This Could Be Your Final AstroShaman Post Notification — Unless You Resubscribe!

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Did you get an email today about the AstroShaman post, “Did This Difficult Client Deserve My Forgiveness?” Me too. And did you wonder why you were being alerted to a post that’s almost two months old?

It’s because my old post notification service is glitchy, and sends out a random notification about an old post every few weeks. My webmaster installed a new post notification service a few weeks ago, which has been performing flawlessly. So it’s time to turn the old post notification service off.

But if you got that “Difficult Client” post this morning — or if the email that linked you to this post has “” at the top — this will be your final notification email about AstroShaman posts.

Unless you resubscribe. Unfortunately, there’s no way to import existing site subscribers into the new service. So if you’re on the old post notification service, and want to keep getting emails each time a new astrology forecast or other post appears on, please resubscribe below now. As always, it’s free. Thank you, and please accept my apologies for this inconvenience!

Important: if the email that linked you to this post has “AstroShaman []” at the top, you’re already on the new post notification service. In this case, you’re already set and don’t need to do a thing!

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