June 1-15 2016 Astrology Forecast: Vesta Grand Cross!

Vesta 2016

You can take your focus, purity and sacred sexuality to the next level under a Grand Cross featuring Vesta, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Another potent Grand Cross featuring five planets peaks during the first half of June, empowering Law of Attraction, embodied awakening and more!

You’ll also learn about a Gemini New Moon that kicks these Grand Crosses up another level, how to work with Neptune turning retrograde, and more!

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6/1 (Wed)

6 16 16 Gc Vesta Ju Sa NeGrand Cross Begins: Vesta-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune

A powerful Grand Cross is already in effect that includes the slower planets Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Its fourth corner is held down by the Sun and Venus, and I interpret it here.

Today (6/1) Vesta joins Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune to form a Grand Cross that lasts more than twice as long! It begins today, peaks on 6/16 and ends on 6/24.

This summary of the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square is from my 5/27 forecast:

In a nutshell, the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square can empower Law of Attraction manifestation and spiritual embodiment, as well as structural disintegration and inspired reconstruction. Please read my 5/9 forecast for an in-depth understanding of how you can use this T-square’s energies to improve your life.

I’ve recently had the feeling that I wasn’t giving Vesta her full due in my forecasts. So I studied up on her before writing this. I hope that you benefit from my new, deeper understanding of Vesta in this and future forecasts.

I’m particularly indebted to Jessica Murray’s insightful article, “Hidden Faces of the Asteroid Goddesses.” Murray’s article also offers fascinating insights into both the patriarchal and pre-patriarchal meanings of Vesta and the other three asteroid goddesses.

I continue to stand by what I’ve been saying about Vesta until now – that she represents devotion to a higher cause. But this is only the external expression of some of Vesta’s deeper meanings: focus, self-purification and self-discipline.

Vesta is associated with the sacred flame. Its spiritual heat can burn away the psychic sludge that muddies your awareness of your soul purpose and the inherent divinity we all share. Vesta can help you do the inner work necessary to attain your deepest possible functional awakening.

This obviously goes right along with my “spiritual embodiment” interpretation of the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square. You can also use the T-square’s enhanced Law of Attraction power to cultivate these Vestan attributes more fully. This T-square can also help you dissolve away the heavy energies running interference with this process.

For quite a while I associated Vesta with sacred sex. Then I learned that the Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome were sworn to celibacy, and were buried alive if they broke their vow of chastity. I then removed sacred sex from my Vesta interpretations.

Now, thanks to Jessica Murray’s article, I have a larger perspective. She points out that…

In pre-Hellenic Greece, the priestesses of the Moon Goddess practiced sexual rites. They initiated temple pilgrims into the Mysteries that way. Virgins not in the sense of being literally chaste, but in the sense that they belonged to no one partner … groups of vestals and their consorts coupled in the darkness of a sacred cave, without knowing who was partnering whom …

As soon as patrilineality came about, these practices became highly disadvantageous to the ruling castes, since knowledge of paternity was essential to the passing on of land and title. The Romans instituted a literal chastity into the vestal rites, which was enforced under penalty of death by live burial.

The inner archaic face of Vesta is that of a spirituality that sees sex as a means to channel the power of the Divine Feminine: a sexuality that is not used to get a mate, nor to get children, nor to achieve personal pleasure… but to practice a religious devotion.

Reading this convinced me to return sacred sexuality to my interpretation of Vesta, in the context Murray describes.

Bringing in the rest of the Grand Cross reinforces the use of sacred sex to deepen your divine embodiment. Law of Attraction can be used to amplify this aspect of your life. And the dissolution of structure can be used to help clear any symptoms of a dysfunctional Vesta, which can include fear of commitment, sex and intimacy.

(No Coincidences Department: as I did my Vesta research and wrote about her on 5/24, Vesta was part of a transiting T-square. She was conjunct the Sun and Venus, opposing Mars and square Pallas Athena!)

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On its own, a Sun-Neptune square (12°0′ Gemini-Pisces) can tempt certain people into substance abuse, excessive escapism, victimhood or aimless drifting. Harnessed on the high side, it can energize spiritual union practices and inspired creativity. With the Sun in Gemini, there can be mental confusion … or thinking and expression can increasingly channel the constant flow of divine wisdom.

This Sun-Neptune square is also a member of the Sun-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Grand Cross in effect through 6/8.

6/2 (Thu)

No major astrology events.

6/3 (Fri)

6 3 16 Gc Su Ve Ves Ju Sa NeGrand Cross Peaks: Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune

A powerful Grand Cross started in late May, peaks today and ends on 6/8. It adds the Sun and Venus to the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square. I’m repeating much of what I wrote in my 5/27 Grand Cross forecast here.

On one level, the Sun and Venus simply act as triggers to juice up the power of the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square. In a nutshell, the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square can empower Law of Attraction manifestation and spiritual embodiment, as well as structural disintegration and inspired reconstruction. Please read my 5/9 forecast for an in-depth understanding of how you can use this T-square’s energies to improve your life.

In addition to its role as a trigger, the Sun makes it easier to personally embody the T-square’s energies. Its placement in the mutable, variety-loving sign of Gemini can inspire you to use Law of Attraction in many different areas. You might also feel like experimenting with a variety of approaches to deepen your spiritual embodiment.

Venus makes it easier to use Law of Attraction to help you manifest optimal relationships, finances and creativity. She can also help you forge a deeper relationship with your higher aspects.

Three aspects are exact today. Since they’re all part of this Grand Cross, I’ve already covered their integrated meanings above. But I’ll also mention a thing or two about their standalone meanings:

  • Venus square Neptune (12°0′ Gemini-Pisces): inspired eclectic creativity; urge for conscious connection with your higher self; coming into relationship with the divine in many physical manifestations
  • Sun opposite Saturn (13°7′ Gemini-Sagittarius): being able to overcome obstacles in a variety of ways; learning to stand firm in your beliefs; enhanced maturity and productivity
  • Venus opposite Saturn (13°3′ Gemini-Sagittarius): thinking clearly about how to deal with relationship challenges; efficiently organizing your social life; seriously considering your financial priorities.

6/4 (Sat)

6 4 16 New MoonGemini New Moon

June’s New Moon lines up at 11 PM EDT (14°53′ Gemini). Any Gemini New Moon is great for new beginnings in learning, communication, and managing your relationships with neighbors, siblings and relatives.

Grand Crosses

The most important thing about this New Moon is that it aligns with the current Grand Crosses: Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune and Vesta-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune. The Moon joning the Sun, Venus and Vesta in Gemini doesn’t fundamentally change the meaning of these aspect patterns. But the New Moon makes it easier for you to make new starts or add energy to what you’re already doing in any area of life represented by these Grand Crosses.

These bullet points summarize the main Grand Cross themes, which I’ve discussed in previous forecasts:

  • Law of Attraction manifestation
  • spiritual embodiment
  • structural disintegration and inspired reconstruction
  • focus, self-purification and self-discipline
  • sex in the context of sacred worship

To learn more, please see my interpretations of the Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Grand Cross and the Vesta-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Grand Cross.

Additional Aspects

The lunar nodes have moved close enough to become members of these Grand Crosses. At the most basic level, this asks that you develop these Grand Cross themes in a way that supports your life purpose. The Piscean South Node makes it easier for you to draw on your spiritual talents and inspired creativity. The Virgoan North Node suggests that you proceed in a spirit of service, in humility, and with attention to detail.

A sextile from Ceres to the New Moon shows opportunities to enhance your abundance and self-regard. A quincunx from Pluto opens the door for life-enhancing transformations if you’re willing to make the appropriate adjustments.

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Just as with yesterday’s forecast, today’s standalone aspects are part of the Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Grand Cross. That Grand Cross interpretation gives an integrated explanation. I’ll also add some additional ideas here:

  • Sun square Jupiter (14°14′ Gemini-Virgo): avoid excessive egotism or grandiosity; overflowing vitality; powerful mental stimulation
  • Venus square Jupiter (14°17′ Gemini-Virgo): amplification of whatever’s going on in your relationships; creative writing and overall creativity boosted; good time to seek additional sources of income.

6/5 (Sun)

No major astrology events.

6/6 (Mon)

Just like the last five aspects I’ve interpreted, today’s Sun-Venus conjunction (16°35′ Gemini) is part of the Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Grand Cross. In addition to that integrated interpretation, this conjunction supports free-ranging social interactions and creative expression.

6/7 (Tue)

Venus and the Sun, conjunct yesterday, kick off an unusual day that features four non-Ptolemaic aspects. Venus and the Sun both quincunx Pluto less than two hours apart. Venus and the Sun are at 16°55′ Gemini; Pluto is at 16°55′ Capricorn.

These Pluto quincunxes offer the opportunity for adjustment and transformation. What would you like to change about your relationships, creative expression and finances? What would you like to change about yourself? With both personal planets in Gemini, don’t just latch onto the first idea that pops up – dive into some freewheeling brainstorming!

Sacred sex, with a special emphasis on serving your partner, is supported by a Mars-Jupiter quintile (26°28′ Scorpio – 14°28′ Virgo). This aspect can also inspire you to be an enthusiastic agent of change in the world.

A flow of guidance from the still small voice within can open more easily with Mercury quintile Neptune (24°1′ Taurus-12°1′ Pisces). With Mercury in Taurus, these intuitions may support you in very practical ways.

6/8 (Wed)

Counseling and mentoring – especially in practical matters – is smoothly energized with Mercury sextile Chiron (25°6′ Taurus-Pisces). This aspect also puts healing bodywork on the table.

6/9 (Thu)

A Mercury-Mars opposition (25°50′ Taurus-Scorpio) could tempt you to speak without thinking or to use your words as weapons. But Mercury’s Taurean placement can help you communicate more deliberately. This aspect can also lend tremendous productivity to writing and other mental endeavors.

6/10 (Fri)

No major astrology events.

6/11 (Sat)

6 16 16 Yod Su Ve Ma UrYod Begins: Sun-Venus-Mars-Uranus

A four-planet Yod (Finger of God aspect pattern) fires up today. This Sun-Venus-Mars-Uranus Yod won’t last long: it peaks on 6/14 and ends on 6/17.

The Sun, Venus and Uranus are on the back end of this narrow triangle, while Mars receives these planets’ energies at the tip. The Sun and Venus are in Gemini, the sign of ego-based thinking. Uranus transmits the intuitive flashes generated by divine mind. And Scorpionic Mars is primed for transformative action!

So one great way to use this Yod is to receive the intuitive flashes, add in any necessary details at the mental level, then take action to create positive change. This aspect also invites curiosity and exploration in sacred sexuality, occult practices, leadership, and how to best advocate for a worthy cause. New insights could also pop in about how to relate with others, or how to optimize your creative expression.

6/12 (Sun)

Healing and mentoring can more easily create life-transforming shifts with Mars trine Chiron (25°9′ Scorpio-Pisces). This aspect is also tailor-made for sexual healing.

Today’s Venus-Uranus sextile (23°37′ Gemini-Aries) is part of the Sun-Venus-Mars-Uranus Yod I interpreted yesterday. All of this aspect’s most important meanings are included in that interpretation.

Mercury transits Gemini today through 6/29. While Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, the winged messenger is most commonly associated with Gemini keywords. The most common are learning, communication and love of variety. Gemini is also associated with siblings, relatives and your local neighborhood. All of these life areas receive extra energy while Mercury’s in Gemini.

6/13 (Mon)

Neptune Retrograde

Neptune turns retrograde today at 12°2′ Pisces. He’ll turn direct again a little over five months from now, on 11/19.

I’ve observed outer planets to function pretty much the same whether they’re retrograde or direct. But planets are especially powerful when they station (change directions). And the most powerful impacts are usually felt with quadrature aspects: conjunction, opposition or square.

I’d recommend taking a look at anything in your natal chart between 9° and 15° in the mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. These points will be most powerfully affected by Neptune stationing retrograde.

Take note of whatever these planets and points represent in your life. If you’re feeling ease and harmony, your higher self is giving these things a big thumbs-up. When something is in harmony with your soul purpose, Neptune supports it with spiritual flow and divine inspiration.

But if something represented in this degree range is disintegrating, it might be best to let it go. Neptune dissolves that which no longer serves your highest good. Sometimes things can be reconfigured so that they realign with your soul purpose. Other times they’ve simply outlived their usefulness and are best released — no matter how wonderfully they’ve served you in the past.

Two of today’s aspects are components of the Vesta-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Grand Cross I interpreted on 6/1: a Neptune-Vesta square (12°2′ Pisces-Gemini) and a Saturn-Vesta opposition (12°19′ Sagittarius-Gemini). The meanings of these individual aspects are contained in my Grand Cross interpretation.

Venus makes two challenging aspects today. A Venus-Mars quincunx (24°52′ Gemini-Scorpio) can catalyze issues in relationships, creativity and finances. Can you make adjustments that can help heal the issue and stop it from reoccurring?

The second challenging aspect, a Venus-Chiron square, can catalyze wounding in relationship. (Hopefully this is only emotional. If your partner is physically abusing you, I recommend that you seek outside help immediately.) Every triggering of an old wound is a fresh opportunity to clear it once and for all. Many people have found my Healing Invocation helpful for this.

6/14 (Tue)

Yod Peaks: Sun-Venus-Mars-Uranus

The Sun-Venus-Mars-Uranus Yod that began on 6/11 peaks today and ends on 6/17.

You can express your authentic self to the world more easily under a Sun-Uranus sextile (23°41′ Gemini-Aries). This aspect is also part of the Sun-Venus-Mars-Uranus Yod that peaks today.

6/15 (Wed)

Don’t let Mars’ low side get the best of you as the Sun quincunxes Mars (24°33′ Gemini-Scorpio). If you’re tempted to use anger, aggressiveness or sexual energy inappropriately, take a breath and make whatever energetic adjustments are needed to release or repurpose this fiery energy. Vigorous physical activity, harmonious sexual expression or diving into intellectual pursuits that fascinate you might be better ways to express this energy.

You might feel wounded under a Sun-Chiron square (25°11′ Gemini-Pisces). But this aspect can also energize mentoring, healing, shamanism and awakening practices.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

6/1, 11:42 am – 10:46 pm, Taurus
6/3, 7:02 pm – 11:01 pm, Gemini
6/5, 12:47 pm – 11:47 pm, Cancer
6/7, 8:18 pm – 6/8, 2:47 am, Leo
6/10, 3:14 am – 9:46 am, Virgo
6/12, 10:47 am – 8:33 pm, Libra
6/15, 3:01 am – 9:18 am, Scorpio

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

You can learn how you’ll be specifically affected by booking a session with me. Learn more about my Astrology+ sessions.

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