July 1-15 2016 Astrology Forecast: 13 Aspect Patterns!

Aspect Patterns GaloreThe first half of July features 13 aspect patterns — wow! — providing a plethora of nuanced interpretations. We also have a Cancer New Moon, Uranus and Chiron aspecting Vesta, 20 Venus, Mercury and Sun events, and more!

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7/1 (Fri)

7 11 16 Gt Su Me Ve Ma ChGrand Trine Begins: Venus-Mars-Chiron

You have a fantastic opportunity to heal relationship wounds under a Venus-Mars-Chiron Grand Trine. It starts today (7/1), peaks on 7/7 and ends on 7/14. This flowing aspect pattern can ease this healing process, but requires your applied effort to unlock its full potential.

You can also use this Venus-Mars-Chiron Grand Trine to smooth the way for creative mentoring and sexual healing. Dysfunctional family dynamics can be healed under this energy if everyone is willing to work openly and honestly with entrenched negative patterns.

7 1 16 Gt Me Juno PaGrand Trine Peaks: Mercury-Juno-Pallas Athena

The Mercury-Juno-Pallas Athena Grand Trine that started on 6/30 peaks today (7/1) and ends on 7/3. This facilitates the blending of nurturing, romantic devotion and independence. With Mercury holding down the third corner, you can focus on learning how to accomplish this blending. Or, if you already know how, teach others!

To learn more about how to work with Juno and Pallas Athena, read my interpretation of the Venus-Juno-Pallas Athena Grand Trine.

All sorts of good things can come from a soft aspect between the two classic benefics! A Venus-Jupiter sextile (17°10′ Cancer-Virgo) can smoothly and strongly amplify relationships, creativity and finances. Other possibilities include inspired culinary creations and good time spent with family.

7/2 (Sat)

7 12 16 Yod Ma Ves UrYod Begins: Mars-Vesta-Uranus

A “Finger of God” Yod featuring Mars, Vesta and Uranus fires up today (7/2), peaks on 7/12 and ends on 7/26. You can play with this aspect pattern in ways that are more general or explicitly sexual.

A more generalized interpretation for this Yod is to take passionate, transformative action to bring life-affirming revolution to the world. (How much of the world you bring positive change to is your call.) This should be done not for personal gain or power, but in service to a higher cause that benefits everyone affected by your actions.

The sexual interpretation jumps out because each corner of the Yod contains potentially erotic archetypal energy. Mars is in Scorpio, both of which carry this force. Uranus is in Aries, the sign of animal passion. And Vesta has associations with sexual healing and sex magic.

For starters, this Yod can help you in your own sexual healing. Uranus represents breakthrough. Vesta represents the ongoing lineage of sexual healers (sometimes called tantrikas or dakinis) who help their clients bring their repressed or wounded sexuality into greater wholeness and harmony. (Sexual surrogates, as portrayed in the heartwarming film The Sessions, perform a similar role in more mainstream society.) And Scorpionic Mars can represent a healthy, vibrant, passionate sexuality. This can add juiciness and joy to everything in your life … even areas unrelated to sex.

If you’re far enough along in your own sexual healing process, you can assist others with theirs. Or, as Vesta suggests, you can use sex magic to focus the power of your orgasms to empower positive change in the world. The energy of anything you visualize at the moment of climax radiates out to the universe with tremendous power. Consciously channeling this amplified sexual power for the benefit of others can do a world of good — and it’s also a lot of fun!

Mental creativity and flashes of intuitive insight are amplified by two magical aspects: a Mercury-Jupiter quintile (5°16′ Cancer-17°16′ Virgo) and a Mercury-Uranus quintile (6°12′ Cancer-24° 12′ Aries). With Mercury in Cancer, special insight can be available in the areas of family, home, security and creative cooking.

Your vitality might feel compromised under a Sun-Saturn quincunx (11°5′ Cancer-Sagittarius). What adjustments do you need to make to rekindle your energy? (Hint: are you willing to feel all of your emotions, even the “bad” ones?)

7/3 (Sun)

7 9 16 Mystic Rectangles With NodesMystic Rectangle Begins: Sun-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto-Lunar Nodes

Many wonderful opportunities are presented by the Sun-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto-Lunar Nodes Mystic Rectangle that starts today, peaks on 7/6 and ends on 7/9. They include:

  • personal transformation and healing
  • deepening your spiritual awareness
  • empowering joy
  • amplified creativity
  • supercharged inspiration
  • increased abundance: ideas for its creation or its actual manifestation

Pick as many as you like. The more focus and effort you put into any of these areas, and the more they resonate with your life purpose, the greater the potential rewards!

On its own, a Sun-Neptune trine (11°56′ Cancer-Pisces) can make it easier for you to feel the nurturing, unconditional love of your own divine consciousness. This aspect is also part of the Sun-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto Mystic Rectangle that starts today.

7/4 (Mon)

7 4 16 New MoonCancer New Moon

July’s New Moon takes place at 7:01 am EDT (12°53′ Cancer). Any Cancer New Moon empowers new beginnings in the areas of home, family, security, nurturing and diet.


This New Moon participates in the Sun-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto-Lunar Nodes Mystic Rectangle that began yesterday. Please read that interpretation to learn more about this opportunity-rich aspect pattern!

This lunation is also conjunct Cancerian Mercury and Venus. This can amp up the healing and nurturing power of your communication, relating and creative expression.

I covered the meaning of Saturn’s quincunx to the New Moon on 7/2, and paraphrase it here for your convenience. If your vitality feels compromised, what adjustments might rekindle your energy? (Hint: are you willing to feel all of your emotions, even the “bad” ones?)

Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A hand, which is held out receptively, is remarkable for the suggestion of character in its prominent thumb.” As Lynda Hill points out in her excellent Sabian Symbol book 360 Degrees of Wisdom, the prominent thumb indicates strong willpower. The receptive hand also appears ready to receive a handshake.

This is a beautiful symbol of partnering with others while staying true to oneself. The allusions to character and willpower imply a strongly individuated person. They know who they are and what they’re here to do. Adding in the extended hand and receptivity imply harmonious cooperation … while maintaining full integrity.

Partnership can’t thrive when one of the parties compromises things that they truly need for their survival, vitality and happiness. If you’re in such a partnership, consider if it can be harmonized, or if it would be best to end it.

Sometimes the universe tests you to see if you’re willing to settle for less than you deserve. Once you can overcome the fear of releasing “the devil you know,” much better possibilities can open up. My own experience has been that “it always gets better than this!”

Is your thinking feeling a bit kludgy, or is someone trying to stop you from expressing yourself? These things sometimes happen with Mercury quincunx Saturn (10°57′ Cancer-Sagittarius). With Mercury in Cancer, check to see if what you’re thinking about or trying to accomplish is in resonance with your true heart’s desire. If not, can you align it so it is?

7/5 (Tue)

7 9 16 Mystic Rectangles With NodesMystic Rectangle Begins: Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto-Lunar Nodes

The themes of the Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto-Lunar Nodes Mystic Rectangle — which starts today, peaks tomorrow and ends on 7/9 — are pretty much the same as the Sun-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto-Lunar Nodes Mystic Rectangle that started on 7/3. (The two aspect patterns even peak and end on the same days.)

So what’s different? The Mystic Rectangle with the Sun is more about embodying and shining forth these qualities energetically. Mercury’s configuration is more likely to think about them and communicate them through the five senses.

Once again, the shared themes of these two Mystic Rectangles are:

  • personal transformation and healing
  • deepening your spiritual awareness
  • empowering joy
  • amplified creativity
  • supercharged inspiration
  • increased abundance: ideas for its creation or its actual manifestation

On its own, today’s Mercury-Neptune trine (7°55′ Cancer-Pisces) makes it easier for your thoughts and expression to be guided by your intuitive flow. This aspect is also part of the Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto-Lunar Nodes Mystic Rectangle that started today.

7/6 (Wed)

Two Mystic Rectangles Peak

Two Mystic Rectangles peak today: Sun-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto-Lunar Nodes and Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto-Lunar Nodes. Both end on 7/9.

Most of the possibilities of a Venus-Mars trine (23°22′ Cancer-Scorpio) are covered in my interpretation of the Venus-Mars-Chiron Grand Trine that started on 7/1. In addition, this aspect helps smooth the way for creative expression.

A Sun-Mercury conjunction (15°27′ Cancer) strongly amplifies your ability to think and communicate. With both planets in Cancer, you can bring heartfelt sincerity to your words and powerfully engage people’s emotions.

7/7 (Thu)

Two T-Squares Sharing Venus and Juno Begin

Two challenging aspect patterns featuring Venus and Juno begin today. A Venus-Juno-Uranus T-square will peak on 7/9 and end on 7/12. A Venus-Juno-Ceres T-square will last a bit longer, peaking on 7/11 and ending on 7/15.

7 9 16 T Sq Ve Juno UrVenus-Juno-Uranus T-square

Let’s start with the Venus-Juno-Uranus T-square. The square between Cancerian Venus and Scorpionic Juno will seek to uncover any disharmony between your role as the soft, gentle nurturer and the passionate shamanic love goddess in committed partnership. (I’m obviously tailoring this interpretation to women, but it can apply to the feminine side of men as well.)

Can you fully access both of these archetypes within yourself? If not, Uranus can help you break through into a more comfortable embodiment of these parts of yourself. You need not be restricted to a single role. The more conscious you become, the more you can seamlessly shapeshift, embodying different energies as appropriate.

7 11 16 T Sq Ve Juno CeresVenus-Juno-Ceres T-square

With the Venus-Juno-Ceres T-square, a third feminine archetype comes into play: Ceres. The grain goddess suffered profoundly after her daughter Persephone was raped by Pluto and abducted into the underworld to be his queen. Eventually it was agreed that Persephone would split her time between the upper and lower worlds.

So Ceres can represent mother-daughter relationships, as well as the theme of release and return. Watch to see if these themes interact with the energies of Venus and Juno described above in your life.

Ceres is also the goddess of the harvest, and can contribute themes of abundance. Her placement in Aries asks if you’re being assertive enough in calling in the abundance you deserve.

The Juno-Ceres themes will continue being stimulated through the end of the month, thanks to two more T-squares:

  • Mercury-Juno-Ceres T-square: starts 7/11, peaks 7/13, ends 7/16
  • Sun-Juno-Ceres T-square: start 7/15, peaks 7/23, ends 7/31

I won’t be interpreting these T-squares separately — we already have a superabundance of aspect patterns in this forecast! — but their meaning will be similar to what I’ve just been describing.

7 11 16 Gt Su Me Ve Ma ChGrand Trine Begins: Mercury-Mars-Chiron

A flowing Grand Trine that connects Cancerian Mercury, Scorpionic Mars and Piscean Chiron begins today (7/7), peaks on 7/11 and ends on 7/14. Some of its possible expressions include:

  • nurturing mentoring in areas such as leadership, sexuality, assertiveness and warriorship
  • transformative healing in the same areas
  • offering heart-centered teachings in these areas (or learning more about them)
  • opening your mind to new levels of reality in the fires of shamanic transformation

Grand Trine Peaks: Venus-Mars-Chiron

The Venus-Mars-Chiron Grand Trine that started on 7/1 peaks today and wraps up on 7/14.

Two intense aspects – a Mercury-Pluto opposition (16°13′ Cancer-Capricorn) and a Sun-Pluto opposition (16°12′ Cancer-Capricorn) — fire up today. On their own, they can catalyze helpful transformations in your thinking and identity. They’re best understood in the context of the Mystic Rectangle aspect patterns they help form: Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto-Lunar Nodes and Sun-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto-Lunar Nodes.

Unto itself, a Venus-Uranus square (24°18′ Cancer-Aries) can give your relationships, creativity and finances a quantum leap to the next level. The area of life being taken to the next level often experiences significant challenge. This is often necessary to break you free from your attachment to the current status quo … if it was still comfortable, why would you bother to change?

7/8 (Fri)

7 11 16 Gt Su Me Ve Ma ChGrand Trine Begins: Sun-Mars-Chiron

Mars and Chiron have already formed Grand Trines with Venus and Mercury this month. Now it’s the Sun’s turn to hold down the third corner. This aspect pattern starts today (7/8), peaks on 7/17 and ends on 7/24.

This Sun-Mars-Chiron Grand Trine has a great deal in common with the Mercury-Mars-Chiron Grand Trine. Since Chiron is the mentor, it can easily take on Mercury’s teaching functions in those interpretations. So the list of possibilities is almost the same:

  • Nurturing mentoring in areas such as leadership, sexuality, assertiveness and warriorship
  • transformative healing in the same areas
  • offering heart-centered teachings in these areas
  • opening your entire being to new levels of reality in the fires of shamanic transformation

I discussed the relational opportunities of today’s Venus-Chiron trine (25°11′ Cancer-Pisces) in my 7/1 Venus-Mars-Chiron Grand Trine interpretation. Easier healing and mentoring is also available for your creativity and finances.

You can enjoy enhanced mental acuity and verbal virtuosity with Mercury sextile Jupiter (18°7′ Cancer-Virgo). With Mercury in Cancer, your words can connect more easily with the hearts of your audience.

7/9 (Sat)

T-square Peaks: Venus-Juno-Uranus

The Venus-Juno-Uranus T-square that began on 7/7 peaks today and wraps up on 7/12.

7/10 (Sun)

On its own, a Sun-Jupiter sextile (18°24′ Cancer-Virgo) can amplify your vitality and extroversion. It was also part of the Sun-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto-Lunar Nodes Mystic Rectangle that wrapped up yesterday.

To understand today’s Mercury-Mars trine (23°53′ Cancer-Scorpio) in context, see my 7/7 interpretation of the Mercury-Mars-Chiron Grand Trine (peaking tomorrow!).

7/11 (Mon)

T-square Peaks: Venus-Juno-Ceres

The Venus-Juno-Ceres Grand Trine that started on 7/7 peaks today (7/11) and ends on 7/15.

Grand Trine Peaks: Mercury-Mars-Chiron

The Mercury-Mars-Chiron Grand Trine that started on 7/7 peaks today (7/11) and ends on 7/14.

Mercury makes two aspects today. A Mercury-Uranus square (24°22′ Cancer-Aries) can energize your intuitive flashes and stimulate you to think outside the box. A Mercury-Chiron trine (25°9′ Cancer-Pisces) is part of the Mercury-Mars-Chiron Grand Trine that peaks today.

7/12 (Tue)

Yod Peaks: Mars-Vesta-Uranus

The Mars-Vesta-Uranus Yod that began on 7/2 peaks today (7/12) and ends on 7/26.

Today’s Uranus-Vesta sextile (24°23′ Aries-Gemini) is part of the Mars-Vesta-Uranus Yod peaking today.

Venus transits Leo today (7/12) through 8/5. This is a placement of sparkles, sequins and fireworks, so get your glam on! This placement is also great for strutting in the spotlight and making grand romantic gestures.

7/13 (Wed)

Mercury follows Venus into Leo today (7/13). The winged messenger will transit the Sign of the Lion through 7/30. This placement supports creative writing and confident, entertaining public speaking, as well as getting your message out into the spotlight.

7/14 (Thu)

Challenging possibilities of a Mars-Uranus quincunx (24°24′ Scorpio-Aries) include accidents, flaring tempers and impulsive, ill-advised sexual encounters. Adjust this aspect to the high side by taking immediate action on your intuitive flashes. Keep Mars busy in life-affirming activities such as exercise, appropriate sexual connection, leadership and striving for a worthy cause.

7/15 (Fri)

No major astrological events. Finally, a day off!

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

6/30, 8:19 pm – 7/1, 7:44 am, Gemini
7/2, 11:43 pm – 7/3, 9:20 am, Cancer
7/5, 2:29 am – 12:28 pm, Leo
7/7, 8:06 am – 6:41 pm, Virgo
7/9, 11:28 pm – 7/10, 4:32 am, Libra
7/12, 11:01 am – 4:52 pm, Scorpio
7/14, 6:22 pm – 7/15, 5:14 am, Sagittarius

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

Discover how these transits will personally affect you by booking a session with me. Learn more about my Astrology+ sessions.

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