Consciousness Upgrade Symptoms: How to Work With Them

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LethargyBeing motivated isn’t usually a problem for me. The 10th house of my astrology chart may be empty, but most of my personal planets are in accomplishment-oriented Earth signs and houses. My challenge is usually tearing myself away from work!

But that wasn’t the case the past two weeks. After two successive weekends of powerful shamanic ceremonies, I found myself in an unusual state, lethargic and unmotivated day after day.

Not that I was suffering. On the contrary, I was abiding in a significantly deeper state of bliss and ecstasy than ever before. My shamanic ceremonies catapulted me into a new level of divine consciousness, which I needed time to integrate into physical plane functionality.

Normally I’m able to take a rest day after ceremony, then slip back into my usual get-‘er-done groove as new states integrate. But this was a much bigger shift than most, and it needed me to chill out and do less. The universe even encouraged me with an uncharacteristically empty calendar: suddenly there were far fewer clients scheduling sessions!

I felt some concern over this sudden drop in business, but was also aware of the yin phase the universe needed me to embrace. I spent more time in nature, and indulged myself with more Netflix, pleasure reading and group activities than usual. I finally felt my mojo returning a couple of days ago, and feel back at the top of my game as I write this.

More Challenging Integrations

I didn’t always have such blissful integrations. In my early years working with ayahuasca and San Pedro plant spirit medicines, I had massive amounts of hucha — dense, heavy energy — come up for clearing.

A huge amount of this psychic sludge would clear during ceremonies, but more would get triggered in my daily life afterward. Integration back then might include waves of anger, sadness, grief, anxiety and other unpleasant emotions.

After dozens of plant spirit ceremonies and 11 years of intense self-work, I now get to enjoy more pleasant integration periods after a consciousness upgrade. I’m so glad I stayed the course when the hucha was thicker and the path muddier!

Integration Strategies

A lot of people are clearing a lot of heavy energy these days. You might be too, even if you haven’t adopted my gung-ho strategy of doing shamanic ceremonies and holotropic-influenced breathwork to meet your hucha head-on.

You might be slogging through a swamp full of challenging emotions and toxic habits. Or you might just be wondering where your motivation and zest for life went. Either way, it might be wise to cut yourself some slack and take it as easy as you can. A lot of your energy may be needed for subtle internal work … energetic clearings and upgrades you might not even be aware of!

It’s good to have quick, simple and effective techniques ready that you can use on the spot when challenging emotions come up. Many have found my free Healing Invocation helpful. Or you may have something else that’s effective. I and many others have found that asking for healing from the divine, then stepping aside while this far more capable part takes care of business, is more effective than ego-directed methods.

Don’t think you’re alone if you’re experiencing something like what I’ve described here. Everyone and everything is being called to awaken during this extraordinary time of universal consciousness upgrade. And you do have to feel it to heal it.

If you don’t clear your hucha, it’ll keep erupting again and again until you do. The good news is that every layer of the onion you peel will leave you more full of ease, flow and grace. At the onion’s core is the light of a thousand suns, pure ecstatic beingness, shining through more powerfully with each layer you peel. Whatever it takes to peel those layers, I believe it’s worth it!

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As an “AstroShaman,” Benjamin Bernstein offers the soul-level insights of astrology, the healing power of shamanism and the ongoing support of life coaching. Benjamin hosts This Week in Astrology, a Top 10 Astrology Podcast Award winner, and was voted Western North Carolina's best astrologer three years in a row. After doing over 7000 sessions, Benjamin has fine-tuned his ability to help you master challenge, embrace transformation and enjoy a more wonderful life. Satisfaction guaranteed, or it’s free!

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  1. Nicky says:

    Yes, indeed! Some challenges and grateful for the alone time to process these wondrous changes. Thank you , Thank you Benjamin!

  2. janis says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your process, Ben. I feel I’m doing the best I can, but at other times feel so guilty I’m not doing enough. Working on clearing my past, trying to work with lots of physical joint/muscle pain, present to my reactions in the now, working on writing two books, attending critique groups, reading a lot to support that effort, not meditating daily and teaching classes infrequently. I had one healer and one psychic tell me I’m not keeping my commitment. It’s all exhausting, yet I can’t sleep much!
    Thanks again for sharing your ups and downs Ben.

    • Benjamin says:

      Janis, thank you for sharing your process too! I think that if you want to have enough energy to do all this, it will benefit you greatly to make time to stay connected with your divine source the best you can. Spirit is the source of all energy, and maintaining this connection will give you far more energy to get things done in the physical plane than if you neglect it.

  3. Monica says:

    I see responding to the demands of what you’re calling consciousness upgrade is my one and only job. I have total and complete commitment to getting through it. For me that involves a whole lot of what you’re talking about in this post…given I’m healing from a brain injury and associated severe chronic illness…(much of which is simply being processed away)

    You know what’s really amazing and beautiful — often when I watch netflix etc (just as you do)…I find that I am drawn to films and or series that work on the archetypal level and help me release and heal as I am also entertained… SHE is in all things and all we need to do is pay attention. :-)

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