Edward Snowden, PRISM, Pluto in Capricorn & the Uranus-Pluto Square

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edward snowdenI’ve been watching the developing story of the Edward Snowden/PRISM surveillance program affair over the last few days. It puts me in mind of something that I have been writing and lecturing about since 2008. Here’s my latest iteration of this theme, published in January 2012:

More instances of challenging Pluto in Capricorn manifestations are “Big Brother” style surveillance, widening government control, and increasing invasion of privacy.

These were less urgent concepts until now. The main image in my mind in early 2012 was the new airport scanners that could see through clothing.

But now we have learned that Big Brother (in this case, the NSA) is alive and well in America, and is scrutinizing our public communications at a heretofore unthinkable scale. Phone calls, emails, texts, private Facebook messages and more are all fair game.

It appears that genuine privacy, at least in the online world, is now a thing of the past. And in our terrorism-traumatized world, all of this government intrusion may be perfectly legal.

I’m not passing judgment on this issue, although I am rather fond of the idea of appropriately private things remaining private. I’m just noting that this incident is a perfect illustration of the Pluto in Capricorn theme that started in 2008 and runs through 2024. It’s also a perfect example of the “60s Part 2” Uranus-Pluto square, strong through 2018, which pits the forces of rebellion against the entrenched powers-that-be.

Of course, as astrology predicts, a great deal of the news these days fits that theme. But this incident serves as a prime example of these potent astrological themes.

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