EASE Astrology Bonus MP3 Descriptions

Here are the free bonus Astrology MP3s you get when you sign up for any EASE Private Support Level:

No Astrology Knowledge Required

Shamanic Planetary Invocations

This lecture-demonstration gives an overview of how I do shamanic astrology. It also describes how my experiences attending magical sweat lodges and Amazonian shamanic ceremonies led me to combine Western Astrology and shamanism.

I give attendees a firsthand taste of their own living planetary forces by doing brief basic invocations of each planet for the entire audience at once. Finally, I do two in-depth single-planet interpretations and invocations for volunteers. Duration: about two hours.

Simple and Effective Solutions for Astrological Challenges

I always strive to make my work accurate and helpful. The “accurate” part comes mostly from astrology. The “helpful” part, however, is drawn from the simple but effective techniques I offer clients to help them deal with the astrological challenges they’re facing.

I’ve developed and refined a variety of tools that have proven consistently helpful to my clients, whether the issue is:

  • energetic hypersensitivity,
  • difficulty receiving or following intuitive guidance,
  • making hard decisions,
  • overcoming Law of Attraction issues,
  • or a host of others!

I share the ideas and techniques I offer most frequently to help clients transform their most difficult astrological challenges into some of their greatest strengths!

Be an ‘OlderAchiever’: Astrological Insights for Vital, Meaningful Living/

Each person’s astrology chart can provide powerful insights on how to live a more energized, satisfying and meaningful life. In this presentation, I explain how you can achieve these benefits based on your Sun Sign. Includes 28-slide PowerPoint deck. Duration: about an hour.

Basic Astrology Knowledge Required

Solar Return WagonIntegrating Solar Return Themes with Progressions & Transits

The Solar Return chart shows the moment, on or near each birthday, when the transiting Sun returns to its exact natal position. This chart shows important energy trends for the next 12 months, as well as optimal life areas to focus on during that time.

Using the charts of Barack Obama, Albert Einstein, Barry Bonds and Sean Penn, this lively and informative PowerPoint presentation shows how to uncover and communicate the most critical life themes: the ones being emphasized by the Solar Return Chart and current transits and progressions. Includes 37-slide PowerPoint deck. Duration: one hour 38 minutes.

Light Speed Astrology: Diving Into the Heart of the Chart

After doing hundreds of walk-up consultations, I’ve learned how to zoom right in on the chart’s most important information. I demonstrate several zero-prep techniques, including how to:

  • scope out a natal chart’s “hot spots,”
  • identify the most significant transits, progressions and solar arcs to personal planets and angles, and
  • dialogue with the client to make sure their concerns are being addressed.

I use the charts of audience volunteers to demonstrate my methods. Duration: about an hour and 34 minutes. Includes 43-slide PowerPoint deck.

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