February 16-28 2018 Astrology Forecast: 4 “Fingers of God” Point to Abundance

4 Fingers Of God Point To Money

Abundance, Law of Attraction manifestation and shadow work are central themes stimulated by four overlapping “Fingers of God” in the second half of February. Enhanced prosperity is also supported by a Thor’s Hammer aspect pattern.

In addition, we have Venus conjoining Neptune and squaring Mars, the Sun entering Pisces, and more!

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2018 02 21 Feb Yods 4 Ceres-Saturn Yods in February!

Abundance, Law of Attraction manifestation and shadow work are central themes stimulated by four overlapping Yods in February. I’ll start with a foundational interpretation that’s valid for all four of these “Finger of God” aspect patterns. Their influence started on 2/13 and will continue through 3/16.

Two planets are in all these Yods: Ceres at the tip, and Saturn at a rear corner. Four different planets pass through early Pisces to complete the back end of this narrow triangle: Venus, Mercury, the Sun and Juno. The following foundational interpretation will integrate Ceres, Saturn and Pisces.

Abundance (Ceres) is supported if you combine your flow of inner guidance (Pisces) with hard work and good planning (Capricornian Saturn). This abundance can be augmented by consciously using the Law of Attraction. This is supported by Pisces (visualization) and Saturn (physical manifestation), leading to prosperity (Ceres).

These fingers of God can also help you heal old emotional wounds. In this context, Ceres stands for loss and sorrow. Saturn is both the challenge you experience and the focused discipline you bring to the healing process. Pisces is the divine healing power you can call in to clear your old wounds quickly and effectively. Thousands have found my free Healing Invocation helpful for this.

Individual Yods

In addition to this foundational interpretation, the particular planets that come and go in one of the back corners add additional meanings:

VENUS-Ceres-Saturn Yod

Working in partnership can empower both your abundance and your Law of Attraction effectiveness. Someone close to you may catalyze the healing you need to do, and/or support you in your shadow work process. This Yod began on 2/13, peaks on 2/17 and ends on 2/20.

MERCURY-Ceres-Saturn Yod

Learn more about abundance, Law of Attraction or shadow work. You can also teach others what you know about them. This Yod starts on 2/19, peaks on 2/22 and ends on 2/24.

SUN-Ceres-Saturn Yod

How fully do you identify as a person who’s prosperous, and who easily attracts what you desire? What adjustments can you initiate to embrace this more fully?

Conversely, are you identifying with your emotional wounds and traumas? Do you already know from experience that you are a being of pure love and light? (My free Embodied Awakening Invocations can help you experience the divine ecstasy at your core.) Are you aware that any challenging energy you experience is not fundamentally you, but something that has attached itself … and fooled you into believing it’s part of you?

This doesn’t mean you should ignore the challenging emotions and physical sensations you experience. I usually have to work with mine directly to heal them. But it’s helpful to know that these unpleasant feelings you’re releasing are uninvited guests, and not part of your true identity!

This Sun-Ceres-Saturn Yod starts on 2/19, peaks on 2/25 and ends on 3/1.

JUNO-Ceres-Saturn Yod

Juno brings the theme of committed partnership into the Yod. The effect of Juno’s Yod is pretty much the same as that of the Venus Yod. The only difference is that Juno represents relationships, romantic or otherwise, with a serious level of commitment.

Insight, Healing & Awakening

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2/17 (Sat)

2018 02 17 Yod Ve Ce Sa V2Yod Peaks: Venus-Ceres-Saturn

The Venus-Ceres-Saturn Yod that started on 2/13 peaks today (2/17) and ends on 2/20. To learn more about this, see my interpretation of all four Yods in February.

Even the best-intentioned actions can be harmful if guided by false beliefs. With Mars square Neptune (13°21′ Sagittarius-Pisces), do your best to insure that the foundational beliefs you’re acting on are true.

Life-affirming uses of this square include energized spirituality, sacred sex, and in-the-flow athletic performance. With Mars in Sagittarius, this aspect also adds divine energy and inspiration to involvement in the fruits of foreign cultures, quests and adventures, and enjoying life with passion and exuberance!

2/18 (Sun)

The Sun enters Pisces at 12:18 pm EST. For the next month, spiritual consciousness and inspired creativity are enhanced. Put more attention on these life-affirming areas if the low side of Pisces beckons: substance abuse, excessive escapism, aimless drifting or playing victim in a relationship.

2/19 (Mon)

2 Yods Begin

2018 02 25 Yod Su Ce Sa Two Yods begin today: Mercury-Ceres-Saturn and Sun-Ceres-Saturn. To learn more about these, see my interpretation of all four Yods in February.

2/21 (Wed)

You can enjoy an easy flow of inspired creativity, thanks to a Venus-Neptune conjunction (13°31′ Pisces). This aspect can also help you deepen your relationship with your divine self.

2/22 (Thu)

2018 02 21 Yod Me Ce Sa

Yod Peaks: Mercury-Ceres-Saturn

A Mercury-Ceres-Saturn Yod peaks today. To learn more about this, see my interpretation of all four Yods in February.

2/24 (Sat)

2018 02 28 Th Me Ve Ma Ce VesThor’s Hammer Begins: Venus-Mars-Ceres-Vesta

Enhanced abundance is available thanks to a Thor’s Hammer featuring Venus, Mars, Ceres and Vesta. Ceres, the asteroid goddess of abundance, is in dynamic Leo at the tip of this aspect pattern. A back corner is occupied by Venus in Pisces, the ruler of money in the sign of visualization.

The other back corner features go-get-’em Mars in expansive Sagittarius, supplying plenty of energy to fuel your money-making activities. Conjoining Mars is Vesta, which hopes that some of this newfound wealth will support a worthy cause.

This Thor’s Hammer begins today (2/24), peaks on 2/28 and ends on 3/3. Mercury joins this aspect pattern from 2/26 until its conclusion. This can support you in learning or teaching about this aspect pattern’s themes.

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2/25 (Sun)

Yod Peaks: Sun-Ceres-Saturn

A Sun-Ceres-Saturn Yod peaks today. To learn more about this, see my interpretation of all four Yods in February.

Relationship challenge could arise as Venus squares Mars (18°10′ Pisces-Sagittarius). If so, the field-tested practices in the book Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg might help you achieve a peaceful resolution.

This square also supports life-affirming activities such as artistic expression, making love, and passionately penetrating the depths of inner consciousness!

An easy flow of intuitive guidance can support your feminine assertiveness and practical creativity as Neptune sextiles Pallas Athena (13°39′ Pisces-Taurus). And a Mercury-Neptune conjunction (13°39′ Pisces) can help your mind be more intuitively guided in everything!

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2/26 (Mon)

2018 03 08 Yod Jun Ce SaYod Begins: Juno-Ceres-Saturn

A Juno-Ceres-Saturn Yod starts today. To learn more about this, see my interpretation of all four Yods in February.

2/27 (Tue)

Would you rather make love, express your creativity, make more money, or relate more deeply with your higher self? It’s your lucky day: all four are supported by a Venus-Pluto sextile (20°34′ Pisces-Capricorn)!

2/28 (Wed)

Thor’s Hammer Peaks: Venus-Mars-Ceres-Vesta

The Venus-Mars-Ceres-Vesta Thor’s Hammer that started on 2/24 peaks today (2/28) and ends on 3/3.

It’s a great day for mental activities, thanks to two Mercury aspects: a Mercury-Mars square (20°15′ Pisces-Sagittarius) and a Mercury-Pluto sextile (20°37′ Pisces-Capricorn). If you’re tempted to launch a verbal attack, use this supercharged mental field to contemplate how you might achieve your desired outcome more harmoniously.

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

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