Ayahuasca 2-Hour Interview: Benjamin on POH Podcast

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ayahuasca spiraly imageAyahuasca, the miraculous psychoactive medicine from the Amazon, is the main topic of Benjamin Bernstein’s guest appearance on the Philosophy of Health podcast, Episode 14. Benjamin shares many amazing stories about his powerful healing and awakening experiences during ayahuasca ceremonies. The podcast, which features Benjamin for about two hours, is free to stream or download.

Duration and profanity advisory. This podcast opens with a lengthy solo introduction by Mandy, the host. The actual interview with Benjamin begins at 23:36. Also be advised that Mandy uses the “f-word” rather freely, especially during her introduction.

Listen to the podcast.

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As an “astroshaman,” Benjamin Bernstein offers both the soul-level insights of astrology and the healing power of shamanism.
Benjamin hosts iTunes’ #1 astrology podcast, and was voted Western North Carolina’s best astrologer three years in a row. After doing over 6000 sessions, Benjamin has fine-tuned his ability to help clients master challenge and embrace transformation. Satisfaction guaranteed, or it’s free!

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  1. Mona says:

    Really appreciated the conversation on Philosophy of Health. Thanks for sharing, and not too many f-bombs either, she’s brilliant as f—;)

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