The Law of Attraction Made Simple

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Law Of Attraction Magnet ManRecently, I’ve done a lot of reading and experimenting with the Law of Attraction. This ancient principle, most recently popularized by the DVD and book The Secret, says that you can mentally manifest whatever you desire into the physical world.

Many books have been written about this idea down through the generations – my current favorite is The Attractor Factor, 2nd Edition, by Joe Vitale – but at its essence the technique boils down to this:

Four Steps to Manifestation

  1. Get it on paper. Write down the outcome you desire, in as much detail as possible. If composed electronically, be sure to print it out: ink on paper represents the first level of physical manifestation.
  2. See the movie. Imagine what you desire as if it has already manifested. Direct a 3-D movie in your mind, living out your desired reality in your imagination in as much detail as possible. Ideally, engage all five senses.
  3. Feel the euphoria! As you visualize, feel powerful, positive emotions. Pump yourself up with as much happiness, euphoria, joy, bliss and ecstasy as you can. In your imagination, celebrate the fact that what you desired is here now!
  4. Use the Karma-Free Safety Clause. To insure that your visualization is in harmony with divine law, close with the Karma-Free Safety Clause: “This, or something better, now manifests for the highest good of all concerned.” (Short form: “This or something better.”) This gives Spirit permission to substitute as needed to keep your manifestation karma sparkling clean. It also lets you do worry-free, full-power visualizations!

Other Considerations

To deal with any negative thoughts that come up as you visualize – and this process does tend to smoke them out! – use The Pivot.

A common criticism of The Secret is that it seems focused exclusively on the selfish manifestation of material desires. However, the Law of Attraction can just as easily used to manifest things and situations that benefit others.

Finally, don’t worry about how your desires will manifest – that’s up to Spirit. Don’t tie the universe’s hands by insisting that what you desire has to be delivered in a particular way. This may block or delay its manifestation. However, if you can see ways in which your own efforts can help bring it about, by all means lend a hand!

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Revised 3/7/13. Originally published in the October 25, 2010 newsletter.

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