June 9-15 2014 Astrology Forecast: Sagittarius Full Moon

sagittarius silhouette - full moonA Sagittarius Full Moon, beaming the energy of bold new adventures, outshines all others in this week’s sky. We also have a volatile Mars-Pluto square, three Neptunian events, and a refocusing of a powerful Grand Trine’s healing potential.

6/9 (Mon)

Neptune Retrograde

Neptune is retrograde today thru 11/16. During this time, reflect on how much you’re embodying divine consciousness and manifesting your creative inspiration. Also take note if you’re tempted by or engaging in Neptune’s dark side: substance abuse, excessive escapism, playing the martyr or aimless drifting.

Neptune is stationing at 7°35′ Pisces. This most strongly affects sensitive natal points between 4° and 11° in the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Take note of whether the themes represented by these natal points are being spiritualized or dissolved.

6/10 (Tue)

No major astrology events.

6/11 (Wed)

The urge for a more direct experience of the divine may be arising within you as Jupiter makes a sesquiquadrate, a minor hard aspect, to Neptune. This aspect can also fuel euphoric celebration and amplified inspiration.

With Jupiter in Cancer, watch whether your connections with specific family members are best strengthened or dissolved. This aspect will be in play for the next two weeks.

6/12 (Thu)

Our third Neptune event of the week has the sea god opposing the asteroid goddess Pallas Athena. Her primary themes are feminine assertiveness, strategic cunning and practical creativity. Neptune can provide either flowing inspiration or clouded judgment in these areas. You’ll get more inspiration if you remain open to your inner guidance.

6/13 (Fri)

Full Moon

A Full Moon lights the sky at 12:12 am (22°05′ Sagittarius). This lunation invites reflection on religion, life’s meaning, higher learning and foreign cultures. If your life doesn’t feel like a quest full of expansiveness and exuberance, how can you move it in that direction?


A square between Chiron and the Moon suggests that you might be wise to seek healing and mentoring in the areas mentioned above if you feel challenged. And a quincunx from Jupiter suggests that a significant adjustment might be helpful in relation to these themes.

Sabian Symbol

This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A group of immigrants fulfilling the requirements for entering a new country.” This suggests getting ready for the next stage of your own personal journey, wherever it may lead you!

T-square Second Peak: Ceres-Uranus-Pluto

A Ceres-Uranus-Pluto T-square reaches its second and final peak today, with Ceres temporarily stimulating the multi-year Uranus-Pluto square.

This Ceres-Uranus-Pluto T-square focuses the energy of revolutionary transformation into the themes of abundance, self-esteem, mother-daughter relationships, and release and return. It started on 5/8, hit its first peak on 6/1, and ends on 6/20.

Grand Trine Kite Begins: Venus-Jupiter-Chiron-Saturn

Venus kicks off a five-day stimulation of the waning Jupiter-Chiron-Saturn Grand Trine today. She also adds a new layer of meaning to this powerful aspect pattern as she becomes its focal point.

The Grand Trine

As a refresher, the Jupiter-Chiron-Saturn Grand Trine features Chiron, the wounded healer, aspecting the social planets Jupiter and Saturn. This aspect pattern started on 4/20, peaked on 5/20, and ends on 6/24.

This Grand Trine provides assistance for mentoring and healing. With Chiron in Pisces, spiritual healing and mentoring receive special support. Family healing (Jupiter in Cancer) and mentoring in the hidden mysteries (Saturn in Scorpio) also get extra juice.

The Kite

All three Grand Trine planets are now linking up with Venus to form a Kite. Under this aspect pattern, healing and mentoring focus easily into relationships, creativity, finances and values. With Venus in Taurus, you can support your personal healing by chilling out in nature, nurturing your five senses, and taking time to “just be.”

Three aspects involved in this Kite are exact today: a Saturn-Chiron trine, a Venus-Chiron sextile and a Venus-Saturn opposition. The opposition could introduce some reality checks into your relationships, creativity or finances. If so, examine whether a modified structure in the affected area can shore up the weakness that’s been exposed.

6/14 (Sat)

Potentially volatile energies peak today as Libran Mars square Pluto. Keep your calm and avoid unnecessarily dangerous situations. But this potent aspect can also energize productive action, win-win sexuality and assertiveness. This square can also stimulate powerful transformation in relationships and creativity.

This Mars-Pluto square isn’t acting alone. It’s part of a waxing Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-square that will peak on 6/19 and remain in force through 7/3. This aspect pattern is rekindling the energy of revolutionary transformation that peaked with April’s Cardinal Grand Cross.

Let your Muse sing to you as Taurean Venus quintiles Neptune. This magical aspect can inspire creativity and foster divine connection between you and others. It can also help you be more sensitive to the living consciousness that pervades nature.

6/15 (Sun)

The Venus-Jupiter-Chiron-Saturn Kite that began on 6/13 peaks today and ends on 6/17.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

  • 6/10, 10:22 pm – 6/11, 11:25 am (Sagittarius)
  • 6/13, 12:12 am – 1:04 pm (Capricorn)
  • 6/15, 2:36 am – 1:29 pm (Aquarius)

Whatever your Sun Sign, Benjamin’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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