Is It Mine To Do?

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Earth Healed By 3 HandsAny conscious person can see that the world is experiencing a huge number of critical challenges now. I’ve talked to many clients deeply concerned about our current state of affairs, but who feel overwhelmed and helpless. Faced with so many difficulties on so many fronts, it’s easy to feel like your own efforts can’t make any real difference. Why bother? Why not just watch Netflix all day?

I’ve entertained similar thoughts, but not anymore. These days, I know what I’m here to do. That’s because I’m operating less from intellect and more from intuition. Our minds are easily overwhelmed by the complexity of the world’s numerous crises. But your intuition knows exactly what you can do in each moment to be most helpful.

Based on my ongoing inner work, it’s clear to me that the Golden Age is arising. There’s no doubt that the light will ultimately prevail over the darkness … which is only coming into our awareness to be purged.

But on a day-to-day basis, it seems to me that the forces of light are improvising. They need lightworkers who can receive intuitive instruction in real time, and adjust their actions on the fly. If you can’t already do this, you can gain this ability by deepening your spiritual awakening. (Thousands have found my free invocations helpful for this.)

The forces of darkness get most of the headlines, but have no doubt: the forces of light now bringing in the Golden Age are vast, and their ranks are constantly growing. We work mostly behind the scenes, but we’re getting the job done.

Do you have a fundamental urge to make the world a better place … even if you can’t figure out how? Remember that you don’t have to solve all the world’s problems yourself. With millions of us on the job, and each one acting as intuitively guided in the moment, everything that needs to happen for the light to prevail is occurring.

The next time you feel overwhelmed by the enormity of our challenges, just ask your inner guidance: “Is it mine to do?” If so, get busy! If not, ask what is yours to do. There’s no shortage of assignments … just as there are no words adequate to describe the deep bliss and profound satisfaction of the divine blessings received by those who serve the light.

P.S. In addition to supporting your individual healing and awakening, most of my weekly EASE calls now include divinely directed group service work to support the incoming Golden Age. EASE, the Embodied Awakening Support Experience, is free. Please join us if you feel so called!

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