July 1-15 2018 Astrology Forecast: Plutonian Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse PartialThe first of three summer eclipses radiates its life-transforming energy during the first half of July. This Cancer Solar Eclipse features a tight Pluto opposition that can potently catalyze releasing, wealth and power!

We also have Jupiter turning direct, Chiron turning retrograde, a “Pseudo-Grand Cross” and several other powerful aspect patterns. Very juicy!

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7/1 (Sun)

2018 07 08 T Sq Me Ma Ju

T-square Begins: Mercury-Mars-Jupiter

Communication could get wild and woolly under a Mercury-Mars-Jupiter T-square. It begins 7/1, peaks on 7/8 and ends on 7/13.

Mercury is in outspoken Leo, eager to jump into the spotlight. Mars is in Aquarius, potentially energizing shock, paradigm shift and awakening. And Jupiter, the planet of publication, is in transformation-loving Scorpio.

Left to its own devices, this T-square could lead to arguments or fights over conflicting ideas. Consciously managed, this T-square can help you catalyze positive transformation as you brilliantly and assertively broadcast your message!

Consider life-affirming adjustments to your relationships and creative expression as Venus quincunxes Pluto (20°17′ Leo-Capricorn).

7/3 (Tue)

2018 07 09 Kite Su Ju Ne PlKite Begins: Sun-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto

You can open your heart more fully to unconditional love, thanks to a Sun-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto Kite. It begins today (7/3), peaks on 7/9 and ends on 7/15.

The Sun is in Cancer, the sign of emotion and, in its highest expression, unconditional love. Capricornian Pluto supports practical, down-to-earth transformation. Scorpionic Jupiter offers hope, optimism and empowerment. Finally, Piscean Neptune offers an easy flow of divine light and love through soft aspects to the other three planets.

Additional uses of this Kite include the positive, flowing transformation of home and family, as well as smooth support for shadow work.

Smooth support for shadow work is also offered by a Uranus-Ceres trine (2°3′ Taurus-Virgo), with Uranus potentiating rapid breakthroughs. This trine also makes wealth accumulation easier, especially if you follow your intuitive flashes and benefit others.

7/5 (Thu)

2018 07 14 Gt Ve Ce Jun Sa UrGrand Trine Begins: Venus-Ceres-Juno-Saturn-Uranus

You can smoothly break through to a new level of abundance – with the right partner – under a Venus-Ceres-Juno-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine. It starts today (7/5), peaks on 7/14 and ends on 7/21.

All five planets in this aspect pattern have wealth potential. Venus is the natural ruler of money, while Ceres is the harvest goddess. Placed in Virgo, they encourage you to spread your newly enhanced wealth to others and pay attention to detail.

Juno and Uranus are in Taurus, the sign of money. And Capricornian Saturn is all business!

Another person’s involvement is shown by Juno, the asteroid goddess of committed partnership. Venus reinforces this meaning, since she’s the natural ruler of relationships.

Uranus can catalyze rapid change, while the Grand Trine itself is a flowing aspect pattern. It smooths the way for opportunity, but gives its sweetest rewards to those who put forth the greatest effort.

Chiron Retrograde

Healing and mentoring. Whether you give or receive them, what role could they play in making your life more wonderful?

This is a fruitful question to contemplate as Chiron turns retrograde at 2°25′ Aries. The wounded healer will turn direct again on 12/9 at 27°3′ Pisces.

This retrograde covers two signs. With Chiron retrograde in Aries 7/5 thru 9/24, consider the role that wounding through aggression and violence plays in your life … whether you’re giving or receiving it. Would healing in the areas of assertiveness, leadership, or sexuality be helpful?

Chiron is retrograde in Pisces 9/25 thru 12/9. Here the energies of healing and mentoring naturally turn toward spirituality and inspired creativity. Pisces also encompasses the areas of substance abuse, excessive escapism, aimlessness and playing the victim.

Optimally, a planetary retrograde is a better time for contemplation than action. Taking definitive steps to deal with something is better supported by direct motion. But if something in one of these areas requires prompt action, act now!

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All three of today’s aspects are best understood as part of aspect patterns. Link to learn!

A Sun-Jupiter trine (13°23′ Cancer-Scorpio) is part of a Sun-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto Kite.

A Mercury-Mars opposition (8°45′ Leo-Aquarius) is part of a Mercury-Mars-Jupiter T-square.

Finally, a Uranus-Juno conjunction (2°8′ Taurus) is part of a Venus-Ceres-Juno-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine.

7/6 (Fri)

Intuitive flashes can fire more frequently, and be felt more easily in your heart, as the Sun quintiles Uranus (14°8′ Cancer-2°8′ Taurus).

7/8 (Sun)

2018 07 24 Pseudo Gc Ma Jun Pa Ju UrPseudo-Grand Cross Begins: Mars-Juno-Pallas-Jupiter-Uranus

Two T-squares begin today that really want to form a Grand Cross, but can’t quite consummate the union. (Stand by for details about the individual T-squares.)

In practical terms, however, the two T-squares last about the same length of time and strongly influence each other. So, while it isn’t quite a Grand Cross, it makes sense to me to interpret this almost-aspect pattern as if it was. So I now present a Mars-Juno-Pallas-Jupiter-Uranus Pseudo-Grand Cross! It begins today (7/8), peaks on 7/24 and ends on 7/28.

Its most obvious interpretation is a powerful opportunity to take committed partnerships to the next level with assertive action. This intense aspect pattern also invites a bold, adventurous approach to leadership and sexual expression. Finally, you can courageously communicate a transformative message – either to or with someone with whom you have a committed relationship.

Those are this aspect pattern’s most helpful meanings. Now I’ll give the timing of the individual T-squares, and tell you why they don’t join to create a true Grand Cross.

A Mars-Juno-Pallas-Uranus T-square starts on 7/8, peaks on 7/19 and ends on 7/31. Its partner, a Mars-Juno-Jupiter T-square, starts on 7/8, peaks on 7/23 and ends on 7/28.

These two T-squares don’t fully merge to form a Grand Cross because Jupiter doesn’t quite oppose Uranus. Another complication: Jupiter doesn’t square Pallas until 7/17.

T-square peaks: Mercury-Mars-Jupiter

The Mercury-Mars-Jupiter T-square that started on 7/1 peaks today (7/8) and ends on 7/13.

Today’s Sun-Neptune trine (16°23′ Cancer-Pisces) is part of the Sun-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto Kite that started on 7/3.

7/9 (Mon)

Kite Peaks: Sun-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto

The Sun-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto Kite that started on 7/3 peaks today (7/9) and ends on 7/15.

Today’s Mercury-Jupiter square (13°20′ Leo-Scorpio) is part of the Mercury-Mars-Jupiter T-square that continues through 7/13. Please see that interpretation to understand this aspect in its larger context.

7/10 (Tue)

2018 07 14 Yod Me Ne PlYod Begins: Mercury-Neptune-Pluto

Broadcasting your message to the world is powerfully supported by a Mercury-Neptune-Pluto Yod. It begins today (7/10), peaks on 7/14 and ends on 7/18.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is at the tip of this “Finger of God.” Mercury is in Leo, the sign of the leader and the performer in the spotlight.

Mercury is supported by two mighty outer planets at the Yod’s rear. Capricornian Pluto delivers power in a grounded and practical way. Piscean Neptune flows divine energy and creative inspiration. If you make the right adjustment, you’ll have abundant support to get the word out!

Jupiter Direct

Jupiter turns direct today (7/10) at 13°20′ Scorpio. It turned retrograde about four months ago on 3/8 (23°13′ Scorpio).

As I wrote on 3/8, Jupiter retrograde has been a good time to reflect on how Jupiter’s core meanings have been manifesting in your life:

  • philosophy, religion and the meaning of life
  • optimism, hope, joy and expansion
  • higher education
  • being the guru, professor or philosopher
  • foreign travel and influences

You may also have been noticing Jupiter’s dark side:

  • overexpansion, and
  • being convinced of your righteousness (and everyone else’s “wrongteousness”). This is also called “street corner preacher syndrome.”

You’ve also had the opportunity to reflect on how the core meanings of Scorpio are relevant for you:

  • shared resources
  • occult practices
  • wealth and power
  • other people’s money
  • taxes, insurance and inheritances

Now that Jupiter is direct, you can start taking action on the insights you’ve gained in all these areas. But wait until after the solar eclipse on 7/12 if possible. Significant new actions are best initiated under a waxing Moon.

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7/11 (Wed)

2018 07 11 Gt Ce Jun Sa UrGrand Trine Peaks: Ceres-Juno-Saturn-Uranus

Flowing opportunities arise for prosperity, shadow work and committed partnership as a Ceres-Juno-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine peaks today (7/11). This 5-1/2 week aspect pattern started on 6/22 and ends on 7/30. What follows is a slightly edited version of my 6/22 interpretation of this Grand Trine.


Let’s start with the prosperity interpretation. Uranus opens the door for intuitive flashes to guide you and the chance for sudden breakthroughs. It’s fortuitously placed in Taurus, the sign of money.

Capricornian Saturn loves hard work, and can help you stay focused on your goal. One of Ceres’ meanings is abundance and harvest, and her Virgoan placement suggests that you might accumulate abundance by serving others. Finally, Juno, the goddess of committed partnership, is involved. Rather than working solo, perhaps you could create more abundance by partnering with someone else.

Loss and Sorrow

Ceres’ other primary meanings relate to loss and sorrow. (To understand how Ceres, also known as Demeter, can hold these meanings along with abundance, see this telling of her myth.)

In this context, Taurean Uranus represents persistent effort rewarded by breakthrough. Capricornian Saturn can help you muster the maturity, wisdom, and discipline needed to face your old wounds. (I recommend my Healing Invocation as a field-tested tool for efficiently processing shadow work.) Juno suggests that someone with whom you share a committed partnership might catalyze these challenging feelings, and/or help you work through them.

A Grand Trine provides easy connection among its planets, but only reaches its full potential when nurtured with conscious effort. This aspect pattern will get you started, but it’s your sweat equity that will really pay the dividends!

One-of-a-kind creativity is supported by two aspects today: a Venus-Jupiter quintile (1°20 Virgo-13°20′ Scorpio) and a Venus-Uranus trine (2°16′ Virgo-Taurus). These aspects also offer magical support for relationship healing and serving your beloved.

7/12 (Thu)

2018 07 12 SEclSolar Eclipse in Cancer

A Solar Eclipse, which is also a Cancer New Moon (20°41′ Cancer), powerfully supports new beginnings in emotional openness, family, home and shadow work. Its effects will last 6 to 12 months.

Shadow work (healing childhood wounds and other lingering traumas) is doubly emphasized by mighty Pluto, ruler of psychology, tightly opposing the luminaries.

This Solar Eclipse kicks off a powerful period when you can dive into experiential healing modalities. These can help you release the fear, pain and other challenging emotions that are stopping you from living a more joyful and wonderful life.

The Pluto Prescription

With Pluto so prominent in this eclipse, it’s worth taking a look at what I like to call my Pluto Prescription. This has four areas of release and two areas of empowerment.

PossessionsPhysical Objects

The first suggested area of release is physical objects. You could say that everything you own also owns you! It takes up space. It might have to be insured or maintained or otherwise tended to. And every object radiates an energy field. If this field isn’t compatible with your current life direction, it’s working against you.

If a physical object is necessary, or somehow makes your life more wonderful, by all means keep it. Otherwise, perhaps you should discard it, recycle it, or find it a new home.

Couple At SunsetRelationships

The second Plutonian area of release is relationships. The same basic idea applies as with physical possessions. If a relationship is wonderful, or supports your life purpose, then maintain or deepen it. If it’s toxic or negative, or doesn’t support your life mission – even if the relationship is comfortable, but has become stagnant – consider letting it go or minimizing contact. It doesn’t matter how great the relationship may have been in the past. Always and ever, there is only now.


Pluto’s third area of release is your habit patterns. We all have certain things we routinely do with little or no thought. Become aware of these things, and make conscious decisions about whether or not to continue them. By all means, keep brushing your teeth! But is your life really enriched in a meaningful way by playing computer solitaire every night?

Boxed InArbitrary Limits

Pluto’s fourth and final area of release is the subtlest. What arbitrary limits are you placing on what’s possible in your life?

Create RealityIf you’re living your life within a certain conceptual framework, and you’re 100% happy there, no problem. But if you have a gnawing sense that more is possible, and that expanding into it would make you happier, it’s because that greater possibility does exist.

The universe is a hologram shaped by our thoughts. Much more is possible than most people dare to imagine. How big are you willing to dream?

Wealth and Power

Doing the four levels of release I just described can open up an amazing amount of space in your life. Once you’ve created that space, it’s much easier for Pluto to bless you with the gifts of wealth and power.

Whats ImportantWealth

Most people, when they hear “wealth“, think of money. And it can certainly show up that way. But wealth can be anything that you value, tangible or intangible.

You’ve probably heard that health is wealth. Two of the things I value most in my life are my spiritual awareness and my relationship with my twin flame Maeikisala. But it would be impossible to assign a monetary value to either one. So broadly speaking, we could say that wealth is anything that adds value to your life in any way.

Have a chat with Pluto. All the planets are living beings, and they can all hear you. Tell Pluto the kind of wealth you want more of in your life. The universe has a much easier time giving you what you want when you specifically request it!


The other Pluto gift is power. This breaks down into two basic categories: power over others, and power shared with others.

BullyingThe “power over others” approach is typified by the Mafia, street gangs and a well-known American president. Your heart is closed. As long as you get your way, it doesn’t matter how many other people have to suffer. They’re just collateral damage. It’s a zero-sum game. For you to win, somebody else has to lose.

In the power over others game, you might claw your way to the top for a while. But there’s always someone else gunning to take your place. In the Law of One teachings, this would be described as the path of “service to self.”

Shared PowerA more peaceable and enlightened approach is power shared with others. The Law of One teachings calls this “service to others.” To maximize this approach, first make a conscious connection with your higher self. Once you’ve established this fundamental inner relationship, your divine self will bless you with infinitely more power than you could ever commandeer from other humans. You’ll be able to accomplish far more in your life than you might have thought possible.

Only insecure people feel the need to control others. Once you’ve attained the fundamental security of experiencing your spiritual immortality, you’ll be overflowing with power! Your overwhelming desire then will be to share it with others for their highest good … and to help those who are ready learn how to access it within themselves.

Other Aspects

As you can see, partnering with Pluto during and after this lunation could profoundly change your life for the better! But this solar eclipse also offers other wonderful opportunities.

A harmonious trine from Piscean Neptune to the luminaries can make it much easier to establish a consistent connection between your personality and your divine self, or deepen the one you already have. This flowing aspect can also open the floodgates of creative inspiration. Create as much as you can as the ideas roll in, and note the rest for later development.

This solar eclipse also has a couple of minor aspects. A loose conjunction between the luminaries and Pallas Athena supports new beginnings and feminine assertiveness, strategy and practical creativity. And a quincunx from Vesta suggests making adjustments to support a worthy higher cause.

Prima DonnaSabian Symbol

The Sabian Symbol for this solar eclipse is, “A prima donna singing.” This symbol encourages you to get out there and share your gift with the world, whatever your special talent may be.

If this is new territory for you, it can be enough just to sing the right notes at the right time, metaphorically speaking. As your skill and confidence increase, your “performance” can fill with increasing amounts of divine inspiration. Ultimately, when you lock into “the zone,” it will feel as if the performance is being done through you, not by you.

Eclipse Special: Save up to 45%!

Eclipse Special 45 PctThree powerful eclipses happen this summer:

  • You just read about the July 12 Solar Eclipse, featuring Pluto’s super-tight opposition to the Sun and Moon.
  • The July 27 Total Lunar Eclipse is also a powerhouse, with the luminaries closely conjunct the lunar nodes and tightly squaring paradigm-shifting Uranus.
  • Finally, the August 11 Solar Eclipse places the Sun and Moon at the tip of a potent “Finger of God” aspect pattern — with the “gods of change” Neptune and Pluto on the back end!

All three of these eclipses can powerfully affect you for the next 6 to 12 months. Let me help you harness these potent eclipse energies so they’ll make your life more wonderful!

The following interpretations only summarize the most important effects of the two remaining eclipses. But in a nutshell …

Click astrology graphics to see larger images.

2018 07 27 LEclJuly 27 Total Lunar Eclipse

The power of an eclipse is partly determined by how close the luminaries are to the lunar nodes … and here they’re only about one degree away! High intensity and the potential for rapid breakthroughs is shown by a tight Mars-Uranus square … with Mars tightly conjunct the Aquarian Moon and Uranus tightly squaring the luminaries! This is a fantastic opportunity to take immediate action on your intuitive flashes, and step more boldly into your authentic self-expression.

2018 08 11 SEclAugust 11 Solar Eclipse

The three outer planets are called “the gods of change.” Two of them, Pluto and Neptune, point a “Finger of God” at the Sun and Moon during the August 11 Solar Eclipse. With the luminaries in Leo, you can use the potency of this Yod to energize adjustments that will let you step more fully into your leadership and creative expression. Five other aspects add more energy and meaning to this potent lunation.

  • Are you concerned about how these eclipses will affect you?
  • Do you want to maximize their benefits?

Then consider an eclipse-focused astrology consultation!

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These eclipses will impact 33% of your natal chart! Any sensitive points in your chart in these ranges will be strongly affected:

  • 16° to 26° Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn)
  • 0° to 10° Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius)
  • 14° to 24° Fixed

What are “Sensitive Points”?

Sensitive natal points include:

  • The personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars),
  • The angles: the cusps of the 1st house (Ascendant), 4th house (Nadir), 7th house (Descendant) and 10th house (Midheaven),
  • The North and South Nodes of the Moon, and
  • Any planet that rules an angle.

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7/14 (Sat)

Grand Trine Peaks: Venus-Ceres-Juno-Saturn-Uranus

The Venus-Ceres-Juno-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine that started on 7/5 peaks today (7/14) and ends on 7/21.

Yod Peaks: Mercury-Neptune-Pluto

The Mercury-Neptune-Pluto Yod that began on 7/10 peaks today (7/14) and ends on 7/18.

7/15 (Sun)

Today’s Uranus-Pallas square (2°21′ Taurus-Leo) is part of the Mars-Juno-Pallas-Jupiter-Uranus Pseudo-Grand Cross that started on 7/8.

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least a week before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart. Discover how these transits will personally affect you by booking a session with me.

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