February 16-28 2019 Astrology Forecast: Chiron Enters Aries

Chiron Galloping W Weapon

Chiron’s definitive entry into Aries — no sneaking back into Pisces this time! — highlights the second half of February. We also have a Virgo Full Moon strongly colored by two aspect patterns. Several hard aspect patterns and the Sun’s entry into Pisces round out the most important astrological events.

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2/17 (Sun)

Artistic inspiration flows smoothly and powerfully with Venus sextile Neptune (15°29′ Capricorn-Pisces). This harmonious aspect can also help you deepen your relationship with your higher self, and tune in to the spiritual energy that pervades all things.

With Venus in manifestation-loving Capricorn, this sextile also supports Law of Attraction work and embodied awakening practices.

2/18 (Mon)

Chiron enters Aries

2019 02 18 Ch Enters Aries

The last time it happened – before last April, anyway – was over 50 years ago, in 1968. The U.S. and the world were in turmoil. Chiron’s entry into Aries today once again finds our world in chaos. As before, the wounded healer has his work cut out for him!

Chiron entered Aries on 4/17/18, then retrograded into Pisces on 9/25/18 for a five-month farewell tour. Chiron reenters Aries today (2/18), and will stay in the Sign of the Ram for over seven years, until mid-2026.

Chiron’s fundamental meanings are wounding, healing and mentoring. Aries’ more challenging manifestations are war, violence and aggression. Aries can also provoke selfishness, impulsiveness, and sexual abuse and misbehavior.

Volatile Uranus just spent seven years in Aries, so there’s been no shortage of these dark deeds. The handover between the two planets is virtually seamless: Uranus works its way into Taurus as Chiron eases into Aries.

The Vietnam War wound down and ended the last time Chiron was in Aries. As happened then, if enough of us put our focus on healing instead of wounding, we can make great strides toward ending inappropriate sexual behavior, mass shootings, and other destructive Arean manifestations.

Chiron and Aries can also combine to catalyze wonderful outcomes! Examples include:

  • Going into business as a healer or mentor, or expanding your current practice
  • Bringing healing to the world through social activism
  • Giving or receiving mentoring on life-enhancing assertiveness and/or sexuality
  • Lighting a fire under anything to do with healing and mentoring
  • Energizing two of Chiron’s less common meanings: shamanism and spiritual awakening.

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The Sun’s final aspect before leaving Aquarius is a sextile to Uranus. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, and carries the same meaning as the sign. So this Sun-Uranus sextile (29°21′ Uranus-Aries) doubles down – in a harmonious and flowing way – on “flying your freak flag,” following your intuitive flashes, and serving others with the special talents you most love to use!

We have another aspect doubling down today, as Venus conjoins Saturn at 16°46′ Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn and shares the same keywords. This supports taking a serious look at your important relationships. The ones getting a thumbs-up from your higher self will feel fundamentally solid and stable. The ones that need to be released or repaired may show significant signs of challenge.

If one of your relationships is in difficulty, there are two field-tested tools that can help you. To work through issues with your partner, try the 4-part Nonviolent Communication Process. To heal challenging emotions and their root causes, try my free Healing Invocation.

This Venus-Saturn conjunction can perform a similar function for your creative output. If it’s in alignment with soul purpose, you can enjoy consistent productivity. If not, consider whether it would serve highest good to abandon a project, put it on the back burner, or take it in a new direction. You can also apply the same principles to your financial activities.

The Sun enters Pisces at 6:04 PM EST, radiating support for spiritual awakening and inspired creativity for the next month.

2/19 (Tue)

Virgo Full Moon

2019 02 19 Full Moon

A Full Moon shines forth at 10:53 AM EST (0°42′ Virgo). Any Virgo Full Moon is great for release or adjustment in how you’re serving others, supporting your health, and helping to heal others. This lunation also supports detail work and organizational systems. Clean out those closets!


This Full Moon contains two aspect patterns. In the first, the Sun and Moon form a T-square with Juno, the asteroid goddess of committed partnership. This rekindles the “evaluate your relationships” theme of yesterday’s Venus-Saturn conjunction. Committed partnerships that would benefit from releasing or upgrading may experience challenge during the waning Moon. Those that are already in good shape will feel energized!

The second aspect pattern is a Mystic Rectangle formed by the luminaries, Mars, Pallas Athena and Uranus. This gives harmonious support for immediate, practical action (Taurean Mars) on your intuitive flashes (Uranus). Pallas Athena can help you incorporate feminine assertiveness, strategy and diplomacy into your action plan. The Piscean Sun contributes creative inspiration, while the Virgo Moon can help you get the details right and act in the spirit of service.

Sabian Symbol

This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “In a portrait, the best of a man’s traits and character are idealized.” What’s unspoken here is that, like all humans, this man also has less desirable qualities. As do we all!

We all tend to show our best face to the world, so most people don’t need to work on that. This Sabian Symbol coinciding with a Virgo Full Moon suggests that you simply keep working on the refinement of those qualities that you want to release or transform. Persistence will pay off – especially if you fast-track the process by enlisting your higher self’s healing help!

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Mercury makes two aspects today: a Mercury-Neptune conjunction (15°34′ Pisces) and a Mercury-Saturn sextile (16°55′ Pisces-Capricorn). At the most basic level, this adds fresh energy to the ongoing Saturn-Neptune sextile. This is one of 2019’s most important aspects, and will remain in orb through 2/1/2020. It can help you make better use of the Law Of Attraction, and help you more easily maintain embodied awakening.

In addition, Mercury’s conjunction to Neptune can help you more easily receive an ongoing flow of divine information and inspiration. Mercury’s sextile to Saturn can help you move these great ideas from the mental realm into practical manifestation!

Relationship healing and creative mentoring receive magical support from a Venus-Chiron quintile (18°3′ Capricorn-0°3′ Aries).

2/20 (Wed)

Grand Cross Begins: Venus-Pallas-Uranus-Lunar Nodes

2019 02 27 Gc Ve Pa Ur Nn Sn V2

Are your most important relationships in alignment with your soul purpose? If not, challenge may arise during a Venus-Pallas-Uranus-Lunar Nodes Grand Cross. It begins today (2/20), peaks on 2/27 and ends on 3/6.

With Venus conjoining the South Node, unresolved karma with an important person in your life can show itself. (A win-win communication tool such as the 4-Part Nonviolent Communication Process can be of great help at such times.)

It needn’t all be challenging. Positive energies you two have previously co-created can also be brought forward by this Venus-South Node conjunction to bless your relationship!

Uranus can pop down intuitive flashes to show you what relationship changes would serve highest good. He can also help you make them fast! Pallas Athena can help you move forward with tact, good strategy, and gentle assertiveness, using just enough forcefulness to get the job done.

This Grand Cross can also gift you with brilliant financial and creative ideas that align with your soul purpose, and help you map a strategy to manifest them.

You can receive fresh inspiration on feminine assertiveness, strategy and diplomacy as Uranus opposes Pallas Athena (29°27′ Aries-Libra). This opposition lasts through 4/4, and plays a central role in several major aspect patterns during the first three months of 2019.

2/21 (Thu)

Your ability to share information that makes people’s lives more wonderful is magically inspired by a Sun-Jupiter quintile (2°59′ Pisces-20°59′ Sagittarius).

2/22 (Fri)

How are your approaches to relationship, creativity and money serving your soul purpose? You might get some indicators as Venus conjoins Pluto (22°17′ Capricorn). If something in one of these areas is under stress, consider releasing or transforming it. But whatever’s in alignment can be blessed with abundant wealth and power!

You could feel a strong urge to learn or communicate as Mercury squares Jupiter (21°6′ Pisces-Sagittarius). With Mercury in Pisces, it’s easier to focus your thoughts into spirituality or expressing your inspired creativity.

2/23 (Sat)

You can enjoy strong, smooth mental empowerment with Mercury sextile Pluto (22°18′ Pisces-Capricorn).

2/26 (Tue)

Hard Rectangle Begins

2019 03 12 Hr Ce Jun Nn SnIs a committed partnership bringing you more abundance or sorrow? Keep an eye on this while a Ceres-Juno-Lunar Nodes Hard Rectangle is active. This aspect pattern, composed of challenging oppositions, sesquares and semi-squares, starts today (2/26), peaks on 3/13 and ends on 3/19.

The lunar nodes indicate life purpose, while Juno stands for committed partnership. But Ceres is the pivotal planet in this configuration. She’ll bring up sorrow to alert you to challenges in a committed partnership, or can shower you with abundance if the partnership is going well. If your partner is good at holding space, this Hard Rectangle can catalyze shadow material to be processed within this safe container.

To work through issues with your partner, try the 4-Part Nonviolent Communication Process. To heal challenging emotions and their root causes, try my free Healing Invocation.

2/27 (Wed)

Grand Cross Peaks: Venus-Pallas-Uranus-Lunar Nodes

The Venus-Pallas-Uranus-Lunar Nodes Grand Cross that started on 2/20 peaks today (2/27) and ends on 3/6.

Get out and move your body as a Sun-Mars sextile (9°12′ Pisces-Taurus) energizes your physical vitality. With the Sun in Pisces, this strong, harmonious aspect also supports inspired leadership, sacred sex and “in the zone” athletic performance.

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least a week before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart. Discover how these transits will personally affect you by booking a session with me.

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