June 16-30 2017 Astrology Forecast: T-square Intensity!

Intense Cartoon FaceThe second half of June features serious intensity with a boatload of T-squares based on the Saturn-Chiron square and Jupiter-Pluto square. We also have Neptune going retrograde, the Summer Solstice, a Cancer New Moon and much more!

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6/16 (Fri)

Neptune Retrograde

Neptune turns retrograde today at 14°15′ Pisces, and will continue backpedaling for over five months until 11/22 (11°27′ Pisces). As the Lord of the Ocean eases back about three degrees, you can reflect on how your life is being enriched because of your level of spiritual awakening and how you’re manifesting your creative inspirations.

Are you experiencing Neptune’s dark side – substance abuse, excessive escapism, aimlessness or playing the victim? If so, directing new energy toward spiritual awakening and creative expression can give Neptune something better to do.

If Neptune’s challenging expressions still remain, then please reach out for assistance. There’s no shame in asking for help when you need it, especially when awash in the murky challenges that Neptune can bring forth.

Planets gain extra power when they change directions. Since Neptune’s turning retrograde around 14° Pisces, sensitive points in your natal chart between 11° and 17° in the mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces – will be affected most strongly.

Yod Peaks: Vesta-Neptune-Pluto

A powerful Yod, or “Finger of God,” peaks today (6/16). It started on 6/10 and will end on 6/23.

Vesta receives quincunxes from Pluto and Neptune. All of this could help you support a cause that benefits the greater good, and fine-tune your ability to do so. Vesta can also energize your use of sex magic – using the energy of arousal and orgasm to further empower your Law of Attraction work.

It could be tempting to bite someone’s head off with Mercury quincunx Pluto (18°41′ Gemini-Capricorn). Instead, I recommend adjusting this aspect to focus on honest communication, research, or taboo-busting writing.

Your committed partnerships can enjoy a strong, smooth flow of inspiration and divine support as Neptune sextiles Juno (14°15′ Pisces-Capricorn). Romantic partnerships are included, but Juno’s placement in Capricorn lends special support to relationships built around business or productive accomplishment.

6/17 (Sat)

Two T-squares Begin: Mars-Jupiter Pluto, Mars-Juno-Jupiter-Pluto

The second half of June features four T-squares that include a Jupiter-Pluto square! Two begin today: Mars-Jupiter Pluto and Mars-Juno-Jupiter-Pluto.

Jupiter Square Pluto

Let’s start by reviewing the Jupiter-Pluto square that forms the foundation of all these T-squares. For starters, it’s long-lived: it came into orb on 10/2/16, and its influence will remain until 9/25/17. Before it’s done, it will be exact three times: 11/24/16, 3/30/17 and 8/4/17.

As I wrote on 3/30, this square between Libran Jupiter and Capricornian Pluto can help you increase your abundance, empower your relationships, and energize your political involvement. It can also fuel your forays into higher education, philosophy, and religion. It supports foreign travel and imparting life-affirming wisdom to others. And it’s all about shadow work and any flavor of personal transformation you’re called to do.

6 29 17 T Sq Ma Ju PlT-square Begins: Mars-Jupiter-Pluto

The T-square formed by Mars, Jupiter and Pluto starts on 6/17, peaks on 6/29 and ends on 7/11. For starters, Jupiter and Pluto can act as amplifiers for Mars’ natural planetary impulses. More power is available for you to be a warrior, pioneer, initiator or entrepreneur, or to express your sexuality.

Mars’ placement in Cancer can add softness and warmth to its expression. It’s easier for your actions to be led by your heart. You might want to direct more energy to family and home. Sex might become less about just getting to the orgasm, and more about making a genuine heart connection with your partner.

How much a person feels this Cancerian influence will depend on how open their heart is in the first place. The less open the heart, the more susceptible a person will be to lower expressions of this T-square. These include excessive aggressiveness, violence, and impulsively fulfilling selfish desires even if others suffer.

Mars can also act as an energizer to Jupiter, the apex of this T-square. This can help amplify all the life-affirming themes in the “Jupiter Square Pluto” section above.

6 28 17 T Sq Ma Jun Ju PlT-square Begins: Mars-Juno-Jupiter-Pluto

The meaning of Juno is so specific – committed partnership – that it tightly focuses the interpretation of this Mars-Juno-Jupiter-Pluto T-square. It begins on 6/17, peaks on 6/28 and ends on 7/4.

First off, while a committed partnership can be romantic, it could also be any relationship in which you’ve formed an ongoing container. This can include friendship or business.

The combined power of Mars, Jupiter and Pluto is formidable. If a particular committed partnership is on solid ground and serving the partners’ highest good, it will be powerfully and positively energized. You can take whatever you’re doing to the next level!

This T-square can ignite new passion in a sexual relationship. It can also empower sacred sex. This is where you and your partner consciously merge your physical and energy bodies to create a dramatically enhanced level of ecstasy.

If the relationship has challenges, they’re likely to be exposed or exacerbated while this T-square is in effect. If you want the relationship to endure, work through the issues with your partner as skillfully as you can. If you’re successful, this can make the committed partnership more wonderful. If your best efforts fail, options include you and your partner improving your communication skills or dissolving the relationship.

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6/18 (Sun)

You’ll find it easier to “fly your freak flag” with the Sun sextile Uranus (27°42′ Gemini-Aries). This aspect also supports a smooth, strong flow of intuitive flashes, and supports your service to others in ways that truly light you up.

With the Sun in Gemini, this sextile also supports original thinking, writing, and all other mental activities. Let your thoughts move in a new direction!

Today’s other aspect also relates to mental activity: a Mercury-Saturn opposition (15°24′ Gemini-Sagittarius). This can show up as others trying to control your thinking or inhibit the free expression of your thoughts. But once you embody Saturn by becoming your own authority, this aspect can help you bring discipline, maturity and wisdom to your thinking and communication.

6/19 (Mon)

7 8 17 Gt Ves Sa UrGrand Trine Begins: Vesta-Saturn-Uranus

It’s a great time to be serving a higher cause, thanks to a Grand Trine composed of Vesta, Saturn and Uranus. It starts today (6/19), peaks on 7/8 and ends on 7/22.

I mentioned Vesta’s archetypal qualities earlier, but will quickly summarize them. This asteroid goddess supports fine-tuning your ability to serve, and can motivate you to devote energy to something greater than yourself. She can also support empowering your Law of Attraction work with sex magic. Vesta’s in Leo, so feel free to draw appropriate attention to the cause you’re supporting.

What about the other members of the Grand Trine? Let Uranus lead – he is in Aries, after all – with his intuitive flashes. Be willing to step outside the box if your inner guidance so directs you. Then have Saturn do all the necessary organizing, administration and planning. With all three planets in fire signs, you should have plenty of energy to get the ball rolling!

Asteroid Goddess Kites Begin

The Vesta-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine I just interpreted is only the beginning! Also starting today are two Kites that add more asteroid goddesses to this flowing aspect pattern.

6 30 17 Kite Ce Ves Sa Ur Ceres-Vesta-Saturn-Uranus

A Ceres-Vesta-Saturn-Uranus Kite begins today (6/19), peaks on 6/30 and ends on 7/16. The roles of Saturn and Uranus are the same as in the Vesta-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine. But in addition to Vesta’s meaning, these two slower planets also get to process the diverse meanings of Ceres: prosperity, sorrow, mother-daughter relationships, and release and return.

6 30 17 Kite Ce Pa Ves Sa UrCeres-Pallas-Vesta-Saturn-Uranus

Also starting today, but ending more quickly, is the most heavily populated aspect pattern of the three: a Ceres-Pallas-Vesta-Saturn-Uranus Kite. It starts today (6/19), and has both its peak and its ending on 7/7. Pallas, the newest addition, represents feminine assertiveness, strategy and practical creativity.

With multiple asteroid goddesses connecting by soft aspects, you have the opportunity to harmonize their various qualities. You can smoothly shift from one archetypal energy to another, or embody two or more simultaneously.

6 19 17 T Sq Su Me Ce Sa Ch RevT-square Peaks: Sun-Mercury-Ceres-Saturn-Chiron

A five-planet T-square peaks today that includes the Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Saturn and Chiron. It kicked off on 6/15, peaks today (6/19) and ends on 6/22.

This incorporates two other T-squares I interpreted on June 8 and 13: Sun-Saturn-Chiron and Ceres-Saturn-Chiron. It even throws in Mercury for good measure! Click the links in this paragraph to learn more about this T-square’s challenges and opportunities.

Mercury’s inclusion opens the possibility of wounding through words or through your own false or unhelpful thoughts. It also opens the door to deeper understanding of your challenges through mentoring, healing, teaching and other mental modalities.

Pallas Athena represents fine-tuning yourself as an instrument of service, devoting yourself to a higher cause, and (optionally) sex magic. Today’s Pallas-Uranus conjunction (27°44′ Aries) can pop down intuitive insights in these areas. It can also invite you to step farther outside the box as you dive deeper. This conjunction is part of the Ceres-Pallas-Vesta-Saturn-Uranus Kite that starts today, and which I interpret above.

A Mars-Uranus quintile can make it significantly easier to receive intuitive flashes and take immediate action on them. With Mars in Cancer, you might be inspired to inject new energy into home, family, nurturing or shadow work.

You might feel challenging energy amp up around relationships, creativity or finances with Venus quincunx Jupiter (13°21′ Taurus-Libra). How creatively can you make the adjustments that will harmonize the situation?

Feelings are more likely to get hurt, especially from unkind words, with the Sun square Chiron (28°48′ Gemini-Pisces). This square can also powerfully support healing and mentoring.

6/20 (Tue)

Your Muse is singing sweet inspirations to you as Venus sextiles Neptune (14°15′ Taurus-Pisces). Can you hear her? Along with inspired creativity, this sextile also supports enhanced awareness of divine energy in the world around you, and within yourself.

Mercury makes two aspects today. A Mercury-Uranus sextile (27°45′ Gemini-Aries) makes it easier to receive intuitive flashes and think outside the box. A Mercury-Chiron square (28°49′ Gemini-Pisces) could bring up challenging thoughts regarding old psychological wounds. But this square’s abundant energy can also help you focus your mind on healing or mentoring.

6/21 (Wed)

Summer Solstice

The Sun enters Cancer at 12:24 AM EDT, marking the Summer Solstice. For starters, this radiates the energy of family, home and security for the next month.

6 21 17 Summer Solstice 2017The Summer Solstice Chart

The alignment of the planets when a new season begins can tell us a lot about the coming three months, or even longer. One thing that’s notable for everyone about this summer solstice chart is the Sun’s tight conjunction to Geminian Mercury. They’re only half a degree apart!

This conjunction supports curiosity, a state of mind that’s becoming increasingly important as the world grows more polarized. There’s more “fake news” out there than most people realize, a great deal of which passes for consensus reality. (For a deeper insight into how the world has come to its current crisis, along with innovative solutions, I highly recommend Charles Eisenstein’s revelatory book The Ascent of Humanity: Civilization and the Human Sense of Self. You can read it free online by following the link! This Sun-Gemini conjunction also generally supports learning, thinking and communication.

Your thinking can more easily step outside the box thanks to Mercury’s tight sextile to Uranus. Mercury’s ordinary thinking is full of misunderstandings and false perceptions. But Uranus channels divine mind, and you can trust its intuitive flashes.

Chiron’s square to the Sun and Mercury raises the possibility of wounding events. For most people, this means psychological and emotional wounding. These are obviously no fun, but are invaluable for showing you the next level of your healing work. Whether you use my Healing Invocation or some other shadow work tool, I highly recommend that you call on your inner resources to heal these as they arise. If you sweep this pain under the rug, it will just keep coming back in different guises until you finally do heal it once and for all. If you’re serving others in a Chironic role – mentor, healer, shaman or awakener – this square can take your power to the next level!

The USA Summer Solstice Chart

What I’ve said so far applies to everyone. When I read the chart for Washington DC, there are additional factors that only apply to the United States and its citizens … except for this next item, which still applies universally. That’s because of Neptune sextile Venus, the Moon, Pluto and Juno, and also quincunx Jupiter. This next bit applies to the USA Summer Solstice chart specifically because of its Pisces Ascendant and Neptune rising about 3° into the first house.

Given how Trump’s presidency has gone so far, I expect this to manifest overall as continued obfuscation, lack of clear direction and confusion. This applies both to how we perceive ourselves and how other countries view us.

For those with some spiritual awareness, this Pisces/Neptune setup is wonderful for flowing highest good energy to anything or anyone you feel called to bless. I believe that the increasing craziness in the world is catalyzing a certain amount of breakdown, which is necessary before a more compassionate global consciousness can arise.

At the deepest level, all is well. If you’re able to maintain even a basic level of embodied awakening, you know that a part of you dwells in an everpresent peacefulness that no worldly event can disturb. Please, hold that consciousness as consistently as you can. Millions of others are already doing it. When enough of us can hold an awakened state routinely throughout the day, a tipping point will be reached and the beautiful world that our hearts know is possible can finally blossom into reality.

The USA chart also has Saturn about four and half degrees into the tenth house. Given the level of skillfulfulness being demonstrated by the current administration, I expect this to show up as continued obstacles and roadblocks to their ambitions.

The other angular placement in the USA Summer Solstice chart is Ceres about two and half degrees into the fourth house. This invites us as a country to look at our wounds. The more we can collectively meet our hurt places with compassion and forgiveness, the more quickly we can move past them into a greater state of wholeness.

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Whatever’s going on in your committed partnerships – romantic or otherwise – can be dramatically magnified with Jupiter square Juno (13°24′ Libra-Capricorn). You can take healthy relationships to the next level, while challenged relationships can show you where they need healing or release.

Mercury quick-steps through Cancer today (6/21) thru 7/5. This can help you blend head and heart, and can lend enhanced emotional power to your communication. Heart-centered learning and communication are also empowered by a Sun-Mercury conjunction at 0°23′ Cancer.

6/22 (Thu)

No major astrology events. But this is our only astrological “day off” in the second half of June!

6/23 (Fri)

6 23 17 New MoonCancer New Moon

The June New Moon lines up at 10:31 PM EDT at 2°47′ Cancer. As with any Cancer New Moon, new beginnings in the areas of home, family, security and nurturing are supported.


The Sun and Moon are tightly conjunct Mercury, which supports new learning and compassionate communication. A loose conjunction to Mars energizes whatever new initiatives you launch, and can help you be more assertive – especially in your communications, since Mercury is sandwiched between Mars and the luminaries. Another loose conjunction from the Sun and Moon to Ceres could assist you in working through any unresolved emotional wounds, and can also be a prosperity booster.

Prosperity is also supported by a semi-square from Venus in Taurus, the sign of money and resources. Another semi-square to Vesta encourages you to contribute some of your energy toward a worthy cause.

Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “An arctic explorer leads a reindeer through icy canyons.” It would appear that the explorer is in unknown territory, and in a risky situation. So the first message from this symbol is to summon up enough courage and bravery to face the unknown, even when peril lurks. The icy canyons could be a metaphor for frozen emotions. Is there some painful wound in your heart you haven’t yet faced?

The reindeer is much more at home than the human in this environment, and might even be willing to guide the explorer as an animal totem. But the explorer is leading the reindeer. Would he be wiser to relax his need for control and let the reindeer show the way?

Finally, most people associate reindeer with Santa Claus – magical flying reindeer! They’re instrumental in delivering wonderful gifts in record time. So this symbol might be saying that even in the most adverse situations, guidance and gifts are always available.

This explorer seems unaware of all the blessings that this potentially magical reindeer could bestow. My advice: don’t be shy about asking your divine helpers for assistance. They might intervene on their own once in a while, but they’re a lot more likely to show up if you invoke them … and tell them exactly what you want! (Here’s an easy and effective invocation system.)

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6/24 (Sat)

6 28 17 T Sq Me Ju PlT-square begins: Mercury-Jupiter-Pluto

The Jupiter-Pluto square gets lit up for the third time in June as Mercury forms a Mercury-Jupiter-Pluto T-square. It starts today (6/24), peaks on 6/28 and ends on 7/2. This aspect pattern energizes learning, thinking and communication. With Mercury in Cancer, it can be easier to communicate in a more heart-centered and compassionate way.

Sacred sex is deliciously supported by a Venus-Pluto trine (18°30′ Taurus-Capricorn) … especially if you take your time. That’s because Venus is in Taurus, the slowest-paced sign of the zodiac. This trine also flows in smooth energy favoring financial abundance and easy creative expression. The more effort you contribute, the sweeter the outcome can be!

6/25 (Sun)

Potential challenges of a Mars-Jupiter square (13°34′ Cancer-Libra) include angry or violent outbursts, an overstimulated libido, or inappropriately bossing others around. With Mars in Cancer, some of this could take place within a family setting.

More skillful uses of this square include appropriately amplifying your role as a leader, pioneer or entrepreneur, nurturing consensual sex, and exuberant celebration!

Breakthrough thinking is easier with Mercury quintile Uranus (9°56′ Cancer-27°56′ Aries). Let your imagination run wild!

6/26 (Mon)

Activities that merge physical action with spiritual energy are smoothly supported by a Mars-Neptune trine (14°14′ Cancer-Pisces). Examples include tai chi, yoga, sacred sex, chi gung, and ecstatic dance.

6/27 (Tue)

Mercury aspects two slower planets today. A Mercury-Jupiter square (13°42′ Cancer-Libra) is a strong mental stimulator. Enjoy your extra thinking prowess, but be careful not to talk someone’s ear off!

A Mercury-Neptune trine (14°13′ Cancer-Pisces) creates an open channel for information from your higher self. It’s up to you whether you keep it internalized or share it with others.

6/28 (Wed)

Two T-squares Peak

Two T-squares peak today. First, a Mars-Juno-Jupiter-Pluto T-square that started on 6/17 peaks today (6/28) and ends on 7/4. A Mercury-Jupiter-Pluto T-square also climaxes today. It started on 6/24 and ends on 7/2.

We sure do have a lot of mentally stimulating events in the second half of June! Next up is a Mercury-Mars conjunction (15°54′ Cancer). Rather than picking fights with your family, put fresh energy into making your communication warm and nurturing.

Relationships, creativity or finances could get prickly with Venus quincunx Saturn (23°30′ Taurus-Sagittarius). As always with quincunxes, explore what adjustments would make the situation more wonderful for all concerned. When well-managed, this aspect can empower meaningful accomplishments in any of these areas.

6/29 (Thu)

T-square Peaks: Mars-Jupiter-Pluto

The Mars-Jupiter-Pluto T-square that started on 6/17 peaks today (6/29) and ends on 7/11.

7 7 17 T Sq Su Ju PlT-square Begins: Sun-Jupiter-Pluto

June’s fourth and final T-square involving Jupiter and Pluto kicks off on 6/29 with a Sun-Jupiter-Pluto T-square. It peaks on 7/7 and ends on 7/16.

At the most basic level the Sun simply shines additional energy into the pre-existing energy of the Jupiter-Pluto square. With the Sun in Cancer during the entire T-square, the themes of family, home, nurturing and security are strongly energized. If any of these aren’t on solid ground in your life, challenge may arise to bring healing opportunities to your attention. Anything in these areas that’s already in alignment can be powerfully and positively energized.

7 2 17 Dbl Th Ve Jun Ves JuDouble Thor’s Hammer Begins

Relationship intensity is the primary theme of two interlinked Thor’s Hammers that begin today (6/29), peak on 7/2 and end on 7/5. The individual Thor’s Hammers are Venus-Juno-Jupiter and Venus-Juno-Vesta. The Double Thor’s Hammer is Venus-Juno-Vesta-Jupiter.

This aspect pattern can highlight loyalty conflicts you’re feeling between two or more important people in your life. There could also be tension between a significant other and a higher calling. Possible solutions include making time for all these important people in your life, separately or together, and inviting one or more of them to get involved in the higher calling you’re drawn to.

Inquiring minds want to know… including yours, with Mercury opposing Pluto (18°22′ Cancer-Capricorn). Under this hard aspect, some, perhaps family members, might try to control your thinking and squelch your free expression. But if you’re sufficiently individuated, this opposition can support the compassionate and uncensored sharing of your beliefs.

6/30 (Fri)

6 30 17 T Sq Ce Sa ChT-square peaks: Ceres-Saturn-Chiron

The Ceres-Saturn-Chiron T-square that started on 6/13 peaks today (6/30) and ends on 7/15.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

  • 6/17, 7:33 AM – 1:55 PM, Aries
  • 6/19, 3:42 PM – 5:53 PM, Taurus
  • 6/21, 0:25 AM – 6:44 PM, Gemini
  • 6/23, 2:45 PM – 6:07 PM, Cancer
  • 6/25, 2:44 PM – 6:06 PM, Leo
  • 6/27, 5:12 PM – 8:41 PM, Virgo
  • 6/29, 4:34 PM – 6/30, 3:02 AM, Libra

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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