January 1-15 2018 Astrology Forecast: Opportunity Abounds with Jupiter Sextile Pluto!

Money Falling From SkyOne of 2018’s most important aspects highlights the first half of January: an auspicious Jupiter-Pluto sextile. We also have a Cancer Full Moon, Uranus turning direct, and much more!

Because of significantly increased demands on my time, and in alignment with my inner guidance, I’m slimming down my forecasts. Starting now, I will only be interpreting the most important astrological events, and will no longer be listing void-of-course Moons. Thank you for your understanding!

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1/1 (Mon)

2018 01 01 Full MoonCancer Full Moon

The first day of 2018 features a Cancer Full Moon blessed by a harmonious aspect pattern! Any Cancer Full Moon is great for adjustment and release in the areas of home, family, security, and shadow work.

Aspects: Kite

All of the planets that aspect this Full Moon come together to form a Kite aspect pattern. This looks like a kite you might have flown as a kid, and is shown in the graphic. Of the five aspects in a Kite, five are flowing (three trines and two sextiles), while only one is challenging (an opposition). The main effect of this pattern is flow and harmony.

Apart from the Sun, the tightest aspects to the Moon are a Venus opposition and a Neptune trine. This supports inspired creativity, spiritual awakening, and easier awareness of the divinity in everyone and everything around you. One way to think about the remaining planets – Mars, Jupiter and Pluto – is that they simply add enthusiasm and power to this core theme.

You can also take advantage of other themes supported by this Full Moon’s aspects. They include:

  • positive relationship transformation,
  • financial abundance,
  • enthusiastic exploration of new things that fascinate you, and
  • sacred sexuality.
Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A Chinese woman nursing a baby whose aura reveals him to be the reincarnation of a great teacher.” This image can encourage you to support the spiritual potential in others. All of us may have been a great teacher in a past life, and we all deserve any support that will help us reawaken to our true divine nature.

Most of all, nurture this magical potential within yourself. The more deeply you’ve awakened spiritually, the more blessings you can offer to others!

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1/2 (Tue)

Uranus Direct

Uranus, which turned retrograde on 8/3 at 28°31′ Aries, turns direct today (1/2) at 24°34′ Aries. In my 8/3 Uranus retrograde forecast, I suggested reflection on how well you’re embodying his life-affirming qualities:

  • Are you embodying your authentic human self and showing it to the world?
  • Are you following your intuitive flashes?
  • Are you serving others in a way that makes optimal use of your talents, and fills you with joy?

With Uranus now direct, this is a great time to spring into action on any of these themes you’ve been contemplating!

As I also noted on 8/3, Uranus’ more challenging effects can involve your nervous system. This can manifest as agitation, irritability, and nervousness, as well as chaos and craziness in your life. Focusing on Uranus’ high-side opportunities will give him something better to do!

As a transiting planet, Uranus can electrify and give a sizzling quantum leap to whatever’s in harmony with your soul purpose. Anything that isn’t can be destabilized or thrown into chaos … so that you’ll be motivated to adjust or release it!

Planets are most powerful when they change directions. Uranus’ direct station will most strongly affect your natal points that are 21° to 28° cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn).

1/3 (Wed)

2017 12 18 Gt Ve Ce Pa Ur V2Grand Trine Peaks: Mercury-Ceres-Pallas-Uranus

Would you like an easier flow of abundance? A Mercury-Ceres-Pallas-Uranus Grand Trine can help you! As I wrote on 12/27 …

First, request and listen for intuitive flashes (Uranus) to support prosperity (Ceres), and be willing to take an unconventional approach (Uranus again). Focus your thoughts enthusiastically on this strategy (Mercury in Sagittarius). Finally, use appropriate assertiveness and strategy (Pallas in Aries).

This Grand Trine started on 12/27, peaks today (1/3) and ends on 1/8.

1/6 (Sat)

Sacred sexuality, athletics, leadership and striving for a worthy cause can all be massively energized by a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio (17°55′ Scorpio). You can also enjoy expansive enthusiasm for occult practices, deep-dive research or investigation, and joint ventures. This multifaceted conjunction can also light up religion, a personal quest, and immersion into foreign cultures. Take your pick and dive in!

1/8 (Mon)

The Sun and Venus are hanging tight for most of January. As a result, they’re making most of their aspects to other planets around the same time. For example, today they both sextile Jupiter. (Sun-Jupiter sextile 18°9′ Capricorn-18°9′ Scorpio; Venus-Jupiter sextile 18°10′ Capricorn-18°10′ Scorpio.)

For starters, this can energize your physical vitality and inject upbeat energy into your relationships and creativity. With the Sun and Venus in Capricorn, these sextiles can lend smooth energy to your business ventures and overall productivity. Business relationships and creative productivity also get a positive boost.

Leadership, sex and sacred sex enjoy strong, smooth support as Scorpionic Mars sextiles Pluto (19°2′ Scorpio-Capricorn). This potent aspect can also amplify entrepreneurship, striving for a worthy cause, and occult practices.

1/9 (Tue)

Triple Conjunction: Sun-Venus-Pluto

Financial opportunity is offered by three back-to-back conjunctions between 2 and 5 am EST: Sun-Venus (18°57′ Capricorn, 2:02 am), Venus-Pluto (19°3′ Capricorn, 4:03 am) and Sun-Pluto (19°3′ Capricorn, 4:33 am). Venus rules money, Pluto rules great wealth, and Capricorn is the sign of business. (In this scenario, the Sun brightens up everything else with its heat and light.)

Another significant opportunity offered by this three-way planetary hug is positive transformation of yourself and your relationships. (Personal shadow work is central to effective relationship transformation in any case. If I point a finger at my partner, I’ve got three fingers pointing back at me!) The book Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg is an excellent guide to dealing with relationship challenges.

This triple conjunction also offers amplified creative juju, as well as a creative and practical approach to occult practices.

The Sun and Venus also double-team a sextile to Mars today. (Technical notes: Venus sextile Mars, 19°41′ Capricorn-Scorpio; Sun sextile Mars, 19°54′ Capricorn-Scorpio. The Sun-Mars sextile is actually at 12:36 AM EST tomorrow, on 1/10. I’m slipping it in here because it occurs on 1/9 in the other three US time zones, and should properly be interpreted in the mix with the Venus-Mars sextile.)

This harmonious Sun-Venus-Mars triple play supports harmonious relating and abundant creativity. With the Sun and Venus in Capricorn, business relationships and creativity within a business context receive special support.

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1/13-15 (Sat-Mon)

In mid-January, the Sun and Venus are making the same aspects a day or two apart. Because of this, I’m putting their January 13-15 aspects into one forecast entry.

Relationships and creativity can take a quantum leap to the next level as Venus squares Uranus on 1/13 (24°37′ Capricorn-Aries). With Venus in Capricorn, this offers particular support for business relationships and the business aspects of being a creative artist.

The Sun’s square to Uranus on 1/14 (24°38′ Capricorn-Aries) offers three life-affirming opportunities:

  • “fly your freak flag,”
  • follow your intuitive flashes, and
  • serve others using your special gifts that you most love to use

With the Sun in Capricorn, keep an eye peeled for opportunities to follow these principles in your livelihood and in practical matters.

Self-healing and relationship healing are strongly and harmoniously supported by a Venus-Chiron sextile on 1/13 (25°1′ Capricorn-Pisces) and a Sun-Chiron sextile on 1/15 (25°4′ Capricorn-Pisces). Many have found my free, simple healing invocation helpful for self-healing. For relationship healing, I once again recommend Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg.

1/15 (Mon)

2017 01 15 Ju Sxt PlJupiter Sextile Pluto

One of 2018’s most important aspects is exact for the first time today. This Jupiter-Pluto sextile (19°17′ Scorpio-Capricorn) will be in effect all the way through 10/24. It will also be exact twice more, on 4/14 and 9/12.

Jupiter is in Scorpio throughout the sextile. Since Scorpio and Pluto share the same interpretation, this puts special emphasis on this astrological archetype. You can use this strong and harmonious Jupiter-Pluto sextile to amplify:

  • transformation,
  • occult practices,
  • prosperity,
  • shadow work,
  • sacred sex,
  • joint ventures, and
  • business success

This sextile offers so many wonderful opportunities! Which ones will you choose?

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Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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