July/August 2014 Astrology Forecast: 30 Aspect Patterns!

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The major events of July and August include mighty Jupiter entering showy Leo, Mercury turning direct, and a spiritually energizing Jupiter-Neptune quincunx. There are also an extraordinary number of aspect patterns – about 30 of them! – which add richness and depth to this summer’s astrological energies.

Key aspect patterns include the revolutionary energy of the multi-year Uranus-Pluto square forming dynamic T-squares with the Sun, Mercury and Venus. We also have Kites, Yods, Stelliums, Thor’s Hammers and more!

  • 7/1. Mercury turns direct
  • 7/1-17. Sun-Pallas Athena-Saturn-Chiron Kite
  • 7/1-12. Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-square
  • 7/1-8/2. Mars-Ceres-Venus Stellium in Libra
  • 7/11-20. Juno-Saturn-Uranus Yod
  • 7/12. Capricorn Full Moon
  • 7/16. Jupiter enters Leo
  • 7/20-26. Mercury-Uranus-Pluto T-square
  • 7/22. Sun enters Leo
  • 7/24-8/4. Jupiter-Mars-Chiron Thor’s Hammer
  • 7/26. Leo New Moon
  • 7/26-8/3. Venus-Uranus-Pluto T-square
  • 8/10. Aquarius Full Moon
  • 8/4-24. Jupiter quincunx Neptune
  • 8/23. Sun enters Virgo
  • 8/25. Virgo New Moon

The Story So Far

As July opens, we have five retrograde planets: Mercury thru 7/1, Saturn thru 7/20, Pluto thru 9/22, Neptune thru 11/16 and Chiron thru 11/23. And the pervasive energies of revolutionary transformation (a Uranus-Pluto square), as well as universal love, compassion and spiritual awakening (Neptune in Pisces), remain powerful for years to come!

Concise Overview

This section contains brief forecasts for the most important astrological events in July and August. Be sure to also check out the weekly forecasts in my weekly email newsletter, which go into much greater detail!

Mercury turns direct on 7/1 at 8:50 AM. Any new beginnings or major purchases you’ve been delaying may now proceed!

There’s a solid foundation for healing and nurturing 7/1  through 7/17, especially if you bring strategic focus to these areas (Sun-Pallas Athena-Saturn-Chiron Kite). Revolutionary transformation, in these areas and in general, is supported through 7/12 (Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-square).

New energy is available for personal abundance and selfless service throughout July, especially if you work in partnership. (Mars-Ceres-Venus Stellium in Libra)

What adjustments are needed to improve the structure of your home life? Tune into your intuitive flashes for the what and the how July 11-20 (Juno-Saturn-Uranus Yod).

A Full Moon shines forth on 7/12 at 7:25 AM (20°03′ Capricorn ). Evaluate your productivity, maturity, responsibility, time management and ambition and make appropriate adjustments.

This lunation’s aspects bring in the themes of healing and transformation, as well as plenty of energy for paradigm shifts. Full Moons are more about harvesting and releasing than new beginnings. But you can use this lunation’s “new beginning” aspects to consciously release the outworn things that no longer support your enthusiastic evolution.

This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A relay race.” This image carries a straightforward message: you don’t have to do it all yourself. Call upon your allies when appropriate, and cultivate more helpers if you need them.

Jupiter, which has amplified the themes of family, nurturing and security in Cancer for the last year, moves into Leo on 7/16. This begins a year of expanded support for leadership, performance and fun. Leonine energy also encompasses relaxing, risk-taking, and connection with children (or your inner child!).

Open yourself to new ways of thinking 7/20 through 7/26 – or communicate your revolutionary message! (Mercury-Uranus-Pluto T-square)

The Sun enters Leo on 7/22, radiating the Leonine energies described two paragraphs ago.

Healing and mentoring receive significant support 7/24 through 8/4 (Jupiter-Mars-Chiron Thor’s Hammer).

A New Moon lines up on 7/26 at 6:42 PM (3°51′ Leo). What new beginnings would it help you to make in the areas of leadership, strutting your stuff, playfulness, risk-taking and relaxation?

This lunation’s energetic aspects also cheerlead expansion, celebration and sexuality. Healing and selfless service also receive significant support.

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A man formally dressed stands near trophies he brought back from a hunting expedition.” While many people now consider hunting for sport repellent and barbaric, far fewer had any issues with it when the Sabian Symbols were channeled in 1925.

This image can now inspire us to ask: what means have you used to gain that which you prize? What does your conscience say about whether those means justify the ends?

How much nurturing are you receiving in your relationships, especially with your family members? Revolutionary transformation in how you relate, and with whom, is supported 7/26 through 8/3 (Venus-Uranus-Pluto T-square).

A Full Moon illuminates the sky on 8/10 at 2:10 PM (18°2′ Aquarius). What adjustments would help you step more fully into your unique personality, better receive and follow your intuitive flashes, and serve the collective with your special gifts?

This lunation’s aspects speak of boldly proclaiming your message to the world and persevering through any obstacles that arise. Remember that the revolutionaries we commemorate so fondly today were often condemned as traitors and heretics as they carried out their world-changing work.

This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A forest fire finally quenched.” The seeds of some trees cannot germinate until fire sparks their growth. No forest fire should burn forever, but they’re helpful – even essential – from time to time. This image reminds us that we live in a time when the flames of revolutionary thinking are sorely needed so that new, harmonious, life-sustaining seeds can flourish.

Feeling the urge to have your religious path incorporate more direct personal experience? The heavens support you in making this adjustment 8/4 thru 8/24 (Jupiter quincunx Neptune).

The Sun enters Virgo on 8/23 at 12:46 AM, radiating support for health, service, and tending to the little details that make such a big difference.

A New Moon lines up on 8/25 at 10:13 AM (2°18′ Virgo). New beginnings in the Virgoan themes mentioned in the prior paragraph are supported.

Because of this lunation’s aspects, a constant flow of creative inspiration is available for your new ventures. If chaos or unpredictability manifest, listen for intuitive flashes to guide you in setting your course. Spiritual union practices are strongly supported.

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “Two guardian angels bringing protection.” Contemplating this can bring great comfort when you still perceive yourself as an isolated ego. But once you awaken to your true nature — pure divine awareness – you will realize that nothing could ever harm the unborn and undying consciousness that you really are!

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during these times. “Business as usual” is the best strategy for these periods, which occur when the Moon has made its last major Ptolemaic aspect but has not yet moved into the next sign.

  • 7/1, 6:01 am – 5:25 pm (Virgo)
  • 7/4, 12:22 am – 5:44 am (Libra)
  • 7/6, 11:31 am – 3:35 pm (Scorpio)
  • 7/8, 6:33 pm – 9:26 pm (Sagittarius)
  • 7/10, 8:20 pm – 11:26 pm (Capricorn)
  • 7/12, 9:57 pm – 11:08 pm (Aquarius)
  • 7/14, 3:23 pm – 10:42 pm (Pisces)
  • 7/16, 8:58 pm – 7/17, 12:08 am (Aries)
  • 7/18, 10:18 pm – 7/19, 4:44 am (Taurus)
  • 7/21, 10:13 am – 12:38 pm (Gemini)
  • 7/23, 8:53 pm – 11:01 pm (Cancer)
  • 7/25, 10:25 pm – 7/26, 10:56 am (Leo)
  • 7/27, 8:38 pm – 7/28, 11:38 pm (Virgo)
  • 7/31, 10:48 am – 12:11 pm (Libra)
  • 8/1, 10:58 pm – 8/2, 10:58 pm (Scorpio)
  • 8/4, 1:43 pm – 8/5, 6:20 am (Sagittarius)
  • 8/6, 10:52 am – 8/7, 9:40 am (Capricorn)
  • 8/9, 4:09 am – 9:53 am (Aquarius)
  • 8/10, 6:12 pm – 8/11, 8:57 am (Pisces)
  • 8/12, 12:01 pm – 8/13, 9:02 am (Aries)
  • 8/15, 11:51 am – 11:59 am (Taurus)
  • 8/17, 8:26 am – 6:43 pm (Gemini)
  • 8/19, 10:54 pm – 8/20, 4:46 am (Cancer)
  • 8/21, 3:35 pm – 8/22, 4:51 pm (Leo)
  • 8/24, 4:26 am – 8/25, 5:34 am (Virgo)
  • 8/26, 10:29 pm – 8/27, 5:56 pm (Libra)
  • 8/29, 12:00 pm – 8/30, 4:54 am (Scorpio)

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Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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