August 16-31 2018 Astrology Forecast: Mars & Mercury Direct

Mars Direct

Mars and Mercury turn direct in the second half of August. This finally clears the deck for significant new beginnings after the September 9 New Moon.

We also have a shiningly auspicious Jupiter-Neptune trine, the Sun entering Virgo, a harmoniously aspected Pisces Full Moon and nine new aspect patterns!

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8/16 (Thu)

2018 08 25 Gt Su Sa UrGrand Trine Begins: Sun-Saturn-Uranus

Intuitive flashes can smoothly guide your practical affairs, thanks to a Sun-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine. It begins today (8/16), peaks on 8/25 and ends on 9/4.

This harmonious aspect pattern can also help you balance the traditional and the unconventional, and bring fresh excitement to any soul-aligned work.

Because the Sun will change signs during this Grand Trine, it has two phases. While the Sun is in Leo, through 8/22, this Grand Trine more easily supports leadership, performance and playfulness. After the Sun enters Virgo on 8/23, the Grand Trine’s energies focus more naturally on health, service and detail work. This aspect pattern is especially strong as it peaks on 8/25, since it’s exact within a fraction of a degree!

While Grand Trines always give a certain amount for free, adding effort to “mine the trine” will maximize its benefits.

8/17 (Fri)

2018 08 24 Yod Me Ve NeYod Begins: Mercury-Venus-Neptune

Creative expression gets a lovely boost – if you prioritize it – with a Mercury-Venus-Neptune Yod. Libran Venus is perfectly poised to amplify creativity. Leonine Mercury is eager to put your creation into the spotlight. And Piscean Neptune, the focal planet, radiates divine inspiration.

This Yod begins today (8/17), peaks on 8/24 and ends on 8/28.

2018 09 05 Gt Ma Ce JunGrand Trine Begins: Mars-Ceres-Juno

Abundance, abetted by committed partnership, is one wonderful potential of a flowing Mars-Ceres-Juno Grand Trine. This aspect pattern lasts almost six weeks, beginning today (8/17), peaking on 9/5 and ending on 9/27.

This Grand Trine also smoothly facilitates shadow work. This could be done solely between you and the person with whom you’re in a catalyst/catalyzed dynamic, or in a sacred container with a skillful shadow work facilitator.

Synchronistically, these same themes – committed partnership supporting abundance and shadow work – are also energized by a Pluto-Juno trine (19°12′ Capricorn-Taurus). This easy connection is in orb through 9/21, ending just six days before the Grand Trine wraps up. This double emphasis gives these themes special power!

8/19 (Sun)

Mercury Direct

Mercury, which turned retrograde on 7/26 (23°27′ Leo), turns direct today (8/19) at 12:24 AM EDT (11°31′ Leo). As I wrote on 7/26, this Leonine Mercury retrograde was an ideal time to reflect on all themes Leo. These include:

  • leadership
  • stepping into the spotlight
  • risk-taking
  • speculation
  • children
  • playfulness
  • rest and recreation

The standard advice following a Mercury retrograde is to start taking action based on the insights you’ve gained. However, because of two other factors – the remainder of Mars retrograde followed by a waning Moon – I recommend waiting at least until the New Moon on 9/9 before starting a major new project or making a major purchase..

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2018 08 19 Ju Tri NeJupiter Trine Neptune

One of 2018’s most important aspects is exact today for third and final time. This year-long Jupiter-Neptune trine (15°36′ Scorpio-Pisces) came into orb (close enough to resonate) on 10/17/17, was exact on 12/2/17 and 5/25/18, and will perfect one last time today (8/19). It finally leaves orb on 10/11. Jupiter remains in Scorpio throughout this trine.

Many wonderful opportunities are open to you while this aspect completes its marathon run. They include an easier flow of energy and information supporting …

  • more direct divine connection in your religious practice
  • more intuition informing your personal philosophy
  • your role as a wisdom-sharer or spiritual teacher
  • sacred sexuality
  • foreign travel
  • shadow work
  • occult and spiritual practices
  • creative inspiration, and
  • dream work.

Trines connect easily, but only give so much for free. The benefit you reap from this aspect will depend on how much effort you put into it!

2018 08 23 Yod Su Ma ChYod Begins: Sun-Mars-Chiron

Breakthroughs in healing and mentoring are fired up by a Sun-Mars-Chiron Yod. This Yod begins today (8/19), peaks on 8/23 and ends on 8/26.

8/20 (Mon)

2018 09 09 T Sq Ce Sa ChT-square Begins: Ceres-Saturn-Chiron

Shadow work is the area most likely to be catalyzed by a 40-day Ceres-Saturn-Chiron T-square. It starts today (8/20), peaks on 9/9 and ends on 9/28. Libran Ceres represents shadow work triggered by relationship difficulties. The Saturn-Chiron square excels at bringing challenge wherever it’s needed for soul growth.

Money matters that need your attention could also be brought to the fore by this T-square. If your own wisdom and discipline aren’t sufficient, this T-square also supports seeking the counsel of a mentor (Chiron) or “wise elder” (Saturn) to help you put things straight.

8/21 (Tue)

2018 09 08 Gt Pa Sa UrGrand Trine Begins: Pallas-Saturn-Uranus

The third Grand Trine beginning in the second half of August features Pallas, Saturn and Uranus. This 37-day aspect pattern smoothly supports you in bringing your intuitive flashes into a structured plan to support your feminine assertiveness, strategic initiatives and practical creativity. If you can do this in service to others (Pallas in Virgo), all the better!

This Grand Trine begins today (8/21), peaks on 9/8 and ends on 9/26.

Some people can feel edgy and irritable under a Sun-Mars quincunx (28°49′ Leo-Capricorn). Give this aspect a positive adjustment by focusing on life-affirming exercise, sexuality, leadership, and performance opportunities.

8/23 (Thu)

2018 08 28 Dbl Th Me Ju Sa ChDouble Thor’s Hammer Begins: Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron

Communication could be challenged under a Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron Double Thor’s Hammer. This challenging aspect pattern begins today (8/23), peaks on 8/28 and ends on 8/31.

The two planets of communication, Mercury and Jupiter, are square in this pattern. The other square is between Saturn and Chiron, whose 90° connection has brought challenge to everything it aspects this year.

The minor hard aspects that connect these planetary pairs foretell choppy waters. Be careful with your words, since any ambiguity could be misinterpreted. If conflict arises, the 4-Part Nonviolent Communication Process could save the day!

Used skillfully, this Double Thor’s Hammer could support you in sharing your life-transforming wisdom in a well-organized, authoritative and entertaining way.

Yod Peaks: Sun-Mars-Chiron

The Sun-Mars-Chiron Yod that started on 8/19 peaks today (8/23) and ends on 8/26.

The Sun enters Virgo today (8/23) at 12:08 AM EDT. This supports healing, service and good detail work for the next month.

8/24 (Fri)

Yod Peaks: Mercury-Venus-Neptune

The Mercury-Venus-Neptune Yod that started on 8/17 peaks today (8/24) and ends on 8/28.

8/25 (Sat)

Grand Trine Peaks: Sun-Saturn-Uranus

The Sun-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine that started on 8/16 peaks today (8/25) and ends on 9/4.

Two trines are exact today: a Sun-Uranus trine (2°25′ Virgo-Taurus) and a Sun-Saturn trine (2°38′ Virgo-Capricorn). Both are part of the Sun-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine that peaks today. Please see the Grand Trine’s interpretation to understand these aspects in their larger context.

8/26 (Sun)

2018 08 26 Full MoonPisces Full Moon

A Full Moon shines forth today (8/26) at 7:56 am EDT (3°12′ Pisces). Any Pisces Full Moon is ideal for release or adjustment in the areas of spiritual union practices, inspired creativity and dream work.


This Full Moon aligns tightly with the Sun-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine that peaked yesterday. It aligns much more loosely with the Pallas-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine that started on 8/21 and peaks on 9/8. The Moon serves as an added Kite point for both Grand Trines.

These Kites provide a smooth yet energetic flow toward spiritual awakening and inspired creativity. On one side of the Moon, a tight sextile from Saturn supports more traditional approaches. On the other side, a similarly tight sextile from Uranus supports unconventional or even radical approaches.

Alternatively, let Uranus and Saturn play on the same team. Let the intuitive flashes from Uranus set your course. This guidance from your higher self is the most trustworthy information available! Then let Saturn provide the necessary structure and discipline to get you to your goals.

A loose opposition from Pallas encourages you to employ strategy and practical creativity in meeting your Full Moon goals. If self-motivation is an issue, the warrior goddess’ feminine assertiveness can help you get in gear!

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A challenging catalyst can help you transform relationships or creativity for the better as Venus squares Pluto (19°2′ Libra-Capricorn).

8/27 (Mon)

Mars DirectMars Direct

Mars, which turned retrograde on 6/26 at 9°13′ Aquarius, turns direct today (8/27) at 28°36′ Capricorn. Mars retrograde was a great time to reflect on leadership, being a warrior, entrepreneurship, assertiveness and sexuality.

75% of this retrograde was in Aquarius. This was an ideal time to reflect on how fully you’ve been showing the world your unique individuality, taking action on your intuitive flashes, and serving others using the gifts you most love to use.

The rest of Mars’ retrograde was in Capricorn. How are you doing with the themes of authority, maturity, discipline, good time management and effective planning and implementation?

The standard advice following a personal planet turning direct is to start acting on the insights you’ve gained. However, Mars turns direct during a waning Moon. I therefore recommend that you wait at least until the New Moon on 9/9 before starting any major new initiatives.

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Jupiter is involved in two quintiles today: a Mars-Jupiter quintile (28°36′ Capricorn-16°36′ Scorpio) and a Sun-Jupiter quintile (4°37′ Virgo-16°37′ Scorpio). The overall vibe of these aspects is abundant good fortune and inspiration.

Specific areas that can receive special benefit include assertiveness, athletics, sexuality and leadership (Mars). Productivity, maturity and responsibility (Capricorn) are amplified, as are service, health and fine-tuning (Virgo).

8/28 (Tue)

2018 09 13 Kite Ma Ce Jun ChKite Begins: Mars-Ceres-Juno-Chiron

This Kite is based on the Mars-Ceres-Juno Grand Trine that started 11 days ago on 8/17. The Kite peaks on 9/13, eight days after the Grand Trine climaxes, and both aspect patterns end on 9/27. The addition of Chiron as the Kite point reemphasizes an existing theme and adds a new one.

Because of Ceres, shadow work was already a theme of the Grand Trine. The addition of Chiron – the planet most directly associated with deep psychological healing– puts strong additional emphasis on this theme.

As with the Grand Trine, this shadow work could be done solely between you and the person with whom you’re in a catalyst/catalyzed dynamic, or in a sacred container with a skillful shadow work facilitator. But the Chiron Kite point adds a new possibility: you stepping out as the one healing or mentoring others. Whether you’re giving or receiving will depend on how much of your own shadow work you’ve already done.

Double Thor’s Hammer Peaks: Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron

The Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron Double Thor’s Hammer that started on 8/23 peaks today (8/28) and ends on 8/31.

Learning and communication are strongly energized by a Mercury-Jupiter square (16°39′ Leo-Scorpio). Leo and Scorpio can help make your communications entertaining and transformative. Just be careful to avoid unnecessary verbal confrontations.

This square is part of the Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron Double Thor’s Hammer peaking today.

8/30 (Thu)

2018 08 10 T Sq Me Jun JuT-square Peaks: Mercury-Juno-Jupiter

In-depth communication with your committed partner(s) is energized by a Mercury-Juno-Jupiter T-square. It started on 8/1 and had its first peak on 8/9. Its second and final peak is today (8/30) before it ends on 9/4. The double peak happens because Mercury began this aspect pattern in retrograde motion, and completes it after turning direct.

By using this aspect pattern skillfully, you can probe into the depths of any relationship challenges without unnecessary drama. My favorite tool for harmonizing relationship challenge is the 4-Part Nonviolent Communication Process.

8/31 (Fri)

2018 09 11 T Sq Ve Ma UrT-square Begins: Venus-Mars-Uranus

Revolutionary change in your relationships and creativity are offered by a Venus-Mars-Uranus T-square. This challenging 43-day aspect pattern begins today (8/31), peaks on 9/11 and ends on 10/12.

It’s likely that any dysfunctional aspects of important relationships will be triggered by this T-square. If you follow your intuitive flashes, any relationship – however difficult or harmonious it may be — could take a quantum leap to the next level of wonderfulness.

It’s also a great time to be adventurous in your creative expression. Uranus may inspire you to take your artistry in a new direction – possibly one you hadn’t anticipated!

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