EASE Touch-Tone and Skype Commands

This page is for use by members of EASE, the Embodied Awakening Support Experience.

Touch Tone Commands

While on the phone, all attendees (hosts and guests) can use these commands. Press the STAR key on your phone, then the number.

*0   Tells the caller what commands they can use.
*2   Raises or lowers the caller’s “hand” in the ‘Who’s On’ page.
*3   Decreases the caller’s microphone volume – in case they are too loud.
*4   Increases the caller’s microphone volume – in case they are too quiet.
*5   If a local call-in number is available, inform the user of that number.
*6   Mutes the caller.
*7   Unmutes the caller, unless all callers are muted by the host

Skype Instructions

To connect to a conference using Skype, add the contact “Join.Conference” to your contact list, or dial “Join.Conference” directly. No country designation is required.
Once the call is connected,

1. Click the “+” button at the bottom of the screen
2. Click “Show dial pad”
3. Click the PIN numbers with your mouse, or use your keyboard.

(In some versions of Skype, the dial pad button may look like a picture of 9 small dots. These instructions are for a computer; getting to the dial pad may be different on a mobile device.)

If the system does not recognize the dial tone commands, you may need to sign out of Skype, and then sign back in and try the call again. See the Skype Instructions Link for detailed instructions.