Feb. 1-10 2013 Weekly Forecast

2/1 (Fri)

Mars will transit Pisces today thru 3/11. On the challenging side, this could stimulate impulsive desires for altered states and escapist behavior. But the Warrior’s tenure in the the Sign of the Fishes also supports your ability to bring a pioneering spirit to the areas of spiritual union, divinely inspired creativity, and channeling love and light to others. There’s another sign change today: Venus enters Aquarius thru 2/25. Relationships could experience greater instability, but only if they’re better off released, or would benefit from a paradigm shift to take them to the next level. Finances could also be less predictable; following genuine intuitive flashes (rather than rash impulsiveness) in this area will lead you true. And creativity can be supercharged under Aquarian Venus, especially if you’re willing to venture forth boldly in new directions.

2/4 (Mon)

Ceres, retrograde since Halloween, turns direct today. New beginnings related to abundance, nurturing, release and return, and mother-daughter relationships are supported.
A Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces is ideal for taking action to support your dreams, visions and ideals. It’s also great for activities that consciously combine the physical and spiritual dimensions, such as yoga, tai chi, chi gung, tantric sex, and ecstatic dance. But try not to push your ideals onto others, lest you fall into this aspect’s dark expression of fanaticism!

2/5 (Tue)

Mercury enters Pisces today, where the fleet-footed messenger will remain for an unusually long stay thru 4/13. (This is due to its retrograde, 2/23 thru 3/17, within Pisces.) Piscean Mercury makes it easier to receive an intuitive flow of information, so that you can operate by “divine GPS.” You can help develop this ability by asking Spirit what to do every time you need to make a decision, no matter how momentous or trivial. Inspiration in your creative expression, especially if it’s written or verbal, is also abundantly available.

2/6 (Wed)

Aquarian Venus has it easy this week — all four of her aspects are easy-flowing sextiles and trines. Thus, things may go more easily in the areas of relationships, creativity and finances. In Venus‘ first aspect this week, a sextile to Uranus (a/k/a the Intuitive Flash Man), there’s plenty of divine inspiration available in all of these areas. But are you making enough quiet space in your mind to receive it? Neptune and Pisces have the same astrological meaning. Therefore, today’s conjunction of Mercury and Neptune has the same interpretation as yesterday’s entry of Mercury into Pisces, which you can review here. This is the first of three conjunctions that Piscean Mercury makes this week.

2/7 (Thu)

This week’s second Venus aspect, a trine to Jupiter, puts the two classical good-luck “benefics” into harmonious connection. This continues the week’s trend of positive opportunities in relationships, creativity and finances.

2/8 (Fri)

Venus and Ceres can both represent abundance, so the Sun’s trine to Ceres amplifies this opportunity. But remember that any planetary line-up in the sky is only half the story. No matter how beneficial or challenging the astrological aspect, what ultimately determines your experience is how you choose to partner with it! Piscean Mercury’s second conjunction this week is to Mars. This can lead to verbal aggression, particularly if your beliefs are challenged. On the high side, this pairing can stimulate mental acuity in general, and the marriage of mind and intuition specifically.

2/9 (Sat)

Piscean Mercury takes a breather from its conjunctions as it squares Jupiter. Beware of stream-of-consciousness motor-mouthing, but take advantage of the enhanced mental sharpness this aspect can provide.
A sextile to Pallas Athena is next in Venus’ flow of harmonious aspects. You can use this to energize your creative projects, or to enhance your appreciation of others’ creativity.

2/10 (Sun)

February’s New Moon lines up at 2:20 am (21°43′ Aquarius). New beginnings in technology, invention, individuation, uniqueness and humanitarian service are supported.
With this lunation tightly squaring the Lunar Nodes – the “Axis of Destiny” — this is also an excellent time to reflect on whether your persona and actions are in alignment with your life purpose. Are you boldly stepping up to embody the person you were born to be? This lunation also trines Ceres, whose meanings include self-esteem. Thus, you will value yourself more highly if you let your “freak flag” fly higher, and come more into alignment with your truest vision of what you can become.
This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A rug placed on the floor for children to play on.” Since a rug is a much more comfortable play surface than a hard floor, this symbol suggests that you give yourself a supportive environment in which to carry out your activities. You are more likely to experience happiness if you approach what you do with a playful (childlike) attitude, and to choose work that aligns with your life purpose. What new beginnings can you make under this Aquarian New Moon to accomplish this?

The New Moon isn’t the only astrological juice in the air today. A potent square between Piscean Mars and Jupiter could set the stage for outbreaks of anger or violence, particularly over issues of religion or other cherished beliefs. I suggest directing this energy into a more life-affirming direction with exercise, sex, new projects, or fighting for a worthy cause.
Venus’ final harmonious aspect this week is a trine to Vesta. You can use this energy to network with others in support of a higher cause.
Mercury’s final conjunction this week is to Chiron, which supports hands-on healing and mentoring. These planets’ placement in Pisces gives even more support if these activities relate to spirituality or divinely inspired creativity.

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