Ignite Your Soul: Align with Your Mission Now [no-cost interview series]

DSI ImageYou may be aware that you have psychic or intuitive gifts … but you may not know how to activate them. We’re living in an exciting time, right now, where you get to remember who you are! That you have a soul and your soul has a mission

We are now experiencing major energetic shifts on Earth. We’re moving into the Golden Age. It’s time to know what your Soul wants. To enjoy a life of abundance, freedom and service. To fully accept your divinity and allow your Heart to guide you.

But maybe you’re not quite sure how to find your path. Or, maybe you’re always second-guessing your intuition, or even doubting that you’re gifted at all.

You absolutely can …

  • activate your highest potential,
  • break the bonds of limiting beliefs, and
  • discover specific and accessible processes for expanding consciousness and connecting to High Frequency Guidance!

How to Plug In

Learn all this and more when you join me and over 28 other major influencers starting on September 10 for The Divine Soul Ignited: Trust Your Intuition, Activate Your Highest Potential and Live Out Your Soul’s Calling. This complimentary interview series is hosted by Christina Marie Miglino — Soul Catalyst, Artist and Channel for Higher Consciousness.

Reserve your spot here, now, at no cost:

Claim Your Soul-inspired Life of Abundance!

Click the link above and join us for this powerful series of authentic conversations with wayshowers, spiritual teachers, authors, artists, transformational leaders, and healers. They have aligned with their life’s mission by tuning in to their Spirit connection. You’ll get accessible tools, practical advice and brilliant strategies for becoming clearer on your Soul’s Calling, while aligning yourself with your Highest Potential.

The Divine Soul Ignited will support you with:

  • How to recognize that your higher guidance is always connecting with you
  • Strategies for clarifying your intuition
  • How to create a Heart-Centered life
  • How to let go of limiting beliefs
  • How to tune in to your highest available light frequency
  • Practical tools for activating your spiritual gifts
  • Experiential downloads that will jump-start your soul’s blueprint and have you connecting to your mission in minutes!
  • Living a full life of Love, Joy, Abundance and Freedom
  • One critical key for manifesting exactly what we want
  • And so much more …

You’ll learn how to claim your power, transmute lower vibrations and limiting patterns that no longer serve you, align with your intuition, and put your Soul in the driver’s seat.

Start Receiving This Priceless Wisdom Now … At No Cost!

About Christina

Christina is the perfect host for this series. She’s had many awakenings in her life. It all started at 8 years old when two enormous angels appeared to her in the hospital. They told her that she was going to live through her physical crisis … and that her suffering would help awaken the wisdom she would need to help others.

Her second awakening happened in her 20’s, after she left an abusive relationship that had brought her to her knees. This dark night of the soul catalyzed her own healing journey through shamanic work and energy medicine.

Christina then had a whole family of guides ally themselves with her as she called back her power and began to heal. She was her sister’s death doula 3 years ago, holding space for her soul to move on. Most recently, Archangel Metatron asked to work through Christina to help her and her clients.

Christina’s journey has been powerful, to say the least! She now knows that her spiritual gifts are meant to serve as many people as possible. She wants to help you raise your vibration and remember your divine connection to Source.

Christina is here to serve and empower the starseeds, empaths, wayshowers, lightbearers, priestesses and leaders of the New Earth. She wants to help you recognize that you can now shed your karma and past wounds, step more fully into the light, and align with your soul’s calling!

About You!

There’s more Love, Joy, Connection and Abundance that comes from living a life led by our Hearts. This is what Christina and the presenters in this series are committed to for everyone: to hold each person high and remind them of their connection to Source.

I’m really excited to be a presenter on The Divine Soul Ignited. Check out my appearance, which goes live on September 14!

Reserve your spot here, at no cost:

Become an Active Creator of Your High-Vibration Life!                              

Remember, The Divine Soul Ignited begins September 10, and you can join us from anywhere! We’ve come together to help you live your most aligned, spiritually inspired, empowered life. Get clear on what the Universe and your higher self are asking of you … so you can make a quantum leap into the next level of your soul’s journey.

P.S. Each moment of this beautiful life is a gift. Don’t waste one more second thinking you don’t deserve exactly what your soul desires!

Not living your true calling? Let’s change that right now! Create a life of deep meaning, divine guidance, and “inner-connection” now. Learn how by joining The Divine Soul Ignited: Trust Your Intuition, Activate Your Highest Potential and Live Out Your Soul’s Calling, starting September 10. Reserve your spot here, at no cost:

Align With Your Highest Purpose—And Serve!

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