square (3°7′ Libra-Capricorn) can bring challenge in the same three areas. If so, consider whether you’re being invited to embrace Saturn’s high side more fully. Would it help the situation if you more fully embodied maturity, responsibility and good time management, as well as efficient planning and implementation?

8/10 (Fri)

T-square peaks: Mercury-Juno-Jupiter

The Mercury-Juno-Jupiter T-square that started on 8/1 reaches its first peak today (8/10). It will peak again on 8/30 before ending on 9/4.

8/11 (Sat)

2018 08 11 SEclLeo Solar Eclipse

The three outer planets are called “the gods of change.” Two of them, Pluto and Neptune, point a “Finger of God” at the Sun and Moon during the Solar Eclipse at 5:57:38 AM EDT (18°41′ Leo).

To start with the basics, this eclipse is a New Moon in Leo. Any Leo New Moon gives you more energy to step more fully into your leadership and creative expression. You can also dial up other flavors of Leo: appropriate risk-taking, children, letting your inner child out to play, and rest and relaxation.

This is the third and final eclipse of this summer series. Eclipse effects last 6 to 12 months, so you have plenty of time to work with these energies!

Finger of God

As mentioned above, Pluto and Neptune form a Yod, or “Finger of God,” with the luminaries during this eclipse. The quincunx from Pluto can help you release obstacles to your leadership and creative expression, and can give you plenty of power in both these areas.

Neptune, also on the back end of the Yod, is a natural partner to Leo. Neptune’s quincunx can provide the creative inspiration that Leo takes out into the world.

Other Aspects

The luminaries are conjunct Pallas Athena and Mercury. The Pallas Athena conjunction can supercharge your feminine assertiveness, strategic skills and practical creativity. The Mercury conjunction can help you get your message out to the world. Mercury is retrograde during this eclipse, so you’ll also have plenty of energy for learning and reflecting.

The luminaries also form a T-square with Jupiter and Juno. One possibility supported by this T-square is stepping into the limelight with a partner to share some important teaching. Or perhaps there’s someone with whom you have a committed partnership of some kind, who can give you wise counsel as you lead.

Finally, a Vesta trine can ease the way for your involvement in a higher cause.

2018 08 11 SEcl W Quad THThor’s Hammers

This solar eclipse aspects all the planets in the Triple Thor’s Hammer that peaks tomorrow, and most of the planets in the Quadruple Thor’s Hammer peaking today. The peaking of these challenging aspect patterns will greatly intensify the power of this eclipse!

Sabian Symbol

The August 11 solar eclipse’s Sabian symbol is, “A houseboat party crowded with revelers; the water reflects its lights.” This is an appropriate image for Leo, a sign that loves a good time!

Are you onstage entertaining the crowd? If so, the water reflecting the lights suggests having a little psychological distance so you can keep a proper perspective. When is it time to be the life of the party, and when is it time to let someone else have their turn?

Eclipse Special: Save up to 45%!

Eclipse Special 45 PctThree powerful eclipses happen this summer:

  • The July 12 Solar Eclipse, featuring Pluto’s super-tight opposition to the Sun and Moon, is a powerhouse.
  • The July 27 Total Lunar Eclipse, the longest eclipse of the 21st century,  has the luminaries closely conjunct the lunar nodes and tightly squaring paradigm-shifting Uranus.
  • And you just read about the “hammered” August 11 Solar Eclipse!

All three of these eclipses can powerfully affect you for the next 6 to 12 months. Let me help you harness these potent eclipse energies so they’ll make your life more wonderful!

The following interpretations only summarize the most important effects of the July 12 and 27 eclipses. But in a nutshell …

Click astrology graphics to see larger images.

2018 07 12 SEclJuly 12 Solar Eclipse

This eclipse, which is also a Cancer New Moon, powerfully supports new beginnings in emotional openness, family, home and shadow work. Shadow work (healing childhood wounds and other lingering traumas) is also emphasized by mighty Pluto, ruler of psychology, tightly opposing the luminaries.

This Solar Eclipse kicks off a powerful period when you can dive into experiential healing modalities. These can help you release the fear, pain and other challenging emotions that are stopping you from living a more joyful and wonderful life. Pluto also offers wealth and power.

A harmonious trine from Neptune to the luminaries flows divine inspiration and energy to support you in these endeavors.

2018 07 27 LEclJuly 27 Total Lunar Eclipse

The power of an eclipse is partly determined by how close the luminaries are to the lunar nodes … and here they’re only about one degree away. Plus, this is the longest eclipse of the 21st century!

High intensity and the potential for rapid breakthroughs is shown by a tight Mars-Uranus square … with Mars tightly conjunct the Aquarian Moon and Uranus tightly squaring the luminaries! This is a fantastic opportunity to take immediate action on your intuitive flashes, and step more boldly into your authentic self-expression.

  • Are you concerned about how these eclipses are affecting you?
  • Do you want to maximize their benefits?

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These eclipses impact 33% of your natal chart! Any sensitive points in your chart in these ranges will be strongly affected:

  • 16° to 26° Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn)
  • 0° to 10° Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius)
  • 14° to 24° Fixed

What are “Sensitive Points”?

Sensitive natal points include:

  • The personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars),
  • The angles: the cusps of the 1st house (Ascendant), 4th house (Nadir), 7th house (Descendant) and 10th house (Midheaven),
  • The North and South Nodes of the Moon, and
  • Any planet that rules an angle.

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Quadruple Thor’s Hammer Peaks

The Mars-Ceres-Juno-Pallas-Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron-Uranus Quadruple Thor’s Hammer that started on 8/4 peaks today (8/11) and ends on 8/14.

2018 08 11 Env Ce Jun Ju Ne PlEnvelope Peaks: Ceres-Juno-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto

A period of flowing opportunities, focused on the attributes of two asteroid goddesses, peaks today. This is made possible by an Envelope aspect pattern featuring Ceres, Juno, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. It began on 7/20, peaks today (8/11) and ends on 8/24.

An Envelope could also be thought of as a Grand Trine with two Kite points. It contains seven soft aspects (trines and sextiles) and two hard aspects (oppositions). The soft aspects can generate ease and luck, while the oppositions stir up enough energy to support meaningful accomplishment.

With so many planets involved, this Envelope supports many interpretations. These include:

  • Take advantage of an opportunity for enhanced abundance through a committed partnership
  • Enjoy new breakthroughs in your shadow work. This could either relate to issues catalyzed by a committed partnership, or could involve you working in close partnership with someone to accomplish the healing.
  • Work with a committed partner to facilitate powerful healing or abundance opportunities for others.
  • Work closely with someone else to take your spiritual awakening or inspired creativity to the next level.

8/12 (Sun)

Triple Thor’s Hammer Peaks

The Juno-Pallas-Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron Triple Thor’s Hammer that started on 8/4 peaks today (8/12) and ends on 8/19.

8/13 (Mon)

You can accumulate wealth more easily as Pluto trines Ceres (19°17′ Capricorn-Virgo). This is also a great time for shadow work, since emotional releases can be easier under this aspect. This trine stays in orb through 9/3.

8/15 (Wed)

What adjustments are needed for you to step more fully into your feminine assertiveness? You’re supported in making them as Pluto quincunxes Pallas (19°14′ Capricorn-Leo). This aspect can also empower your practical creativity and strategic skills.

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least a week before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart. Discover how these transits will personally affect you by booking a session with me.

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