EASE: Free Weekly Healing and Awakening!

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EASE, the Embodied Awakening Support Experience, offers you FREE weekly events via phone or web to help you…

  • Enjoy more harmony, grace and flow,
  • Eliminate suffering,
  • Boost your intuition,
  • Experience more synchronicity,
  • Stop mental chatter and challenging emotions,
  • Live each day in a peaceful awakened state,
  • Enjoy support from kindred spirits on your journey,
  • And much more!

The online recording library — over 75 MP3s as of March 2017 and constantly growing — lets you experience the life-transforming power of EASE anytime!

Learn more about how EASE can help you!

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  1. Pamela Hand says:

    Very much enjoyed your 2018 forecast. You have a smooth energy that packs an enlightened wisdom. Thank you for showing up on my page. Accidental, yet are there any accidents?

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