What if I don’t know my time of birth?

Benjamin can do your chart even if you don’t know your birth time. But without a precise birth time, Benjamin cannot know the location of your planets within the astrological houses. And without houses, certain astrological information is unavailable.

To find your birth time, you can try to locate a birth certificate or other document that may give the time of birth. (Visit this website to learn how to get an official copy of your birth certificate.) Or you can contact a family member to see if they know.

If you can’t determine the time using those methods, however, there is another way: rectification. This technique allows an astrologer to work from a list of significant life events to determine a client’s time of birth. Benjamin can refer you to an astrologer who does this, and who gives Benjamin’s clients a special reduced rate of $125 to determine their birth time.

You can also have your chart done with no birth time, which means no astrological houses. This still gives Benjamin most of your astrological information, and is more than enough to let him give you an accurate and helpful consultation. And, of course, any invocational and/or shamanic healing work you might do during the session (Benjamin often combine astrology with these modalities) is independent of your astrology chart.

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