June 1-15 2017 Astrology Forecast: Triple Yod!

6 10 17 Triple Yod No WordsA rare Triple Yod brings intensity and adjustment opportunities to the first half of June. We also have Jupiter turning direct, a Sagittarius Full Moon, three T-squares based on the potent Saturn-Chiron square, and much more!

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6/1 (Thu)

You can enjoy a smoother flow of stability and productivity in your relationships and creativity with Venus trine Saturn (25°30′ Aries-Sagittarius).With Venus in Aries, You can also enjoy more ease in your sexuality, and express assertiveness more comfortably in your partnerships.

6/2 (Fri)

Neptune Square Ceres

A woman uninhibitedly weeping tears of sorrow is an image resonant with a Neptune-Ceres square (14°12′ Pisces-Gemini). If she does it consciously and skillfully, she can release a huge backlog of emotional pain once and for all. With this aspect happening on the same day as the Mars-Chiron square I interpret next, sorrow arising to be definitively purged is a definite possibility.

With Ceres in Gemini, observe what causes your sorrow to arise. Was it a particular thought that triggered the emotion? Perhaps you can’t control whether a specific thought pops up in the first place, but you can choose whether you keep thinking about it. Energy follows attention. Where are you putting your focus?

Ceres is also the harvest goddess, and is associated with prosperity. Neptune rules imagination and visualization. This square therefore offers a wonderful opportunity to visualize your expanded abundance.

This square is part of a Triple Yod that begins on 6/4 and ends on 6/15.

It’s never fun to have your old psychological wounds triggered. But facing and healing this shadow material is one of the most powerful things you can do for your mental health and spiritual awakening.

A Mars-Chiron square (28°30′ Gemini-Pisces) may fire up just the challenge you need to peel the next layer of the Great Onion of Consciousness. Many have found my healing invocation helpful in processing this important inner work more quickly and easily.

With Mars in Gemini, counseling, mentoring and improving your mental health is especially supported. If you’ve done enough of your own healing, this square can help you take your abilities as a healer and mentor to the next level.

6/3 (Sat)

You can paradigm shift your relationships and creativity with Venus conjunct Uranus. This is a great time to get wild, crazy and uninhibited with your brainstorming. But wait until after you’ve caught the full download to decide how far you’re actually willing to go!

Intuitive flashes could be popping in hot and heavy on these topics, as well as on financial matters, so leave enough quiet space to hear them. With Venus in Aries, you can also transform how you relate to others with your assertiveness, leadership and sexuality.

You can enjoy a smooth flow of energy and good cheer with the Sun trine Jupiter (13°16′ Gemini-Libra). This aspect also greases the wheels for easier learning, thinking and communicating. Enjoy some variety, and make time to play!

6/4 (Sun)

6 10 17 Triple Yod Simple LabelTriple Yod: Ceres-Vesta-Juno-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto

One Yod – also known as a “Finger of God” – is strong. Two interlinked Yods are potent. Three interlinked Yods? Fasten your seatbelts!

The Triple Yod that begins today includes three asteroid goddesses: Ceres, Vesta and Juno. The other three planets are Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. This rare aspect pattern peaks on 6/10 and ends on 6/15.

This Triple Yod is dominated by 150° quincunxes – four of them! – so the main theme is “adjustment.” Each of the five corners has one planet, except for a Pluto-Juno conjunction in Capricorn. Juno represents committed partnership, while Pluto loves life-altering transformation. Which of your key relationships – romantic or otherwise — could benefit from a life-affirming change?

The asteroid goddess receiving the next greatest level of intensity is Ceres. She’s receiving a square from Neptune and a quincunx from Pluto. This could activate some of her potentially challenging themes, including sorrow, release and return, and mother-daughter relationships.

Ceres is also the grain goddess, a harbinger of abundance. Putting your attention toward this could activate Pluto’s ability to bring wealth, and Neptune’s ability to provide consistent intuitive guidance toward increasing your assets.

Vesta receives a tight and supportive sextile from Jupiter, as well as quincunxes from Pluto and Neptune. All of this could help you support a cause that benefits the greater good, and fine-tune your ability to do so. Vesta can also energize your use of sex magic – using the energy of arousal and orgasm to further empower your Law of Attraction work.

Focusing on Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, this Triple Yod can also support spiritual awakening practices, expressing your inspired creativity, and political activism.

A Pluto-free version of this Triple Yod extends an extra five days through 6/20. Broadly speaking, the same interpretation applies. But without Pluto, both the level of challenge and the transformational potency will be reduced.

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You could be challenged to adjust your habitual ways of thinking with Mercury quincunx Saturn (25°19′ Taurus-Sagittarius). Be willing to try out a new concept — it might be an improvement!

Potential pitfalls of a Sun-Neptune square (14°13′ Gemini-Pisces) include substance abuse, excessive escapism, aimlessness and playing the victim. With the Sun in Gemini, unfocused thinking and communication are also possible.

On the high side, this is a great opportunity to focus your thinking on spiritual union practices and inspired creativity. Creative writing gets a special boost. These themes get additional support from a Mercury-Neptune quintile (26°13′ Taurus-14°13′ Pisces).

Mars transits Cancer today (6/4) through 7/20. This can boost your energy in the areas of home, family, nurturing and shadow work. If you need to embody more leadership or assertiveness in any of these areas, call on Mars to help you!

6/5 (Mon)

You can receive inspiration on how to keep your life in balance – not too much, not too little – with Jupiter quintile Saturn (13°14′ Libra-5°14′ Sagittarius). With Jupiter in Libra, this magical aspect can also boost your creativity and help you gain new insights into your relationships. This aspect’s influence continues through 7/10.

Wisdom-sharing and hands-on healing are supported strongly and smoothly with Mercury sextile Chiron (28°35′ Taurus-Pisces).

6/6 (Tue)

6 6 17 Th Ves Sa ChThor’s Hammer Peaks: Vesta-Saturn-Chiron

The Vesta-Saturn-Chiron Thor’s Hammer that started on 5/27 peaks today (6/6) and ends on 6/12. The Saturn-Chiron square on the back end of this aspect pattern can bring challenge. Healing and structure are also prominent themes.

Regarding Vesta, I’ll recap what I said about her in my Triple Yod forecast on 6/4. This asteroid goddess can operate on three levels. The first two, which always apply, are honing yourself into a finely tuned instrument of service, and serving a higher cause. The third is sex magic: using sexual energy to empower your Law of Attraction manifestations.

You can harness this Thor’s Hammer by using disciplined energy in service to a higher cause, in order to promote some sort of healing. You could offer yourself as a mentor (Chiron), or seek one for yourself to empower your service work. Sexual healing is also strongly supported.

However you use this Thor’s Hammer, note that Vesta is at the focal point in extroverted Leo. Don’t hesitate to draw appropriate attention to your cause!

Two planets enter signs that they rule today. The first is Venus, who transits Taurus today (6/6) through 7/4. This placement encourages you to slow down and appreciate the beauty of things exactly as they are. This is also great for luxuriating in relaxed sensuality and deepening your relationship with the natural world. Artistic expression, especially if it involves multiple senses, is also supported.

Gemini-ruling Mercury sprints through the sign of the Twins in just 15 days, today (6/6) through 6/21. This empowers learning, thinking and communicating. It also encourages variety and playfulness.

6/7 (Wed)

No major astrology events.

6/8 (Thu)

6 17 17 T Sq Su Sa ChT-Square Begins: Sun-Saturn-Chiron

As I’ve noted in prior forecasts, an intense Saturn-Chiron square is with us all year. Today this square receives fresh stimulation as it joins with the Sun to form a Sun-Saturn-Chiron T-square. This challenging aspect pattern peaks on 6/17 and ends on 6/24.

With the Sun in Gemini until 6/21, this T-square could strongly affect your communications. Be careful not to unthinkingly use words as weapons. If you’re verbally attacked, a tool such as my Healing Invocation can help you restore wholeness to whatever old wound got triggered. To improve your ability to communicate harmoniously in challenging situations, check out Marshall Rosenberg’s amazing book Nonviolent Communication, 3rd Edition.

More enjoyably, this T-square can add discipline and wisdom to your thinking, writing and healing practices. It can also add a “wise elder” vibe to the insights you share with others.

6/9 (Fri)

6 9 17 Full MoonSagittarius Full Moon

The June Full Moon illuminates the sky at 9:10 AM EDT (18°53′ Sagittarius). As with any Sagittarius Full Moon, make appropriate adjustments in the areas of religion, philosophy and higher education. Is some shift needed in how you’re stepping out as a philosopher, professor or guru? Are you enjoying enough exuberance and celebration?


Even though this Full Moon’s aspects are mostly challenging, they still offer plenty of life-affirming opportunities. For starters, the Sun and Moon form a T-square with Saturn, Neptune and Ceres. This sets up a Law of Attraction dynamic, since Neptune rules visualization and Saturn excels at bringing things into concrete form. Plus, the grain goddess Ceres represents harvest and abundance.

This T-square could also catalyze the uprising of sorrow to be released (Saturn opposing Ceres). The squares to these planets from Neptune could represent this old emotional pain dissolving away, especially if you use an effective release tool such as my Healing Invocation. The Moon’s tight semi-sextile to Pluto, ruler of psychology and anything locked away in the subconscious underworld, reinforces this interpretation.

The Moon’s 135° sesquare to Venus invites you to seek positive solutions to any relationship challenges that arise. And a trine to Pallas in Aries can make it easier for you to embody whatever flavor of assertiveness is most helpful.

Sabian Symbol

This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “Pelicans disturbed by the garbage of people move their young to a new habitat.”

The pelican has been highly regarded in religion. It was considered a goddess in ancient Egypt. And the pelican came to symbolize the Passion of Jesus and the Eucharist in Christianity. This is because a mother pelican will wound her breast and feed her young with her own blood if no other food is available.

In this symbol, “their young” could represent the parts of you that are impressionable and easily influenced by your environment. “Garbage” could be anything that pollutes your body or consciousness, including low-vibration entertainment, people and life situations.

Do you, like the idealized pelican, want to embody higher energies? If so, how you can reduce the amount of “garbage” you’re letting into your life?

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Jupiter Direct

Jupiter, which turned retrograde on 2/6 at 23°8′ Libra, turns direct today (6/9) at 13°12 Libra. It’s appropriate that this is happening less than an hour after the Sagittarius Full Moon, since Jupiter and Sagittarius have the same archetypal meaning.

Just like today’s lunation, Jupiter invites your attention to religion, philosophy and higher education. Is it time to share your wisdom with the world? Is there enough fun and euphoria in your life? Jupiter’s placement in Libra can also light up your relationships and creative expression.

Speaking of relationships and creativity, both are harmoniously energized by a Venus-Mars sextile (3°18′ Taurus-Cancer). Venus is in slow, sensual Taurus, and Mars is in nurturing Cancer. Let this inform your cuddling, lovemaking and other intimate connections.

6/10 (Sat)

Triple Yod Peaks

The potent Ceres-Vesta-Juno-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto Triple Yod that started on 6/4 peaks today (6/10) and ends on 6/15. A Pluto-free version runs through 6/20. For a full interpretation, see my 6/4 forecast.

The most powerful individual Yod in this complex aspect pattern continues through 6/23. For your convenience, I’ll repeat the paragraph from my 6/4 interpretation that specifically relates to this Vesta-Neptune-Pluto Yod:

Vesta receives a tight supportive sextile from Jupiter, as well as quincunxes from Pluto and Neptune. All of this could help you support a cause that benefits the greater good, and fine-tune your ability to do so. Vesta can also energize your use of sex magic – using the energy of arousal and orgasm to further empower your Law of Attraction work.

6/11 (Sun)

Today’s Neptune-Vesta quincunx is part of the Vesta-Neptune-Pluto Yod I interpreted on 6/10. It’s also part of the Triple Yod I interpreted on 6/4. Please see those interpretations to understand this aspect in its larger context.

6/12 (Mon)

Inspirations about healing and mentoring are more likely with Mercury quintile Chiron (10°42′ Gemini-28°42′ Pisces). This aspect also generally supports mental health.

6/13 (Tue)

6 30 17 T Sq Ce Sa ChT-square Begins: Ceres-Saturn-Chiron

Even as one T-square involving Saturn and Chiron continues, another begins. The continuing Sun-Saturn-Chiron T-square runs 6/8 through 6/24. The new T-square, with Ceres, Saturn and Chiron, lasts much longer. It begins today (6/13), peaks on 6/30 and ends on 7/15.

The common element in both T-squares is the Saturn-Chiron square that remains in effect throughout 2017. This triggers old wounds so that your life can become more wonderful after they heal.

The Myth of Ceres

This resonates with part of Ceres’ archetypal meaning. The grain goddess Ceres (a/k/a Demeter) grieved profoundly after her daughter Persephone was raped and abducted to the underworld by Pluto. Nothing grew on earth while she sorrowed, raising the specter of mass starvation.

Finally a compromise was negotiated. Persephone would spend half her time aboveground reunited with her mother (spring and summer), and half the time underground with Pluto as queen of the underworld (fall and winter). From this myth we derive astrological meanings for Ceres: harvest/abundance, sorrow, release and return, and mother-daughter relationships.

Healing the Wound

Chiron’s core meaning of “wounded healer” obviously has resonance with Ceres. If you experience emotional wounding, my Healing Invocation might help you clear or transmute the root of the issue.

Consciously working to clear the root of the pain, using whatever healing modalities you find most helpful, can help you live a more joyous life moving forward. But sweeping pain under the carpet guarantees that it will taint your life with disharmony until you finally heal it. Unresolved traumas can also develop into serious diseases and disabilities. Do yourself a favor: whatever the issue is, get to work on it now!

Manifest Your Desires!

This Ceres-Saturn-Chiron T-square also offers an opportunity that’s more fun to contemplate: more power to manifest your desires! Chiron is in Pisces, the sign of visualization and imagination. Ceres carries the meaning of harvest, abundance and prosperity. And Saturn is all about manifesting things into the physical world. For a simple and effective approach to manifesting your desires, see my post, “The Law Of Attraction Made Simple.”.

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Mercury is influenced by two slower planets today. You can enjoy an easy flow of mental stimulation with Mercury trine Jupiter (13°14′ Gemini-Libra). If this puts you in chatterbox mode, make sure that those you’re talking to are staying interested in what you’re saying.

Mercury’s square to Neptune (14°15′ Gemini-Pisces) can result in fuzzy thinking for those who aren’t spiritually conscious. But the greater your spiritual awareness, the more this aspect can flow intuitive knowledge to you. For a surprisingly easy way to deepen your divine connection, check out my free Heal and Awaken Invocations.

Today’s Pluto-Ceres quincunx is part of the Triple Yod I interpreted on 6/4. Please see that interpretation to understand this aspect in its larger context.

6/14 (Wed)

No major astrology events.

6/15 (Thu)

6 19 17 T Sq Su Me Ce Sa Ch RevT-square Begins: Sun-Mercury-Ceres-Saturn-Chiron

A five-planet T-square begins today that includes the Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Saturn and Chiron. It lasts a week, starting today (6/15), peaking on 6/19 and ending on 6/22.

This incorporates two other T-squares I’ve interpreted in this forecast: Sun-Saturn-Chiron and Ceres-Saturn-Chiron. It even throws in Mercury for good measure! Rather than repeating a bunch of information I’ve already given in this forecast, I invite you to click the links in this paragraph to learn more about the challenges and opportunities of this new T-square.

The new planet, Mercury, opens the possibility of wounding through words or through your own false or unhelpful thoughts. It also opens the door to deeper understanding of your challenges through mentoring, healing, teaching and other mental modalities.

Unto itself, a Sun-Saturn opposition (24°30′ Gemini-Sagittarius) could bring challenges and obstacles in general, and communication difficulties in particular. It also offers the opportunity to take your thinking, learning and communication to a higher level of focus, discipline and efficiency.

This aspect is part of the Sun-Mercury-Ceres-Saturn-Chiron T-square that lasts through 6/22, and the Sun-Saturn-Chiron T-square through 6/24.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

6/2, 5:48 PM – 8:04 PM, Libra
6/5, 4:57 AM – 5 6:46 AM, Scorpio
6/6, 8:35 PM – 6/7, 6:59 PM, Sagittarius
6/10, 2:20 AM – 7:36 AM, Capricorn
6/12, 2:45 PM –  7:45 PM, Aquarius
6/15, 1:40 AM – 6:17 AM, Pisces

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

Discover how these transits will personally affect you by booking a session with me. Learn more about my Astrology+ sessions.

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