June 16-30 2016 Astrology Forecast: Saturn-Neptune Square: Manifest, Awaken, Release!


The second half of June is jam-packed with astrology events! A Saturn-Neptune square empowers you to manifest, awaken and release. Two Grand Crosses further energize this square, Mars finally turns direct, and a Jupiter-Pluto trine invites prosperity.

We also have a powerful Summer Solstice Chart, a Sagittarius Full Moon, Chiron turning retrograde, three Grand Trines and a Mystic Rectangle. Wow!

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6/16 (Thu)

6 16 16 Gc Vesta Ju Sa NeGrand Cross Peaks: Vesta-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune

The Grand Cross featuring Vesta, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune that started on 6/1 peaks today and ends on 6/24. To repeat highlights of what I said about this aspect pattern on 6/1:

In a nutshell, the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square [at the heart of this Grand Cross] can empower Law of Attraction manifestation and spiritual embodiment, as well as structural disintegration and inspired reconstruction … Vesta represents devotion to a higher cause. But this is only the external expression of some of Vesta’s deeper meanings: focus, self-purification and self-discipline.

Vesta is associated with the sacred flame. Its spiritual heat can burn away the psychic sludge that muddies your awareness of your soul purpose and the inherent divinity we all share. Vesta can help you do the inner work necessary to attain your deepest possible functional awakening … The inner archaic face of Vesta is that of a spirituality that sees sex as a means … to practice a religious devotion.

To learn much more about this Grand Cross, read my 6/1 forecast.

6/17 (Fri)

Saturn-Neptune Square

One of the biggest astrological events of 2016 is a potent Saturn-Neptune square (12°2′ Sagittarius-Pisces). This is a match made in heaven for Law of Attraction manifestation, dissolving structures that don’t serve you, and embodying divine consciousness in your everyday life!

Let’s look at the big picture first. The following paragraph is a bit technical, but you’ll be past it before you know it! :-)

This Saturn-Neptune square was in orb, but not yet exact, December 2014 through early May of 2015. Saturn and Neptune took a breather, then came back into orb (close enough to connect energetically) in late September of 2015. Their square was exact on 11/26/15, will perfect again on 9/10, and remains in orb through mid-November.

Law of Attraction Work

One great way to use Saturn-Neptune aspects is with Law of Attraction work. (For a brief Law of Attraction primer, see The Law of Attraction Made Simple.) In this context, Neptune represents visualization and imagination, while Saturn represents crystallization and material manifestation.

Everyone’s manifestation juju is amplified thru mid-November while the Neptune-Saturn square is in orb. To learn why Saturn and Neptune have this effect, see my post An Astrological Signature for the Law of Attraction.


Another of the archetypal possibilities of this aspect is the dissolution (Neptune) of the structures (Saturn) that don’t serve you. These structures could be physical or energetic: material objects, relationships, ways of thinking and ways of being.

I recommend releasing these things intentionally. You might as well, since the things in your life that have passed their due date will be slipping away in any case! :-)

Embodied Awakening

My all-time favorite use of Saturn-Neptune aspects is to integrate my ecstatic divine consciousness (Neptune) into my 3D reality (Saturn). If you don’t already have a quick and effective way to do this, and want to routinely experience more harmony, flow, ease and grace in your life, check out my free Heal and Awaken Invocations.

Other Saturn-Neptune Considerations

We can deepen our Saturn-Neptune interpretation by adding Saturn’s sign, Sagittarius. Its meanings include:

  • higher education,
  • religion,
  • philosophy,
  • foreign influences and travel,
  • the call to adventure,
  • teaching others about the meaning of life,
  • celebration,
  • euphoria and
  • unlimited abundance!

Be mindful of what you have going on in these areas. If there’s a lot of flow, ease and inspiration, Neptune’s giving them a big thumbs-up. If things are dissolving away no matter what you do, it’s time to let them go.

Why haven’t I  talked about Neptune’s sign? Because it’s Pisces, which has exactly the same meaning as Neptune. So Neptune’s placement in the sign that it co-rules gives us no additional information.

Saturn-Neptune Triggers

This Saturn-Neptune square receive additional stimulation from two Grand Crosses. Click the links to learn more:

Vesta-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune (started 6/1, peaks 6/16, ends 6/24), and
Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune, (starts 6/19, peaks 6/21, ends 6/23)

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Grand Trine: Venus-Juno-Pallas Athena

6 20 16 Gt Ve Juno PaReady to balance and integrate specific aspects of your feminine nature? It might be easier than you think under a Venus-Juno-Pallas Athena Grand Trine. It starts today (6/17), peaks on 6/20 and ends on 6/23.

Cancerian Venus represents feminine nurturing such as a mother caring for her child. Libran Juno can stand for a devoted partner focused primarily on her romantic relationship. Sounds pretty much like a stereotypical 1950s relationship so far, doesn’t it?

But the third member of this Grand Trine, Piscean Pallas Athena, adds the modern twist. Pallas is the warrior goddess, represented by such heroes as Wonder Woman, the Avengers’ Black Widow or Xena the Warrior Princess. She acts as she will, excels in strategy, and can totally duke it out if she has to.

Can you blend all these feminine aspects together: nurturing, romantic devotion, and all the independence you need? This Grand Trine can make it easy to get started, but you’ll need to “mine the trine” to receive its full benefit!

Venus transits Cancer today through 7/11. Take advantage of this warm and fuzzy placement to bring more heartfelt connection to your important relationships. This is a good time to deal with financial security issues, and bring forward creative expressions that deeply touch people’s hearts.

Your healing and mentoring abilities can get a boost of creative inspiration with Mercury quintile Chiron (7°12′ Gemini – 25°12′ Pisces).

6/18 (Sat)

No major astrology events.

6/19 (Sun)

Gc Me Ju Sa NeGrand Cross: Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune

We already have one Grand Cross in effect involving the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square, with Vesta holding the fourth corner. Today (6/19) Mercury forms a second Grand Cross with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune that peaks on 6/21 and ends on 6/23.

If you’ve been reading my forecasts lately, you may have memorized the core potentials of the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square by now: Law of Attraction, embodied awakening and structural disintegration/inspired reconstruction. Click here to learn much more about this Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square.

What new meaning does Mercury bring to the party? The winged messenger, empowered in its own sign of Gemini, can inspire you to educate yourself more deeply in these areas. It can help you teach others about these subjects, or to focus your mind into any of these areas to benefit yourself or others.

Things can get unpredictable – even volatile – with Mars quincunx Uranus (23°51′ Scorpio-Aries). Avoid people and situations where angry or violent outbursts are likely.

Use this energy positively by tuning into your intuitive flashes and taking immediate action on them. Positive personal transformation and sacred sex can also be powerfully catalyzed!

6/20 (Mon)

6 20 16 Full Moon EditedSagittarius Full Moon

June’s Full Moon shines forth at 7:02:16 am EDT (29°32′ Sagittarius). How are you feeling about your current approach to religion, philosophy and life purpose? Are there important things you need to learn or teach?

Would you benefit from deeper exposure to foreign cultures, either by traveling to them or letting their influence come to you? Do you have plenty of celebration, joy and enthusiasm in your life? A Full Moon is a great time for course corrections!


This Full Moon features two significant aspect patterns.

T-square: Moon-Sun-Venus-Chiron

The Sun and Venus oppose the Moon, and they all square Chiron to form a T-square. This increases the likelihood of wounding, especially if someone challenges a belief you’re deeply attached to. If someone expressing a different opinion sets you off, investigate whether your belief is shielding an unhealed wound from the past. Time for some shadow work!

My perspective has changed over the years from “What I believe is the final ultimate truth!” to “This is how I see things right now – and my perspective will probably change.” As awakening deepens, “truth” shades into subtle states of consciousness that can’t even be put into words.

Rigid attachments to specific concepts loosen. You understand that a person can’t currently comprehend a level of consciousness beyond the one they’re at. You become more comfortable letting people see things as they choose (and are able).

On the high side, Chiron can also energize you to help others by acting as a healer, mentor, shaman or awakener. With Cancerian Venus involved, triggered emotions within your family, if skillfully handled, can set the stage for powerful healing breakthroughs. The same is true for any important relationship.

Mystic Rectangle: Moon-Sun-Venus-Juno-Ceres-Uranus

Anytime you get a lot of planets involved in an aspect pattern – there are six in this Mystic Rectangle – the possible interpretations start multiplying! But the one that jumps out at me focuses on relationships.

Think about your most important partnerships, romantic or otherwise. How do they rate in these areas:

  • Are you enjoying enough freedom and variety?
  • How is your partner affecting your self-esteem?
  • Are you each receiving enough nurturing in the way you need it?
  • Does the relationship support you in expressing your authentic self?

Mystic Rectangles are predominantly flowing and harmonious. This can be a good time to work with your partner to see if you can take any of these areas to the next level in your relationship!

Moon-Neptune Quintile

The only aspect to this Full Moon that isn’t part of a pattern is a Moon-Neptune quintile. This opens the door to creative inspiration and magical divine connection!

Sabian Symbol

This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “The Pope blessing the faithful.” Moving beyond the literal imagery into a broader context, I feel this Symbol as universal light and love saturating all who open to it.

We no longer require an institution or another human being to call upon the divine for us. You can act as your own Pope, communicating directly with divine consciousness. You may even awaken to the fact that you’ve been God all along … entertaining yourself by pretending to be different things and different people!

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6 20 16 Summer SolsticeSummer Solstice

The Sun enters Cancer today (6/20) at 6:34:08 pm EDT, marking the Summer Solstice. For the next month, the themes of family, nurturing, home, security and the deep unconscious will be accentuated.

Summer Solstice Chart

The global Summer Solstice Chart, which describes astrological challenges and opportunities active throughout the summer, is headlined by aspect patterns I’ve already discussed in this forecast:

Rather than reiterate those interpretations here, I invite you to follow the links above to learn more.

Beyond these aspect patterns, there are a few other things that catch my attention in the Summer Solstice Chart cast for Washington DC. This chart is for the United States as a country. But if you’re a U.S. citizen or living here, this chart also opens the door for you to take these actions!

  • Jupiter, the North Node and the Midheaven are conjunct in Virgo. This is an invitation to be seen doing your service in the world. Ideally, this service should be a direct expression of your life purpose. Actions aligned with life purpose tend to use your natural talents and give you great joy and satisfaction when you do them.
  • Sagittarius is rising, with Saturn conjunct the Ascendant in the first house. Do you have something helpful or inspiring to share with the world? Can you do it well enough to be of service? Then get out there and do it!
  • The South Node and Chiron are conjunct the Nadir in Pisces. This is great for stirring up the unresolved shadow material that it will serve your highest good to clear.Anytime you feel challenging emotions, it’s your signal that an old layer of wounding – from this life or a previous one – is asking to be cleared.As a society, we’re taught to distract or numb ourselves when these feelings come up, or sweep them under the rug. This may provide temporary relief, but it also guarantees that these same challenging feelings will come up again and again until you do clear them.My free Healing Invocation helps many people clear these challenging feelings. I’ve found shamanic ceremonies, holotropic-style breathwork and shadow work processes tremendously helpful in clearing and transmuting my own shadow material. Do whatever works for you, since every bit of heavy energy you clear allows your natural divine radiance to shine forth more easily.
  • There are three personal planets in the seventh house. With Mercury in Gemini and Gemini descending, you could gain new insights and perspectives by engaging with many different types of people this summer.With the Cancerian Sun and Venus in the seventh house, be sure that you’re receiving (and giving) enough nurturing. Get clear on the types of nurturing that best support you … it could be words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and/or physical touch … and ask for what you need.

Grand Trine Peaks: Venus-Juno-Pallas Athena

The Venus-Juno-Pallas Athena Grand Trine that started on 6/17 peaks today (6/20) and ends on 6/23

Grand Trine Begins: Sun-Juno-Pallas Athena

Gt Su Juno PaThe asteroid goddesses Juno and Pallas Athena form the foundation for three Grand Trines during the second half of June! The personal planets that complete these equilateral triangles are Venus, the Sun and Mercury. The Sun-Juno-Pallas Athena Grand Trine kicks off today (6/20), peaks on 6/24 and ends on 6/27.

I interpret this mostly the same as the Venus-Juno-Pallas Athena Grand Trine. It boils down to the blending of nurturing, romantic devotion and independence. However, the substitution of the Sun for Venus puts additional emphasis on making sure your personal vitality stays strong. There might also be more desire to shine these integrated qualities into the world for all to see!

Today’s two Mercury aspects are part of the Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Grand Cross that started yesterday. Here are some additional interpretations for the individual aspects:

  • Mercury-Saturn opposition (11°51′ Gemini-Sagittarius). Restriction of thought or speech; focused mental power; authoritative communication.
  • Mercury-Neptune square (12°1′ Gemini-Pisces). Confusion or wandering thoughts; mental inspiration; intuitive clarity; creative writing.

The more you stay open to the divine flow, the more the universe will be able to sprinkle magical pixie dust on your relationships and creativity … thanks to a Venus-Jupiter quintile (3°48′ Cancer-15°48′ Virgo). Family relationships receive extra support!

6/21 (Tue)

Grand Cross Peaks: Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune

The Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Grand Cross that started on 6/19 peaks today and ends on 6/23.

6/22 (Wed)

Creative inspiration can fire up more strongly today with Venus quintile Uranus (5°57′ Cancer-23°57′ Aries). You might also get some great ideas about how to relate with your family more harmoniously.

Today’s Mercury-Jupiter square (16°3′ Gemini-Virgo) is part of the Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Grand Cross in effect through tomorrow. Unto itself, this aspect can strongly energize thinking, writing and communicating. It can exacerbate Motormouth Syndrome, so be sure to let others have their say too!

6/23 (Thu)

An unexpected harvest of abundance is one way that today’s Uranus-Ceres conjunction (23°58′ Aries) could manifest. Or it could catalyze new insights or experiences relating to sorrow, mother-daughter relationships or the theme of release and return. With both planets in Aries, prompt action on whatever’s arising in these areas is supported.

Do you feel called to adjust your life to include more focus, purity and devotion to your higher purpose? A Pluto-Vesta quincunx (16°33′ Capricorn-Gemini) is happy to help you with that. This aspect can also help you create a more sacred container in your sexual expression.

Sometimes a belief that seemed perfectly fine turns out to need an adjustment. This could be the case with Mercury quincunx Pluto (16°34′ Gemini-Capricorn). The world is changing fast: don’t let an outworn idea keep you from moving to the next level!

6/24 (Fri)

Grand Trine Peaks: Sun-Juno-Pallas Athena

The Sun-Juno-Pallas Athena Grand Trine that started on 6/20 peaks today and wraps up on 6/27.

6/25 (Sat)

Joy and inspiration are flowing in to support your vitality and family structure with the Sun quintile Jupiter (4°21′ Cancer-16°21′ Virgo).

6/26 (Sun)

Jupiter Trine Pluto

Abundant prosperity and transformative spirituality are two great ways to take advantage of a Jupiter-Pluto trine (16°29′ Virgo-Capricorn). Other possibilities supported by this smooth and harmonious aspect include deepening your wisdom through higher education and immersing yourself in a foreign culture.

A Jupiter-Pluto trine can also amplify sacred sexuality and deep transformation. You can also juice up occult practices such as astrology, numerology, mediumship, psychic perception and shamanism.

And that’s just the meaning of the naked planets. With Jupiter in Virgo, health and service to others can be transformed and powerfully amplified.

This trine will have lasted nearly a year before it’s done! Jupiter and Pluto came into orb (close enough to connect) on 8/26/15, and will stay connected thru 8/16/16.

Mercury makes two aspects today: Mercury quincunx Mars (23°8′ Gemini-Scorpio) and Mercury sextile Uranus (24°4′ Gemini-Aries). On the low side, you could upset someone by thoughtlessly shooting your mouth off. On the high side, you could take immediate action on your intuitive flashes. I recommend the latter!

Relationship challenge, particularly with your family, could be stimulated by a Venus-Saturn quincunx (11°25′ Cancer-Sagittarius). If things get uncomfortable, see if you can figure out a more harmonious way to relate to that person.

If your reactions seem beyond your control, it’s time to get serious about doing some shadow work. This will allow you to root out the unconscious woundedness fueling your behavior.

6/27 (Mon)

Chiron Retrograde

Chiron turns retrograde today at 7:10 AM EDT (25°15′ Pisces). The wounded healer will turn direct again on 12/1.

This is a great time to start reflecting on what’s ripe for healing in your life. Childhood wounds, past life karma and “shadow material” are all prime candidates. As I said above, I’ve found shamanic ceremonies, holotropic-style breathwork and dedicated shadow work processes highly effective in working through this challenging material. You have to feel it to heal it!

I believe that, for most of us, serious dedication to healing our psychological wounds is indispensable on the path to awakening. My current favorite metaphor for human consciousness is an onion. In the center is the light of 1000 suns … pure, blissful divine consciousness. Around it are the layers of woundedness we’ve accumulated during our lifetimes.

The path to awakening is inward through the layers. Each time we successfully peel a layer of the onion, the light at the core shines through a little more brightly. This translates to more ease, harmony, flow and grace in our daily lives, along with a host of other blessings. (My free Heal and Awaken Invocations are helping many people with this process.)

Chiron retrograde is also a time to reflect on how you can bring your own Chironic talents forward to help others. Are you a healer, mentor, shaman or awakener? Would you like to be? Imagine yourself engaging in any of these activities, and start reflecting on what it would take to make that vision real. Everyone possesses these talents to some degree. Reflect now on whether you feel called to let your natural gifts in these areas blossom.

Chiron can stimulate anything I’ve been discussing that’s represented by the planets that it’s aspecting in your chart. Check your chart between 22° and 28° in the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. If you’re not sure how to interpret Chiron’s effects on your planets and points in this range, I’m happy to help you out with an Astrology+ session!

6 30 16 Mystic Rectangle Ve Ju Ne PlMystic Rectangle Begins: Venus-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto

You have one week to cultivate the magic of a Venus-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto Mystic Rectangle. It starts today (6/27), peaks on 6/30 and ends on 7/3. You can use this aspect pattern, which smoothly combines flow and initiative, several ways:

  • Take your romantic or platonic relationships to the next level by connecting more deeply with the souls of your partners. (Extended eye-gazing is one of the easiest ways.) You can focus on existing connections or invite in new ones.
  • Receive an empowered flow of creative inspiration. You can also get a lot of creative work done. Express your creativity into the world exactly as it shows up in your imagination … no censorship allowed!
  • Decide exactly how much money (or other abundance) you want in your life. Create a formal Law of Attraction process to manifest it.

A Venus-Neptune trine (11°59′ Cancer-Pisces) can be one of astrology’s most blissful aspects. It smoothly supports inspired creativity, divine union practices and relating with the divine in other beings. With Venus in Cancer, an extra measure of nurturing and healing energy is available.

A Mercury-Chiron square (25°15′ Gemini-Pisces) can spark you to learn or communicate more about all the Chironic themes in my Chiron retrograde interpretation above.

6/28 (Tue)

Inspiration on how to step more fully into your authentic self is flowing down with the Sun quintile Uranus (6°4′ Cancer-24°4′ Aries). Are you getting quiet enough to hear it?

6/29 (Wed)

Mars Direct

Mars, retrograde since 4/17, finally turns direct again at 7:38 PM (23°3′ Scorpio).

In my 4/17 Mars retrograde interpretation, I suggested productive areas for contemplation while Mars was backpedaling. These were based on Mars’ planetary meaning and the signs it would be retrograding through. In brief, these were:

Mars as a planet:

  • Assertiveness
  • Win/win sexuality
  • Initiation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Anger
  • Violence
  • Impatience
  • Impulsiveness
  • Inappropriate sexuality


  • Transformative inner work
  • Occult practices
  • Sacred sexuality
  • Research
  • Investigation
  • Joint ventures
  • Accumulating wealth


  • Enthusiasm for higher learning, religion, and philosophy
  • Adventurousness
  • Foreign travel
  • Adventures in consciousness

With Mars turning direct in Scorpio, it’s a great time to focus energy (for amplification or healing, as appropriate) into these Mars and Scorpio themes. You can put your attention on the Sagittarius items when Mars reenters that sign on 8/2.

Mercury transits Cancer through 7/13. This can help you focus your attention on family and home matters. It can also juice up your communication with more emotional power.

6/30 (Thu)

Mystic Rectangle Peaks: Venus-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto

The Venus-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto Mystic Rectangle that started on 6/27 peaks today and ends on 7/3.

Today’s Venus-Pluto opposition (16°22′ Cancer-Capricorn) is part of the Mystic Rectangle that peaks today. Its most important meanings are included in that interpretation.

7 1 16 Gt Me Juno PaGrand Trine: Mercury-Juno-Pallas Athena

The third Grand Trine featuring Juno and Pallas Athena begins today, this time with Mercury joining in. This is a quick one, peaking on 7/1 and ending on 7/3.

As with the other two Grand Trines in this series, the blending of nurturing, romantic devotion and independence is facilitated. With Mercury holding down the third corner, you can focus on learning how to accomplish this blending. Or, if you already know how, teach others!

To learn more about how to work with Juno and Pallas Athena, read my interpretation of the Venus-Juno-Pallas Athena Grand Trine.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

  • 6/17, 9:52 am – 9:34 pm, Sagittarius
  • 6/20, 7:02 am – 7:55 am, Capricorn
  • 6/22, 4:57 am – 4:08 pm, Aquarius
  • 6/24, 11:48 am – 10:30 pm, Pisces
  • 6/26, 3:55 pm – 6/27 3:08 am, Aries
  • 6/29, 3:46 am – 6:03 am, Taurus
  • 6/30, 8:19 pm – 7/1 7:44 am, Gemini

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

Discover how these transits will personally affect you by booking a session with me. Learn more about my Astrology+ sessions.

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