How does astrology work?

Benjamin works from the basic premise that we are all evolving souls temporarily inhabiting human bodies. We each choose, before birth, the exact time and place where we draw our first breath. This critical moment sets up a unique energy matrix, marked by the positions of the planets. The resulting natal chart serves as the blueprint for that lifetime.

The more we live in harmony with this blueprint, the more wonderful and fulfilling life becomes. Benjamin helps his clients awaken to their soul’s intentions by accurately interpreting their natal charts. He also tells them about the important energy shifts (transits, progressions, etc.) that affect their lives.

Astrology shows each person’s highest potential, as well as their ever-changing “cosmic weather.” But the astrology Benjamin practices is not fortune-telling: free will is always at play. Benjamin’s clients find that astrology helps them to understand themselves better, fine-tune their life directions, and be better prepared for life’s important challenges and opportunities.

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