July 16-31 2017 Astrology Forecast: Fiery Leo New Moon!

Leo Lion OrigamiA New Moon in Leo, along with a Sun-Mars conjunction squaring Uranus, kindle plenty of fire in the second half of July. Throw in 11 aspect patterns – T squares, Grand Trines, Kites and more – and we have a very intense and busy half-month!

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7/16 (Sun)

7 22 17 Gt Me Sa UrGrand Trine Begins: Mercury-Saturn-Uranus

You can communicate with enhanced insight about practical matters under a Mercury-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine. It begins today (7/16), peaks on 7/22 and ends on 7/27.

Intuitive flashes arrive more easily and, with Mercury in Leo, you can express them in an entertaining way! This Grand Trine also supports steady, focused learning … punctuated by mental breakthroughs!

You can bring a deeper level of honesty to your communication with Mercury quincunx Pluto (17°57′ Leo-Capricorn). This aspect can also help you speak truth to power.

7/17 (Mon)

A rainbow pallette of creative inspiration is illuminated as Venus squares Neptune (14°0′ Gemini-Pisces). This aspect also opens a variety of ways to relate with the divine essence inside yourself … and with the spiritual energy in other physical beings.

On the low side, this square could encourage confusion or even deception in relationships. But used with good intention, this aspect can help you blend more deeply than ever with your beloved.

A Mars-Uranus square (28°25′ Cancer-Aries) is one of astrology’s most volatile combinations. On the challenging side, it could lead to fights, accidents, impulsive action and sexual misbehavior. With Mars in Cancer, some of this negative behavior could take place in a family context.

But every aspect always has life-affirming possibilities. This square can help you take immediate action on your intuitive flashes, which are like text messages from God. You can take your sexual creativity to the next level. And you can gain new insights into how to better serve as a warrior, pioneer, entrepreneur or initiator!

7/18 (Tue)

7 18 17 T Sq Ce Jun ChT-square Peaks: Ceres-Juno-Chiron

As I wrote on 7/10, relationship shadow work could be on the menu with a Ceres-Juno-Chiron T-square. This challenging aspect pattern started on 7/10, peaks today (7/18) and ends on 7/30.

Chiron is the wounded healer, and loves to trigger old emotional pain so it can be healed. Juno represents committed partnerships, romantic or otherwise. Ceres can represent sorrow, mother-daughter relationships, and release and return.

Chances are that something challenging will come up in at least one of your significant relationships. To learn how to communicate more clearly in challenging circumstances, I continue to recommend the book Nonviolent Communication, 3rd Edition by Marshall Rosenberg. To clear emotional pain, many have found my free Healing Invocation helpful.

A sunnier possibility: use this T-square to seek sage advice on how to bring more abundance to a committed partnership!

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You can fire up your activities as a mentor or healer with Mars trine Chiron (20°44′ Cancer-Pisces). This aspect can also make it easier to process your own shadow work.

Relationships, creativity and finance can all flow more easily as Venus trines Jupiter (15°24′ Gemini-Libra). With Venus in Gemini, enjoy appropriate variety in all of these areas. Harmonious communication and creative writing are also supported.

7/19 (Wed)

Today’s Mercury-Saturn trine (22°12′ Leo-Sagittarius) is part of the Mercury-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine that started on 7/16. Please read the Grand Trine interpretation to understand this aspect in its larger context.

7/20 (Thu)

Mars transits Leo today through 9/6. This flamboyant placement supports dynamic leadership, high energy performances, and fiery sexuality!

The places where your relationships need adjustment can be highlighted by a Venus-Pluto quincunx (17°51′ Gemini-Capricorn). This aspect can also fuel a variety of creative activities.

Some people will feel anxiety, irritability or nervousness as the Sun squares Uranus (28°27′ Cancer-Aries). Take this aspect to the high side by embracing your uniqueness, following your intuitive flashes, and serving others in the ways that bring you the greatest joy!

7/21 (Fri)

It can be easier to heal toxic family patterns as the Cancerian Sun trines Chiron (28°41′ Cancer-Pisces). This aspect can make any type of healing experience flow more smoothly, and can also support your own gifts as a healer or mentor.

7/22 (Sat)

Grand Trine Peaks: Mercury-Saturn-Uranus

The Mercury-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine that started on 7/16 peaks today (7/22) and ends on 7/27.

The Sun enters Leo today (7/22) at 11:15 AM EDT. I’ll cover the energy this radiates when I discuss the Leo New Moon on 7/23.

7/23 (Sun)

7 23 17 New MoonLeo New Moon

July’s New Moon lines up at 5:46 AM EDT (0°44′ Leo). Leo has a more diverse set of meanings than any other zodiacal sign!

For starters, any Leo New Moon is great for new beginnings in leadership and stepping into the spotlight as a performer. Activities with kids are supported, as is getting playful with your inner child. Appropriate risk-taking or speculation gets fired up, and so does chilling out with some well-deserved rest and relaxation.


This New Moon’s strongest aspect by far is a tight conjunction to Leonine Mars. (All of this lunation’s aspects are tight.) This calls you to step out as a warrior, pioneer, entrepreneur or sexual being. Mars can juice up whatever you initiate under this New Moon big time!

The next most important aspect is a square from Uranus in fiery Aries. This can challenge you to fly your freak flag higher than ever. How boldly are you willing to show your authentic self to the world? Your intuitive flashes may be frequent and emphatic. Are you willing to follow them, even if they lead you into unknown territory?

Next up is a trine from Chiron, offering you smooth support as a healer and mentor.

Finally, the urge to connect more deeply with your divine self is promulgated by a Neptune sesquare. This aspect can also inspire you with exciting new creative ideas to share for the pleasure and benefit of others.

Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A man is under emotional stress and blood rushes to his head.”

For starters, we’ll assume that the head in question is the one attached to his neck. As Woody Allen once quipped, “The problem with men is that they have two heads, and only enough blood to run one at a time.”

But seriously folks, the crazy times we’re living in are putting many of us, of all genders, under a lot more emotional stress than usual. Many of us never fully relax. This has led to many personal and societal problems, including an escalating substance abuse crisis.

More and more people are hitting their breaking point. Public acts of mass murder that would have shocked us a few years ago are now so common that we hardly raise an eyebrow.

Skillful Means

What skillful means can you employ when the blood rushes to your head? For starters, shake it out! Stomp your feet; jump up and down; shake your arms in big dramatic motions as if you were shaking water off your hands. Scream it out if you have to!

Do whatever it takes to throw off enough of the crazy energy so you can think clearly again. It can also help to put on some intense music with a strong beat and dance it out.

Once you’re calm enough, you can use subtler techniques to root out the cause of your upset at the core. My Healing Invocation, and the other modalities its post links to, have helped a lot of people process their shadow work.

I believe that the extraordinary amount of darkness and dysfunction now rising in the world is the final clearing of the toxic energies we’ve been living under for the last few thousand years. This period of crazy purging is only a transition time, and the new Golden Age is already blossoming. It just doesn’t get many headlines!

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7/24 (Mon)

It’s time for a reality check on your relationships, creativity and finances as Venus opposes Saturn (21°58′ Gemini-Sagittarius). Take note of whatever lacks a solid foundation in these areas. If something’s going well, this aspect can help you take it to the next level.

This opposition is part of the Venus-Saturn-Chiron T-square that started on 7/15 and peaks on 7/27. That interpretation will help you understand this aspect in its larger context.

Today’s Mercury-Uranus trine (28°29′ Leo-Aries) is part of the Mercury-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine that started on 7/16 and peaked on 7/22. That interpretation will help you understand this aspect in its larger context.

Mercury is also quincunx Chiron today (28°37′ Leo-Pisces). Is pride interfering with your ability to adjust your thinking?

7/25 (Tue)

Mercury enters Virgo today, turns retrograde on 8/12 at 11°38′ Virgo, then retreats back into Leo on 8/31. After turning direct on 9/5 at 28°25′ Leo, the winged messenger returns to Virgo 9/9 through 9/28.

Mercury’s extended time in Virgo supports appropriate service to others, a deeper focus on health and healing practices, and upgrades to your systems and procedures.

7/26 (Wed)

It’s adrenaline time as the Sun conjoins Mars at 4°12′ Leo. Relish the sheer physical pleasure of athletics, exercise and sex. Inject new energy into your leadership and performances. Pull yourself away from that screen and enjoy your body!

7/27 (Thu)

7 27 17 T Sq Ve Sa ChT-square Peaks: Venus-Saturn-Chiron

Are you ready to embrace the next level of psychological work that will make your important relationships even more wonderful? I hope so, because a Venus-Saturn-Chiron T-square might just arrange that for you! As I wrote on 7/15, this challenging aspect pattern started on 7/15, peaks today (7/27) and ends on 8/1.

Chiron loves to dive into old emotional wounds, and Saturn is the stern taskmaster who gives you every chance to learn important life lessons. The book Nonviolent Communication, 3rd Edition by Marshall Rosenberg and my free Healing Invocation could serve you well.

This T-square also supports gaining wisdom from others that can help with your relationships, creativity and finances. You could also create cathartic art … with Venus in Gemini, the more diverse the better!

The Sun and Mars were conjunct yesterday, and they’re still so close that they both quintile Jupiter today. This can boost your creative inspiration big-time, and amplify all the activities I discussed in my Sun-Mars conjunction interpretation on 7/26.

Here are the coordinates: Sun-Jupiter quintile (4°22′ Leo-16°22′ Libra); Mars-Jupiter quintile (4° 23′ Leo-16° 23′ Libra).

7/28 (Fri)

8 24 17 T Sq Ce Ju PlT-square Begins: Ceres-Jupiter-Pluto

Ready to make some extra cash? The aspect pattern you’ve been waiting for has arrived! This seven-week Ceres-Jupiter-Pluto T-square is custom-made for prosperity boosting. It starts today (7/28), peaks on 8/4 and ends on 9/15.

Ceres, the grain goddess, is associated with harvest and abundance. Jupiter has an ancient connection with prosperity, good luck and expansion. Pluto is the lord of wealth, and can represent extreme wealth.

Hard aspect patterns such as this T-square can be challenging, but you can’t beat them for dynamism and high energy. Your windfall could be directly proportional to how much resourcefulness and ingenuity you bring to this opportunity!

This T-square could also go in a completely different direction. Ceres can relate to sorrow and loss, Pluto is the psychologist, and Jupiter is expanding relationship themes in Libra. So if you get triggered, have your shadow work tools ready!

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7 28 17 Gt Jun Ves UrGrand Trine Peaks: Juno-Vesta-Uranus

As I wrote on 7/13, here are two cool ways to use the Juno-Vesta-Uranus Grand Trine that started on 7/13, peaks today (7/28) and ends on 8/5:

  • Following your intuitive guidance, work joyously for a selfless cause with a committed partner
  • Engage in sex magic with a committed partner to empower Law of Attraction manifestation. With Uranus in Aries, you can even get kinky!

A Grand Trine will give you a certain amount of easy flow for free. But you’ll need to “mine the trine” – apply conscious effort – to get the greatest benefit.

8 18 17 Envelope Ce Pa Ves Ne PlEnvelope Begins: Ceres-Pallas-Vesta-Neptune-Pluto

This Envelope aspect pattern – which some would call a Double Kite – lasts just over a month. It starts today (7/28), peaks on 8/18 and ends on 9/2. The asteroid goddesses involved – Ceres, Pallas and Vesta – are connected by sextiles. The two slowest planets, Neptune and Pluto, energize them with a combination of soft and hard aspects.

The simplest way to work with this envelope is to practice shifting from the attributes of one asteroid goddess to another. You can also integrate two or more at once. Here are the qualities of the asteroid goddesses involved:

  • Ceres: abundance, sorrow, release and return, mother-daughter relationships
  • Pallas: feminine assertiveness, strategy, practical creativity
  • Vesta: honing your skills, selfless service to a higher cause, and sex magic

Neptune can help you move beyond mental concepts and imagery and consciously merge with the goddess archetype involved. Pluto can empower this process, while helping you release any aspect of yourself that’s not in harmony with your embodiment process.

I’m not speaking metaphorically. These goddesses are actual divine beings that live in the mystical realms. This Envelope can help you become one with them. Once you do, you can embody their life-affirming attributes as long as you live!

7/29 (Sat)

Kite Peaks: All Four Asteroid Goddesses

7 29 17 Kite 4 GoddessesIt’s a beautiful thing to see all four asteroid goddesses in a harmonious aspect pattern like this Kite. It started on 7/13, peaks today (7/29) and ends on 8/11. This gives you nearly a month to harmonize four distinctive aspects of the feminine. (This interpretation is so similar to yesterday’s Envelope write-up because they have three asteroid goddesses in common.)

  • Ceres: abundance, sorrow, release and return, mother-daughter relationships
  • Juno: committed partnerships
  • Pallas: feminine assertiveness, strategy, practical creativity
  • Vesta: honing your skills, selfless service to a higher cause, and sex magic

The simplest way to work with this Kite is to practice shifting from the attributes of one asteroid goddess to another. If you’re more ambitious, try integrating two or more at once!

7/30 (Sun)

Today’s Venus-Chiron square (28°30′ Gemini-Pisces) is part of the Venus-Saturn-Chiron T-square that peaked on 7/27. That interpretation will help you understand this aspect in its larger context.

Think outside the box in your relationships, creativity and finances with Venus sextile Uranus (28°31′ Gemini-Aries). Or better yet, rest your left brain and ask your divine self to guide you with its intuitive flashes instead!

7/31 (Mon)

8 8 17 Yod Su Ju NeYod Begins: Sun-Jupiter-Neptune

Your Muse could be urging you to make more time for her as she recognizes the possibilities of a Sun-Jupiter-Neptune Yod. Its creative possibilities are huge!

On the back end, the Sun is dignified in its own sign of Leo. This radiates the vibe of the performer in the spotlight. Jupiter is in Libra, amplifying the energy of the artist. And both planets send their energy to Piscean Neptune, where both the planet and sign represent divine inspiration.

You’ve got about a week and a half to catch this creative download. This Yod begins today (7/31), peaks on 8/8 and ends on 8/10.

Venus transits Cancer today (7/31) through 8/26. This can help you make deeper heart connections in your relationships, and make the fruits of your creativity more emotionally engaging!

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

  • 7/16, 10:19 PM – 7/17, 1:04 AM, Taurus
  • 7/19, 2:11 AM – 3:31 AM, Gemini
  • 7/21, 1:40 AM – 4:09 AM, Cancer
  • 7/23, 2:05 AM – 4:34 AM, Leo
  • 7/25, 5:22 AM – 6:32 AM, Virgo
  • 7/27, 2:31 AM – 11:37 AM, Libra
  • 7/29, 5:30 PM – 8:23 PM, Scorpio
  • 7/31, 7:10 AM – 8/1, 8:01 AM, Sagittarius

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

Discover how these transits will personally affect you by booking a session with me. Learn more about my Astrology+ sessions.

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