Mar. 11-17 2013 Weekly Astrology Forecast

This week’s astrological theme is “new beginnings.” With a New Moon, Mercury turning direct, and Mars entering Aries, the forward momentum is unmistakable!

3/11 (Mon)

The Law of Attraction meets relationships as Piscean Mars sextiles Capricornian Juno. Visualize your partnership(s), romantic or platonic, as you wish them to be under this harmonious infusion of energy. With Mars involved, you can invoke new beginnings and/or increased sexual energy into the relationship mix.

Our “new beginnings” theme launches with a New Moon at 3:51 PM (21°24′ Pisces). The initiation or revitalization of divine union practices, divinely inspired creativity, unconditional love, and compassionately serving others are supported.

There are seven planets (that’s a bunch!) currently in the Sign of the Fishes: Neptune, Mercury, Chiron, Venus, the Sun, Moon and Mars. Thus, you could call this an ultra-Pisces New Moon, turbocharging the new beginnings suggested here with extra power.

For optimal results, postpone major new beginnings at least until Mercury goes direct this Sunday, 3/17 at 4:03 PM. You’ll still have plenty of this New Moon energy to support you!

Pisces’ more challenging manifestations can include a sense of aimlessness, overindulgence in drugs or alcohol, and excessively escapist behavior in general. These urges can be diminished by choosing to engage in the more life-affirming Piscean activities mentioned above.

The conjoined Sun and Moon are the filling of a Venus-Mars sandwich. This conjunction suggests new beginnings in relationships (echoing a theme of today’s Mars-Juno sextile), especially those with a spiritual or creative flavor. And divine inspiration is abundantly available for creative projects of all kinds!

This lunation tightly squares Ceres. If this has you experiencing challenges to your self-esteem or abundance, use visualization (a Piscean talent) to show the universe your preferred reality. And with this New Moon tightly trine the North node, make sure that your new beginnings are in alignment with your higher purpose.

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A prophet bringing down the new law from the mountain.” Now that we’re at the beginning of a new Golden Age, we don’t have to wait for some Moses figure to do this for us. It’s easier than ever for each of us to do it for ourselves now. This “new law” is not about externally imposed rules. It’s about being a law unto yourself, as continuously revealed by your internal divine wisdom. And the mountain refers to the inner heights of divine consciousness, from which this wisdom comes. This exalted state of mind is now more easily available than ever to everyone who seeks it!

3/12 (Tue)

Our “new beginnings” theme continues with Mars’ entry into Aries. The Red Planet rules initiation, pioneering, fighting for a worthy cause, sex, boldness and courage. It will empower these themes in its home sign through 4/20. As noted in the New Moon entry above, postpone major new beginnings at least until Mercury goes direct this Sunday, 3/17 at 4:03 PM if possible.

3/13 (Wed)

Juno is in Aquarius today all the way through Jan. 1, 2014! During her unusually long stay in this sign (due to her summer retrograde within Aquarius), you can choose to bring an innovative spirit to marriage, commitment and the renewal of love.

Not only is abundant creative inspiration available, so is an empowered work ethic to see it through. All this courtesy of the Piscean Sun quintile Capricornian Pluto.

3/14 (Thu)

Any issues regarding your abundance or self-esteem may come to the fore with the Sun square Ceres. Take advantage of the Sun’s Piscean placement to create an optimal vision of how you want these to manifest in your life.

3/16 (Sat)

The Piscean Sun quintiled Pluto on Tuesday, and now Piscean Venus quintiles Pluto today! This reinforces the earlier-stated theme of abundant creative inspiration being available, along with the persistence to manifest it. Venus’ additional archetypal meanings suggest that you may also receive practical inspirations regarding relationships and finance.

A potent Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter Yod (Finger of God) aspect pattern begins today. Since this is an encore of the same Yod that I wrote about in December, what follows is a condensed version of what I wrote about it then. This iteration of the Yod starts today, peaks on 3/27, and wraps up on 4/2.

The two planets at the back end of this elongated triangle are Saturn and Pluto. Saturn represents conservatism, old traditions and existing structures. Pluto represents death and rebirth. Think of a phoenix burning to ash and resurrecting, or a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly. The theme here is the destruction of old structures that have outlived their usefulness. At the same time, new ones arise to take their place.

This idea is given even stronger emphasis because these two planets are in mutual reception. This simply means that each planet is in a sign the other one rules. Saturn rules Capricorn, and Pluto rules Scorpio. In this chart, Saturn is in Scorpio, and Pluto is in Capricorn. This underscores the theme of profound transformation.

The planet at the tip of this Yod is Jupiter. In ancient astrology, Jupiter is the Great Benefic: bringer of hope, joy, celebration and expansion. And Jupiter is in Gemini, the sign of eclecticism, curiosity and playfulness. Thus, this Yod could represent the challenges of transformation leading to a bright, sunny and delightfully diverse future!

3/17 (Sun)

Mercury retrograde ends today, with the winged messenger turning direct at 4:03 PM. All systems are now go for launching those new projects. Then again, your new beginnings will have even more power if you wait until the Spring Equinox! The Sun enters Aries on 3/20 at 7:02 AM.

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