How I Cleared an Entity … by Ignoring it!

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Great Central Sun2

The Great Central Sun

I had an amazing experience during a recent plant spirit ceremony. Things had been going smoothly for a couple of hours when I noticed a dense energy attached to the left side of my body. In recent ceremonies, simply merging my awareness into the challenging phenomenon has been effective in dissolving or transmuting such entities.

But not this time. The more I focused on it and sent it love, the stronger it grew! After a few minutes, it expanded so that it was now also behind and to the right of me. My mind could not figure out how to rid myself of this etheric nuisance.

As it turned out, the solution didn’t come from my mind at all. One moment, I was at an impasse with this dark force. The next, without even deciding to, I found that I had turned my attention upward to the Great Central Sun. (I had been working with this exquisite energy, which radiates from the center of the galaxy, before this challenge arose.) I turned my attention to this blissful golden light and became fully absorbed in it.

A few seconds later, I suddenly became aware that the heavy energy I’d been struggling with … which had been clinging to me so relentlessly just a moment before … had completely disappeared. It felt like a miracle!

I had a huge aha at that moment. The only reason the challenging entity had stayed, and grown stronger, was because my attention had been feeding it! It was a perfect illustration of a simple truth: energy follows attention.

Testing the Theory

I was curious to see if this principle would work outside the context of that ceremony. So I tried it out this morning with my shamanic mentee Ami, who was feeling some dense energy in her heart chakra. Normally we would have addressed this blockage with my Healing Invocation and my Simple Focus Healing Technique. But in the spirit of inquiry, we experimented with this new approach.

Under the guidance of our inner allies, we did several shamanic techniques which saturated us with increasing amounts of love and light. We paid no specific attention to her clogged heart chakra. But after a while, when we checked on it, she reported that it was completely clear!

Would This Work for You?

I suspect that there’s still a place for techniques that focus specifically on the problem. But the next time you experience a challenging energy within yourself, it might be interesting to focus on your preferred feeling instead … just as an experiment. After you’ve held your attention on the preferred state for a few minutes, check back and see if the original problem has changed. If not, I’ve included links to my two favorite self-healing tools above.

Energy follows attention. It’s an important principle to live by. How strongly are you focusing on what you don’t want in your life … and how much attention are you putting on what you do desire?

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  1. Spiritsong says:

    I loved reading about this, Benjamin, as this is what works best for me most of the time!

    Although there may be situations where a more focused attention to the shadow or darker energy may be required, I find that simply raising my vibration to the highest degree of love possible transmutes the darker energy to Light/Love.

    Thank you for sharing this… it is a truly blissful way to release the shadow energies!

    And thank you for the gift of your tireless devotion to raising the love vibration on this journey for all of us!

    Much love… Spiritsong

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