What is a healing session with Benjamin like?

Benjamin conducts his healing ceremonies at his shamanic mesa, which is based on ancient healing technologies. It consists of a hand-woven Peruvian cloth covered with healing objects. These include stones, crystals, rattles, tobacco, perfumes, musical instruments and other sacred objects.

Benjamin activates the mesa by calling the directions in Q’echua, the ancient power language of the Incas. He then charges the mesa by calling in the angels, guides, masters and other benevolent beings which actually do the healing.

During his healing ceremonies, Benjamin acts as a conduit for divine energy. He acts as “Spirit’s puppet,” and only takes action when intuitively instructed to do so. Some ceremonies are low-key, with most of the work done quietly and subtly. Others can be quite eventful and dramatic!

Even when Benjamin asks for the healing of a particular issue, he always includes the “karma-free safety clause”: let this take place only if it serves the highest good. Benjamin cannot guarantee any particular outcome, since the end result of each ceremony is entirely in Spirit’s hands. But his clients have been very pleased with the results of this “thy will be done” approach.

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