January 16-31 2019 Astrology Forecast: Total Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse!

Blood Moon 3570417 640 Lunar Eclipse

2019’s most powerful lunation, a Leo Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse incorporating three potent aspect patterns, highlights the second half of January. We also have the first exact occurrence of one of the year’s most important aspects: a 15-month Saturn-Neptune sextile brimming over with awesome possibilities. There’s also much more, including a rare Quadruple Yod aspect pattern!

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1/18 (Fri)

The second half of January opens with no significant events on the 16th or 17th. But the sky, fully revitalized after two days of rest, returns with four significant aspects today!

Relationship harmony and flowing creativity is smoothly supported by a Venus-Mars trine (11°53′ Sagittarius-Aries). With Venus in Sagittarius, think big. Can you amplify some wonderful aspect of a relationship, or expand your web of connections? Artistically, are you inspired to work on a larger scale?

Your mind can probe deeply with Mercury conjunct Pluto (21°11′ Capricorn). This conjunction is ideal for investigation, research and detective work. With Mercury in Capricorn, this aspect especially supports putting your mental focus on practical matters.

The Sun makes two aspects today: a Sun-Chiron sextile (28°38′ Capricorn-Pisces) and a Sun-Uranus square (28°39′ Capricorn-Aries). The sextile supports healing and mentoring, ideally with intuitive energy and information supporting measurable outcomes.

The Sun-Uranus square can bring you more intuitive flashes, which my clients and I find to be the most accurate source of guidance. If you’ve fallen out of alignment with your life purpose, this aspect can create the disruption needed to bring this to your attention. This aspect will be most helpful when you act based on an intuitive flash, using your left brain to orchestrate optimal implementation.

1/19 (Sat)

Envelope Peaks

2019 01 19 Env Ce Jun Ch Pl Nn Sn

An Envelope – also called a Grand Trine with two Kite points – peaks today (1/19). This auspicious aspect pattern started on 12/22 and ends on 2/8. This Envelope, featuring Ceres, Juno, Chiron, Pluto and the lunar nodes, invites you to “seal the deal” on any of the following opportunities:

  • flowing support for healing in committed partnerships
  • increasing your service and/or visibility as a healer or mentor
  • enhanced financial opportunity, especially if working with a professional partner, or working in committed partnership with your customers or clients
  • with the South and North Nodes in Capricorn and Cancer, all of the above is supported with a balance of practicality and love.

1/20 (Sun)

The Sun enters Aquarius at 3:59 AM EST. For the next month, it’s easier to embody your authentic self and follow your intuitive flashes. This is also a great time to serve others using your special gifts you most love to use.

You can connect more deeply with your beloved as Venus squares Neptune (14°35′ Sagittarius-Pisces). But don’t let an upswelling of love blind you to an important relationship challenge. While this aspect can create a powerful urge to merge, it also warns of the possibility of deception or important information being withheld.

Are you smitten with your beloved, but also have a nagging feeling that something isn’t right? Perhaps someone who knows you both is already aware of the issue. But they may need you to ask them before they’re willing to share their insights.

On the brighter side, this Venus-Neptune square can inspire you to deepen your conscious connection with your higher self. It can also help you perceive the divine essence in all things, and fire up your artistic inspiration!

1/21 (Mon)

Total Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

2019 01 21 LEcl 1 Of 4

A Leo Lunar Eclipse will redden the sky at 12:16 am EST (0°51′ Leo). The total phase of this Total Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse will be visible throughout North and South America, as well as western parts of Europe and Africa. Central and eastern Africa, Europe, and Asia will see a Partial Eclipse of the Moon.

For an eclipse to happen, the luminaries and lunar nodes must be within 18°. They’re only about 4° apart here, which helps make this eclipse quite strong!

Because it’s a Leo Full Moon, this lunation invites the release or adjustment of leadership and how you seek or deal with public recognition. The theme of release or adjustment can also extend to children, your inner child, and playfulness … as well as risk-taking, recreation, rest and relaxation. Leo has a more diverse array of meanings than any other sign!

Amazingly, this eclipse contains three major aspect patterns – a Grand Cross, a Kite and a Thor’s Hammer!

Grand Cross

2019 01 21 LEcl Grand Cross 2 Of 4

This Grand Cross contains the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Pallas, Uranus and the lunar nodes. While any aspect pattern is open to many interpretations, this one occurs to me:

After careful planning (Pallas), you communicate a revolutionary message (Mercury, Uranus & Aquarius) at the perfect time (Capricorn). The message is practical (Capricorn), it aligns with your life purpose (lunar nodes) to communicate it, and you do so in a loving and entertaining way (Leo Moon).


2019 01 21 LEcl Kite 3 Of 4The next aspect pattern woven into this lunar eclipse is a Kite: a Grand Trine (equilateral triangle) with a fourth point giving direction to the pattern’s energy. This Kite contains the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Chiron and the lunar nodes. Here are two possible interpretations:

  • harmonious (Kite) breakthrough healing (Chiron, Sun in Aquarius) of old emotional (Moon) wounds (Chiron, Ceres, South Node), accomplished through mental focus (Mercury in Capricorn) and the use of previously acquired practical talents (South Node in Capricorn).
  • Insightful (Aquarius), heartfelt (Moon) and brilliant (Aquarius) wisdom (Chiron, Capricorn) given in practical matters (Capricorn)

Thor’s Hammer

2019 01 21 LEcl Thors Hammer 4 Of 4

A Thor’s Hammer is a 90° square combined with two 135° sesquares. This one contains the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. Here are two takes:

  • Strongly amplified (Jupiter) creative inspiration (Neptune), along with the strong desire (Venus in Sagittarius) to share it with others (Moon in Leo).
  • Excessively addictive or escapist (Piscean Neptune square Sagittarian Jupiter) behaviors, visible to others (Venus sesquare the Leo Moon)

If you’ve gotten sucked into the second interpretation, focus on the first one. It will give this aspect pattern something better to do!

Sabian Symbol

This Lunar Eclipse’s Sabian Symbol is, “A man is under emotional stress and blood rushes to his head.” With so many planets involved, and so many hard aspects connecting them, this could describe the response someone might have to this eclipse! If you’re feeling challenged, be sure to have a regular practice that supports calm and serenity.

Eclipse Special 2019 Wide Banner3

Two powerful eclipses happen in January! The following only summarizes the most important eclipse effects. But in a nutshell …

Jan 2019 Eclipses

Capricorn Solar Eclipse

Capricorn Solar Eclipse lined up on January 5 (15°25′ Capricorn). This Partial Solar Eclipse powerfully energizes accomplishment, maturity, good time management, efficient planning and implementation.

One of this eclipse’s major aspects is a Saturn-Neptune sextile, which empowers Law of Attraction manifestation and embodied awakening. The Sun and Moon also join forces with the no-nonsense conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. This potent duo excels in catalyzing shadow work. If used skillfully, they offer extraordinary opportunities for accelerated personal growth!

Leo Total Blood Moon Eclipse

You just read about this one. :-)

These eclipses impact 22% of your natal chart, and can powerfully affect you for the next 6 to 12 months. Let me help you harness these potent eclipse energies so they’ll make your life more wonderful!

  • Are you concerned about how these eclipses will affect you?
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In addition to the eclipse, we have two standalone aspects. A Mars-Saturn square (13°46′ Aries-Capricorn) is made extra powerful because each planet is in a sign that it rules. Challenging manifestations could include aggressively controlling behavior and repressed anger (rather than using something like my free Healing Invocation to process and clear it). Life-affirming uses of this square include energized planning and implementation and amazing endurance.

If you make the right adjustments, a Uranus-Ceres quincunx (28°41′ Aries-Scorpio) can help take your prosperity to the next level. It can also catalyze a breakthrough in the healing of sorrow.

1/22 (Tue)

The two ancient benefics (bringers of good luck) come together today as Venus conjoins Jupiter (16°3′ Sagittarius). This can be auspicious for relationships, but can magnify whatever harmonious or challenging dynamics are present. This conjunction can also amplify artistic creativity and open the door to new financial opportunity.

1/23 (Wed)

You can take your authentic self-expression to a new level thanks to a Sun-Mars quintile (3°3′ Aquarius-15°3′ Aries). This magical aspect can also fire up more intuitive flashes.

Mercury makes two aspects today: a Mercury-Uranus square (28°43′ Capricorn-Aries) and a Mercury-Chiron sextile (28°48′ Capricorn-Pisces). If the square has your mind running a mile a minute, ask your higher self to send down intuitive flashes to guide you. (Those are thoughts that arrive with the feeling of absolute certainty.)

The Mercury-Chiron sextile lends smooth vitality to mentoring and healing – especially if done in a down-to-earth and practical way.

1/25 (Fri)

A Mars-Jupiter trine (16°39′ Aries-Sagittarius) can smoothly top off your tank! You can channel this abundant energy into exercise, athletics, and sex. Or you can fire up your leadership, get entrepreneurial, or fight for a worthy cause.

1/26 (Sat)

Grand Cross Begins

2019 01 15 Gc Su Pa Ur Pl Nn Sn V2

A Grand Cross featuring Mars, Pallas, Uranus, Pluto and the lunar nodes begins today (1/26), peaks on 2/7 and ends on 2/17.

One way to think about this aspect pattern is that Mars is simply pumping up the energy of an existing Grand Cross. That Pallas-Uranus-Pluto-Lunar Nodes Grand Cross started on 12/22, peaked on 1/13 and ends on 4/4. If you don’t remember that aspect pattern’s interpretation from my prior forecasts, you can click here to read it.

If we think of the original aspect pattern as a “stage setter” – a potential energy waiting to be activated – then Mars acts as its trigger. It’s an especially good time to immerse yourself in this aspect pattern’s themes during Mars’ guest appearance.

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Cradle Begins

2019 02 03 Cradle Ve Pa Ves Ur V2

A Cradle featuring Venus, Pallas, Vesta and Uranus begins today (1/26), peaks on 2/3 and ends on 2/10. This aspect pattern provides harmonious support for decisive, strategic action (Pallas) in support of a higher cause (Vesta).

Venus suggests that this action could be taken in partnership, or might involve the arts. Uranus suggests that the higher cause might be outside the mainstream. The presence of Uranus also makes it easier for you to be guided by intuitive flashes, and encourages you to partner with a cause that electrifies you!

1/27 (Sun)

Quadruple Yod Begins

2019 01 31 Quad Yod Ve Jun Ves Ch Nn

A rare Quadruple Yod featuring Venus, Juno, Pallas, Vesta, Chiron and the North Node begins today (1/27), peaks on 1/31 and ends on 2/4. With Venus and three asteroid goddesses, the energy of this aspect pattern is overwhelmingly feminine.

This bird’s-eye view lets us see a simple meaning to this complex pattern: adjustments (the Yods) that support the healing (Chiron) of the wounded (Chiron) feminine, in alignment with each person’s soul purpose (North Node, in the nurturing, motherly sign of Cancer). Male-bodied persons are not excluded: everyone has a feminine aspect, and we can all benefit from its healing.

If you don’t already have a simple, effective tool for self-healing, thousands have benefited from my free Healing Invocation.

Your thinking and communication can get fired up with excitement and inspiration, thanks to a Mercury-Mars quintile (6°6′ Aquarius-18°6′ Aries).

1/29 (Tue)

Your intuitive flashes can help you align with a worthy cause, or show you how to better serve one you already support, with a Uranus-Vesta sextile (28°50′ Aries-Aquarius). This vital and harmonious aspect also supports sex magic: using the energy of arousal and orgasm to empower your Law of Attraction visualizations.

Expect to be more brilliant in your thinking and communication as the Sun and Mercury conjoin in Aquarius (9°54′ Aquarius) – the sign associated with genius.

1/31 (Thu)

Saturn Sextile Neptune

2019 01 31 Sa Sxt NeOne of 2019’s most important aspects makes its first exact alignment today (1/31). This Saturn-Neptune sextile will perfect twice more, on 6/18 and 11/8. It’s in orb (close enough to have a meaningful influence) for almost 15 months, 11/10/2018 through 2/1/2020!

Because this aspect is so important, it merits a deep dive into the numerous ways it can be expressed. Special thanks to Renn Butler for letting me harvest some of these interpretations from his wonderful book, The Archetypal Universe: Astrological Patterns in Human Culture, Thought, Emotion and Dreams.

High Side

  • Law Of Attraction
  • embodied awakening
  • conscious dissolution
  • humble, grounded spirituality
  • disciplined spiritual practice
  • mature detachment
  • practical, focused compassion
  • concrete service to those less fortunate
  • putting your ideals into practice
  • tranquil solitude, sacred silence, and hard-earned peace
  • spiritual mentors

Low Side

  • demoralizing doubt and uncertainty
  • disillusionment and melancholy
  • withered dreams and challenged faith
  • unclear boundaries
  • craving drugs or alcohol to blur painful emotions and simulate states of mystical union

If you’re experiencing any of these low manifestations, focus your energy on the high side potentials instead. It will give the Saturn-Neptune sextile something better to do!

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