December 1-15 2018 Astrology Forecast: Quantum Leaps in Spiritual Awakening

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Mercury turns direct in the first half of December, as does Chiron. The power of a Sagittarius New Moon is amplified by its tight square to a Mars-Neptune conjunction. And two semi-squaring outer planets – Uranus and Neptune – energize quantum leaps in spiritual awakening!

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12/1 (Sat)

2018 12 01 T Sq Ve Ves UrVenus-Vesta-Uranus T-square

Want to make a breakthrough in your service to a higher calling? This Venus-Vesta-Uranus T-square suggests that buddying up with someone will make your service more effective. This dynamic aspect pattern also supports selfless service through your creativity.

This T-square started on 11/9, peaks today (12/1) and ends on 12/15. It’s especially powerful as it peaks, when all three planets are within 1° of orb. This is an extraordinary degree of exactness for an aspect pattern!

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12/2 (Sun)

“The mind of the genius” is a legitimate interpretation of a Mercury-Uranus quincunx (29°7′ Scorpio-Aries). Today, we think of a genius as a super-intelligent person. But in ancient times, a genius was thought to be an inspiring spirit who gifted a person with a brilliant idea.

So having “the mind of the genius” has less to do with your native intelligence, and more to do with how receptive you are to divine inspiration. If you’re interested, practicing my Embodied Awakening Invocation can help you stay more consistently open to the unending genius of your higher self.

You can revel in abundant vitality and physical energy with the Sun square Mars (10°46′ Sagittarius-Pisces). This is great energy for a quest, foreign travel, or an impassioned discussion about religion, philosophy or the meaning of life.

Be careful not to get sucked into a lower expression of this square: heated argument, holier-than-thou self-righteousness, or biting off more than you can chew.

12/4 (Tue)

Harmonious, healing words are smoothly supported by a Mercury-Chiron trine (27°54′ Scorpio-Pisces). This aspect also supports energy healing and life-transforming mentoring.

12/5 (Wed)

Spiritual awakening and inspired creativity are dynamically energized by a Sun-Neptune square (13°43′ Sagittarius-Pisces). But steer clear of this square’s dark side: substance abuse, excessive escapism, perpetrator-victim relationship dynamics and aimless drifting.

12/6 (Thu)

Mercury Direct

Louvre 2775429 640 Mercury

Mercury, retrograde since 11/16, turns direct today (12/6) at 4:22 PM EST (27°16′ Scorpio). The decks are now almost clear for any major purchases and important new beginnings you’ve been delaying.

I say “almost” because the things just mentioned are best launched under a waxing Moon. And that happens less than 12 hours after Mercury turns direct, on 12/7 at 2:21 AM EST. So hold your horses until then if you can!

Have you been reflecting in the areas I recommended in my 11/16 Mercury retrograde forecast? (There’s too much to repeat, but you can review it here.) If so, feel free to start putting some or all of it in gear after tomorrow’s New Moon.

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12/7 (Fri)

Sagittarius New Moon

2018 12 07 New Moon

A New Moon aligns at 2:20 AM EST (15°7′ Sagittarius). Any Sagittarius New Moon is great for putting new energy into the following areas:

  • religion, philosophy and the meaning of life
  • being or learning from a professor, philosopher, guru, or other wisdom giver
  • higher education
  • foreign travel, culture and practices
  • internal or external questing or adventuring
  • joy, celebration and enthusiasm!


A wide conjunction from Sagittarian Jupiter adds a bit more juice to all the Sagittarian themes just mentioned. However, this New Moon’s strongest aspects are tight squares from Mars and Neptune, tightly conjunct in Pisces. This powerfully energizes the following potentials:

  • fresh energy for spiritual awakening or naturally arising creativity
  • inspired leadership
  • sacred sexuality
  • action arising easily and naturally from intuitive knowing
  • exercise or athletics in “the zone”
  • sensitive strength
  • compassionate action

A tight sesquare from Uranus to the luminaries encourages you to be your authentic self, follow your intuitive flashes and joyfully serve others using your special talents. Finally, a tight sextile from Pallas Athena supports your feminine assertiveness, strategy, diplomacy and practical creativity.

Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “Seagulls fly around a ship looking for food.” This image could provoke fears of scarcity: “There’s not enough food to go around! Grab it before someone else does!”

But the more you relax into the divine flow, the more you experience that abundance is always available. Then this image can bring joy to your heart: “How wonderful! All those seagulls, every one with a full belly!”

This image also raises another question: are you sourcing most or all of your provision from a single limited source outside yourself? If so, could you open yourself to receiving abundance from elsewhere?

This ties in with one of my core strategies: never tie God’s hands! Invoke what you want, but never specify that it has to come in one particular way. I’ve been repeatedly amazed at the ingenious ways the universe has to fulfill our needs and desires!

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I discuss many delightful ways that a Mars-Neptune conjunction (13°44′ Pisces) can serve you in the New Moon forecast above.

Sudden anger, erratic action and violent attack are low side possibilities of a Mars-Uranus semi-square. If you’d rather have a more pleasant experience, focus on athletic breakthroughs, a quantum leap in your sexuality, or taking immediate action on your intuitive flashes. With Mars in Pisces, exciting breakthroughs in your spirituality or creative expression are also energized.

12/8 (Sat)

Don’t just depend on your intellect for creating critical strategies. Under a Neptune-Pallas quincunx (13°44′ Pisces-Libra), ask for divine inspiration! Also request intuitive guidance in your feminine assertiveness, practical creativity and diplomacy.

12/9 (Sun)

Chiron Direct

Centaur 3329266 1280

Chiron, which turned retrograde on 7/5 at 2°25′ Aries, turns direct today (12/9) at 27°53′ Pisces. In my 7/5 interpretation, I suggested some topics for contemplation while Chiron was retrograde:

Healing and mentoring. Whether you give or receive them, what role could they play in making your life more wonderful?

This retrograde covered two signs. While Chiron was retrograde in Aries 7/5 thru 9/24, it was timely to consider the role that wounding through aggression and violence plays in your life … whether you’re giving or receiving it. Would healing in the areas of assertiveness, leadership, or sexuality be helpful?

Chiron was retrograde in Pisces 9/25 thru 12/9. Here the energies of healing and mentoring naturally turn toward spirituality and inspired creativity. Pisces also encompasses the areas of substance abuse, excessive escapism, aimlessness and playing the victim.

Now that Chiron is direct, it’s a great time to begin acting on the wisdom you gained through your contemplations!

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Chiron makes an aspect on the same day he goes direct: a Mercury-Chiron trine (27°53′ Scorpio-Pisces). This provides smooth support for mentoring and healing.

12/11 (Tue)

Unconventional ideas may be rapping at your mental door as Mercury quincunxes Uranus (28°53′ Scorpio-Aries). If an idea is an honest-to-God intuitive flash – that means you know it in your bones the moment it arrives – then it may be time to overwrite an old belief!

12/13 (Thu)

Abundance and shadow work are supported by a smooth flow of divine energy and information as Neptune trines Ceres (13°47′ Pisces-Scorpio).

12/14 (Fri)

Your creativity can be magically energized by a Venus-Pluto quintile (8°2′ Scorpio-12°2′ Capricorn). This fairy dust aspect can also help deepen a relationship or increase your wealth.

12/15 (Sat)

Uranus Semi-square Neptune

2018 12 15 Ur Sq NeYou have over a year and a half to enjoy quantum leaps in your spirituality, thanks to a Uranus-Neptune semi-square (28°48′ Aries-13°48′ Pisces). This aspect can also stimulate highly original artistry, intuition as both flash and flow, and an exciting rebirth of vision and idealism. Be careful to avoid this aspect’s less desirable outcomes: excessive escapism, wishful thinking, lack of discernment, and religious extremism.

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least a week before and after.

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