August 16-31 2016 Astrology Forecast: Eclipse #1 of 3!

Aquarius Lunar Eclipse2An Aquarius Lunar Eclipse, empowered by a “Finger of God,” is the first of three eclipses in August and September! On top of this potent eclipse season, the second half of August features Mercury turning retrograde, three more Fingers of God, and a juicy Mercury-Venus-Jupiter triple conjunction. And let’s not forget strong stimulation of the Saturn-Neptune square, the Sun entering Virgo, and much more!

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8/16 (Tue)

The Sun aspects two outer planets today, making a Sun-Chiron quincunx (24°12′ Leo-Pisces) and a Sun-Uranus trine (24°22′ Leo-Aries). If you get emotionally triggered, stay open to intuitive flashes that can help you deal with this shadow material.

These combined energies can also support unconventional mentoring and outside-the-box healing. (Adjustments may be required!) Being willing to take your performance or self-expression to a new level may have a surprisingly healing effect on others.

8/17 (Wed)

Soul-deep lovemaking, made possible by an exquisite attention to detail, is smoothly supported by Venus trine Pluto (15°17′ Virgo-Capricorn). You can also make more profound energetic connections in your platonic relationships. This versatile aspect also supports fine-tuning your finances and perfecting your artistic creations.

8/18 (Thu)

8 18 16 Lunar EclipseEclipse #1 of 3: Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

Eclipse season comes around twice a year, and always includes at least one solar eclipse and one lunar eclipse. But we get an extra lunar eclipse this time!

Let’s start with the basics, by looking at this first eclipse of three as a Full Moon. Any Aquarius Full Moon is a great time to see how well you’re doing in the following areas:

  • embodying your authentic human self (flying your freak flag),
  • following your intuitive flashes, and
  • having a great time as you serve the collective with your greatest gifts!

To the extent that you’re not doing this, you’ll experience Aquarius’ more challenging side: nervous system effects such as agitation, irritability and anxiety. Because the universe is an “as within, so without” setup, your personal experience of the world around you can get pretty chaotic too.

Eclipse-Specific Considerations

The strongest effects of an ordinary Full Moon last two weeks. But the influence of eclipses can last 6 to 12 months!

The power of an eclipse is partly determined by the distance between the luminaries (the Sun and Moon) and the lunar nodes. To qualify as an eclipse, the luminaries and the nodes must be within 18-1/2° of each other. In this one, they’re about 17-1/2° apart. So if this eclipse is going to pack any punch at all, it’ll have to be from its…

Finger of God

One tight aspect pattern dominates this lunar eclipse: a Yod, popularly known as a Finger of God. This narrow triangle has the Aquarian Moon and Arean Uranus on the back end forming a 60° sextile. They both complete the triangle with 150° quincunxes to Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo.

There are always many ways to interpret an aspect pattern. The one that jumps out at me has to do with serving the world by communicating your unique message.

Uniqueness is doubly emphasized by Uranus and the Moon’s placement in Aquarius. Perhaps your message will serve to revolutionize something that needs shaking up — another favorite Uranus/Aquarius pastime!

Communicating – which could be speaking, writing, making videos or whatever – is also doubly emphasized by Mercury and Jupiter. These are the two planets most associated with teaching.

Mercury, the Trivial Pursuit master, is more interested in raw data. Jupiter, the philosopher or guru, loves to weave this information into a meaningful spiritual system or philosophy. With both teacher planets in Virgo, they want to get the details right and help people with this information.

Not yet ready to step out and be heard? This Yod can also be a powerful catalyst for learning new information. Just be prepared for at least some of it to be unconventional. And don’t be surprised if, rather than coming to you in the usual left brain ways, some of it pops in as intuitive flashes. Bazinga!

Asteroid Goddess Aspects

This eclipse also features a close conjunction between the Moon and Pallas Athena. How are you doing with feminine assertiveness, strategic planning and practical creativity?

The final solar eclipse aspect is a 135° sesquare between the Moon and Vesta. What are your next steps in becoming a more finely honed instrument of higher service?

Sabian Symbol

This lunar eclipse’s Sabian Symbol is, “A garage man testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer.” A lot of people maintain their cars more diligently than their own bodies. Would your physical vehicle benefit from a checkup? Is there a particular health-related matter that needs your attention now?

Here’s a personal example of this. For years, I was bothered by a plantar wart on my left foot. Every few weeks it would grow big enough to be uncomfortable when I walked. I’d dig out most of it with my fingernails, then let the cycle repeat.

When the discomfort finally grew to real pain, I decided to seek a more lasting solution. A few weeks of homeopathic Thuja Occidentalis pills from the health food store healed the chronic inflammation that was causing the wart. There’s been no sign of the wart coming back ever since. I would have been a happier camper if I’d put those pills under my tongue years ago!

Are you experiencing a similar challenge – mild or severe – that you might be able to solve with just a little more effort than you’ve been expending? Let me give you a bonus interpretation of the Yod I interpreted above: “an unconventional approach to a health issue.” Maybe this would be a good time to deal with it!

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eclipse special 55 percent

As I mentioned above, we’re having an eclipse triple-header in August and September. There will be lunar eclipses on 8/18 and 9/16, and an extra-powerful solar eclipse on 9/1!

Are you concerned about how these eclipses might affect you, or just want to make the best use of them? Then consider an eclipse-focused astrology consultation!

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I interpreted the Aquarius lunar eclipse on 8/18 above. To thumbnail some of its highlights, it features a powerful “Finger of God” aspect pattern. Main themes include “flying your freak flag,” serving the collective with your special gifts, and giving the world revolutionary information that will help change things for the better.

The Virgo solar eclipse on 9/1 is by far the strongest of the three eclipses. The luminaries are hugging the North Node, and there are five major aspect patterns involving the Sun and Moon. It’s a potent mix of opportunity and challenge!

This eclipse season wraps up with a Pisces lunar eclipse on 9/16. The featured attraction is a six-planet T-square offering powerful opportunities for healing, learning and communicating.

These eclipses will light up 33% of your natal chart! Any sensitive points in your chart in these ranges will be strongly affected:

  • 21° to 29° fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius)
  • 0° to 1° mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces)
  • 4° to 14° mutable
  • 19° to 29° mutable

What are “Sensitive Points”?

Sensitive natal points include:

  • The personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars),
  • The angles: the cusps of the 1st house (Ascendant), 4th house (Nadir), 7th house (Descendant) and 10th house (Midheaven),
  • The North and South Nodes of the Moon, and
  • Any planet that rules an angle.

If time permits, I’ll also mention the less sensitive natal points affected by the eclipses in your chart check.

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By the way, these sessions can cover any topic you like — not just eclipse effects! Shamanic Healing and Awakening Activation can also be included during your session.

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My new slimmed-down chart check will only look at the eclipses’ effects on your chart. (I won’t be analyzing slower planet transits this time.) I’ll simply list the sensitive points impacted by all three eclipses, then give you one of these recommendations:

  • no consultation needed,
  • recommended, or
  • strongly recommended!

Please only request a chart check if you’re willing to do an eclipse-based consultation. I won’t recommend a session unless the eclipse effects on your chart truly justify it. And you, like all my clients, are always protected by the AstroShaman guarantee: if you don’t feel that your session was helpful, it’s free!


  • Contact me with your date, time and city of birth for your free “chart check.”

I look forward to helping you make the best use of these powerful eclipses!


Yod Begins: Pallas Athena-Jupiter-Uranus

8 20 16 Yod Pa Ju UrThe second half of August features three “Finger of God” aspect patterns, also known as Yods. The one starting today is most important, while the other two will amplify and somewhat modify this Pallas Athena-Jupiter-Uranus Yod. It starts today (8/18), peaks on 8/21 and ends on 8/26.

A Yod is a narrow triangle made up of a 60° sextile and two 150° quincunxes. In this Yod, Arean Uranus and Aquarian Pallas Athena are making the sextile on the back end. Both planets make quincunxes to Virgoan Jupiter at the tip.

We normally think of a Yod with the back-end planets sending energy to the tip, which works beautifully in this case. Virgoan Jupiter can represent serving others through higher-level teaching. (Jupiter can be the professor, the philosopher or the guru.)

But this isn’t normal everyday teaching. This Yod has a double dose of unconventional energy, because of Pallas’ Aquarian placement and the inclusion of Uranus. There’s no shortage of assertiveness either: Pallas is the asteroid goddess who can kick butt and take names. And Uranus is in Aries, the sign of the warrior!

Quincunxes don’t connect automatically, so you’ll have to make some adjustments to bring all this together. Have you had the urge to share information that might change things for the better, but have hesitated to share it? Maybe it’s time to write that blog post or share that Facebook video!

Jupiter in Virgo could also represent the expansion of service or health. Is it time for you to step boldly forth with an outside-the-box approach in one of these areas?

8/19 (Fri)

8 28 16 Trpl Conj Me Ve JuTriple Conjunction: Mercury-Venus-Jupiter

A celestial cuddle puddle starts forming today as Mercury, Venus and Jupiter begin forming a tight triple conjunction. It starts today (8/19), peaks on 8/28 and ends on 9/3. When this triple conjunction peaks on 8/28, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will be less than a degree and a half apart, between 27° and 29° Virgo.

For starters, this is a powerful amplification of creativity. Mercury is about all kinds of communication and expression, Venus is the artist, and Jupiter rules broadcasting and publication. Jupiter also significantly amplifies whatever it aspects.

Venus and Mercury also love to relate with others, making this a great time for socializing. But be careful about being too critical of others. This is a great time to take relationships or joint creative projects to the next level. But your ideas will probably get a warmer reception if you get permission before sharing suggestions for improvement.

Is Virgo’s humble, self-effacing energy making you hesitate to relate or create? I suspect you’ll feel less resistance if you move forward with an attitude of service.

Venus moves from Virgo into Libra on 8/30. But since Venus already embodies the Libran energies of relating and creating, her sign change doesn’t change my interpretation.

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Mercury isn’t just making nice with Venus and Jupiter. It also aspects two slower planets today, making a Mercury-Chiron opposition (24°6′ Virgo-Pisces) and a Mercury-Uranus quincunx (24°19′ Virgo-Aries).

On the dark side, you could wound someone with a surprise attack that lays bare their deepest flaws. Or you could take these aspects to the high side with compassionate mentoring, writing or healing that supports a positive paradigm shift.

8/20 (Sat)

8 21 16 Yod Me Pa UrYod Begins: Mercury-Pallas Athena-Uranus

A Mercury-Pallas Athena-Uranus Yod starts today, peaks on 8/22 and ends on 8/23. It briefly boosts the energy of the Pallas-Jupiter-Uranus Yod active through 8/26, but doesn’t add anything significantly new to its interpretation.

You could receive inspiration about your next great quest, learning initiative or foreign adventure with Mars quintile Jupiter (7°50′ Sagittarius-25°50′ Virgo).

8/21 (Sun)

Yod Peaks: Pallas Athena-Jupiter-Uranus

The Pallas-Jupiter-Uranus Yod that started on 8/18 peaks today (8/21) and ends on 8/26.

8/22 (Mon)

Yod Peaks: Mercury-Pallas Athena-Uranus

The Mercury-Pallas Athena-Uranus Yod that began on 8/20 peaks today (8/22) and ends tomorrow.

Today’s Mercury-Jupiter conjunction (26°13′ Virgo) is part of the Mercury-Venus-Jupiter triple conjunction that started on 8/19. Please see that interpretation to understand today’s conjunction in context.

Are you open to an easy flow of divine support as you cultivate your self-discipline and alignment with a higher cause? It’s all available with Neptune trine Vesta (10°56′ Pisces-Cancer). Stay tuned to the voice of the silence on how you can do all of this in the spirit of nurturing and healing.

The Sun enters Virgo today (8/22). Beware of being overly critical or excessively perfectionistic. But go heavy on genuinely helpful upgrades, health improvement and service to others!

8/23 (Tue)

8 26 16 Yod Ve Pa UrYod Begins: Venus-Pallas Athena-Uranus

The third and final Yod for the second half of August kicks off today. First and foremost, it energizes the Jupiter-Pallas Athena-Uranus Yod that continues through 8/26. Venus also adds some fresh seasoning to that Yod’s interpretation, adding fresh creativity and making it easier to connect with others.

8/24 (Wed)

The multi-month Saturn-Neptune square gets fired up as Mars conjoins Saturn (9°52′ Sagittarius) today, and by a Mars-Neptune square (10°49′ Sagittarius-Pisces) on 8/26, two days from now. In a nutshell, the Saturn-Neptune square offers three major opportunities:

  • Law of Attraction manifestation,
  • embodied awakening, and
  • conscious dissolution of whatever doesn’t serve you.

Mars’ quadrature connection to Saturn and Neptune adds fresh energy to all these possibilities. Focus more juice into them if you experience any of the possible low sides of these connections: roadblocks that are tough to get past, excessive substance abuse or escapism, or a sense of aimlessness. As always, focusing on an astrological setup’s higher side leaves it less energy to bother you with on the low side!

Breakthroughs in healing, mentoring, or partnered shadow work are supported by a Venus-Chiron opposition (23°52′ Virgo-Pisces) today and a Venus-Uranus quincunx tomorrow (24°13′ Virgo-Aries). If this aspect catalyzes emotional wounding, you may find my Healing Invocation helpful.

8/25 (Thu)

9 2 16 T Sq Su Sa NeT-square Begins: Sun-Saturn-Neptune

Mars is currently peaking its stimulation of the Saturn-Neptune square. But even as he starts to ebb away, his replacement is already coming in from the wings!

The Sun begins forming a Sun-Saturn-Neptune T-square today (8/25), which will peak on 9/2 and end on 9/8. This gives still more stimulation to the Saturn-Neptune square opportunities that you may have memorized by now: Law of Attraction manifestation, embodied awakening, and conscious dissolution of whatever doesn’t serve you. Whichever you do, the Sun’s placement in Virgo can increase your desire to get the details right, and put appropriate emphasis on health and service.

I interpret today’s Venus-Uranus quincunx (24°13′ Virgo-Aries) in combination with yesterday’s Venus-Chiron opposition in yesterday’s forecast.

Inspirations on organization, health and service to others can be wedded to get-it-done productivity under a Mercury-Saturn quintile (27°53′ Virgo-9°53′ Sagittarius).

8/26 (Fri)

9 1 16 T Sq Su Ma NeT-square begins: Sun-Mars-Neptune

A Sun-Mars-Neptune T-square starts today, peaks on 9/1 and ends on 9/3. On the low side, it can flare up some of the same self-destructive urges I discussed on 8/24. These include:

  • overdoing drugs, alcohol or other substances,
  • excessive escapism (food, drugs, sex, games, internet, etc.)
  • playing the martyr in a relationship, or
  • a sense of aimless drifting.

A more life-affirming use of this T-square could include:

  • deepening your conscious connection to the divine within,
  • birthing your creative inspirations into the world, and
  • offering service to others as intuitively guided.

We live in a free will zone. What will you choose?

Yod peaks: Venus-Pallas Athena-Uranus

The Venus-Pallas Athena-Uranus Yod that began on 8/23 peaks today and ends on 8/27.

I interpret today’s Mars-Neptune square (10°49′ Sagittarius-Pisces) as part of Mars’ stimulation of both Saturn and Neptune in my 8/24 forecast.

8/27 (Sat)

Today’s Venus-Jupiter conjunction (27°21′ Virgo) is part of the Mercury-Venus-Jupiter triple conjunction discussed on 8/19. Please see that interpretation to understand this conjunction in its larger context.

8/28 (Sun)

Triple Conjunction Peaks: Mercury-Venus-Jupiter

The Mercury-Venus-Jupiter triple conjunction that began on 8/19 peaks today (8/28) and ends on 9/3.

Practical creativity is magically energized by a Venus-Saturn quintile (27°57′ Virgo-9°57′ Sagittarius). This aspect also supports refinement of your works in progress. As a great writing teacher once said: “Great books aren’t written, they’re rewritten!”

8/29 (Mon)

Today’s Mercury-Venus conjunction (29°0′ Virgo) ) is part of the Mercury-Venus-Jupiter triple conjunction discussed on 8/19. Please see that interpretation to understand this conjunction in its larger context.

Venus transits Libra today (8/29) through 9/23. At home in a sign she rules, Venus powerfully transmits the energy of relationships, creativity, harmony and sociability.

8/30 (Tue)

Mercury Retrograde OrangeMercury Retrograde Begins

Another Mercury Retrograde begins at 9:03 AM EDT (29°4′ Virgo). The winged messenger will turn direct again on 9/22 at 1:30 AM EDT. With Mercury backpedaling in Virgo, this is an excellent time to reflect on health, service, and your systems and procedures.

As with any Mercury retrograde, avoid making major purchases or signing important contracts if you possibly can. Be especially mindful when traveling. In your communications, make sure you’re understanding and being understood. Back up critical data and send love to your electronic devices. Mercury retrograde is a great time for making repairs and completing projects that were already underway.

The opposing polarities of expansion and contraction are easier to harmonize with Jupiter quintile Saturn (28°1′ Virgo-10°1′ Sagittarius). Productivity and attention to detail can take on a new sense of expansion and excitement under this aspect.

8/31 (Wed)

Your Muse is sprinkling fairy dust on your creativity as Venus quintiles Mars (1°36′ Libra-13°36′ Sagittarius). Make time to manifest your inspiration! This aspect can also add sparkle to your connection with a friend or romantic partner.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

8/15, 10:45 pm – 8/16 7:52 am, Aquarius
8/18, 5:26 am – 12:34 pm, Pisces
8/20, 8:21 am – 3:18 pm, Aries
8/22, 7:48 am – 5:19 pm, Taurus
8/24, 3:38 pm – 7:40 pm, Gemini
8/26, 8:30 pm – 11:06 pm, Cancer
8/29, 2:23 am – 4:11 am, Leo
8/31, 12:20 am – 11:22 am, Virgo

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

Discover how these transits will personally affect you by booking a session with me. Learn more about my Astrology+ sessions.

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