Feb. 11-17 2013 Weekly Astrology Forecast

2/11 (Mon)

A square from Saturn is always good for some challenge. With Venus on the receiving end of this aspect, watch for reality checks in your relationships, finances and creativity. And with Venus in Aquarius, strike an appropriate balance between innovation and sticking with what has worked in the past.

2/12 (Tue)

The most astrologically intense day of the week opens with two Mercury aspects. Its sextile to Pluto opens the door for honest communication, while Mercury’s placement in Pisces makes it easier for your communication to also extend into the invisible realms.
     Piscean Mercury’s second aspect, a square to Vesta, is an opportunity to examine the larger causes you’re devoted to. Is your current path of selfless service still intuitively supported?
Your independent warrior spirit may be challenged as Pallas Athena, in Aries, squares Pluto. Can you equal or exceed your challenger’s power by calling on the divine power within you? This aspect can also supercharge your creativity, especially if you’re breaking new artistic ground.
     Mars makes the first of three aspects to slower planets this week: a conjunction with Chiron in Pisces. Stay alert so that you don’t become wounder or wounded under this aspect, since Pisces can be associated with confusion and misunderstanding. However, healing and mentoring are also empowered, especially if done within a spiritual context.
     Piscean Mercury‘s third and final aspect of the day is a trine to Saturn. This is a great energy under which to let your intuition guide your business dealings, and also supports Law of Attraction work.

2/14 (Thu)

The only significant astrological aspect on Valentine’s Day is a quincunx between Saturn and Pallas Athena. Saturn can represent an authority figure, while Pallas Athena is the warrior goddess. To keep this from playing out as a power struggle, remember the meaning of the quincunx – adjustment required – and remain flexible if you find yourself embodying either of these archetypes.

2/15 (Fri)

A Mars-Pluto sextile comes just after Valentine’s Day, but its waxing influence will still be strong on 2/14. Thus, there is an obvious use for the intense and harmonious connection of the two planets which represent sexuality! And with Mars in Pisces, the introduction of fantasy and the Tantric arts of divine ecstasy would be entirely appropriate.

Yod aspect pattern, also known as a “Finger of God,” makes its second and final peak today. This narrow triangle configuration started on 1/6, first peaked on 1/16, and waned thru 1/31. After peaking today, it finally fades out on 2/26.
The “back end” planets, Pluto and Saturn, point to the asteroid goddess Vesta in Gemini. Vesta can be thought of as the High Priestess, bringing focus and dedication to the sacred causes to which she has devoted herself. Her path can also incorporate sacred sex and enlightenment practices.
With this Yod active, the time is now ripe for transformation, empowerment and variety in all of these areas, as well as new learning and communication related to them. The Saturn-Pluto connection suggests that you release everything that isn’t working around these themes, and bring new maturity, discipline and divine empowerment to what is.

2/16 (Sat)

Saturday features two Mars aspects. Its square to Vesta augments the Tantric energy from yesterday’s Mars-Pluto sextile. Vesta relates to the Vestal Virgins. In this context, far from implying celibacy, “virgin” means “a woman unto herself,” bound to no man. The Vestal Virgins engaged in sacred sexual practices, which helped men elevate sex from lust-fueled rutting to a divine, ecstatic joining of souls. If this sort of activity isn’t up your alley, you can use this aspect to energize your devotion to whatever selfless service you’re engaged in.
A Mars-Saturn trine can offer endurance augmented with passion. With Mars in Pisces, this aspect will be especially helpful if you’re putting energy toward your most heartfelt dreams and visions.

2/17 (Sun)

Saturn makes another quincunx this week, this time to Vesta. Adjustment is once again the message, this time with bringing the higher goal you’re devoted to more securely into physical manifestation. Or you could try to set an endurance record with your sacred sexual practice! :-)

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