Mar. 18-24 2013 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Last week’s theme of “new beginnings” receives continuing support, with the Sun and Venus entering the get-it-started energy of Aries. And a Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aries ignites a turbo booster!

3/18 (Mon)

Opportunities for creative inspiration and divine connection are abundant with the Piscean Sun quintile Jupiter!

Are you experiencing financial issues, or challenges to your self-worth? With Piscean Venus square Geminian Ceres, make time to hold the vision of the alternative reality you desire. And remember to allow the universe maximum leeway in how it makes delivery. There may be ways for this new and improved reality to show up that you could never have imagined!

3/19 (Tue)

No significant astrological events today.

3/20 (Wed)

The Sun enters Aries at 7:02 AM. As our local star heralds the Spring Equinox, it radiates the energies of initiation, sexuality, athleticism, courage, and striving for a worthy cause.

Here’s an in-depth look at the 2013 Spring Equinox Chart.

There’s a magical flow supporting creative inspiration and divine connection with Piscean Venus quintile Jupiter.

3/21 (Thu)

Healing and mentoring, particularly in spiritual or creative areas, is supported through mid-April. We have a flowing trine between Saturn and Piscean Chiron to thank.

Venus enters Aries today, and will remain through 4/15. New beginnings and appropriate assertiveness in relationships, creativity and finance are supported.

3/22 (Fri)

Less conscious expressions of a Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aries include impulsive sexuality, sudden violence, unexpected accidents, and destructive impulsiveness. But you can also use this energy to act immediately on your intuitive flashes. Bold new beginnings, in ways that serve the highest good of all, are also supported.

3/23 (Sat)

Finding an appropriate balance between expansion and limitation could a little tricky through 4/7, due to a Jupiter-Saturn quincunx. Keep making appropriate adjustments if the teeter-totter won’t stay as level as you like.

3/24 (Sun)

Extra harmony in committed relationships is available with Venus sextile Juno.

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  1. Bob Dennison says:

    Hi! Great new format! Did you extinguish the Moon Void timmes or did I just miss them?

    • Benjamin says:

      I already had them in the monthly forecast post, but didn’t include them in the first weekly forecast. Thanks to your feedback, I am now including void-of-course Moons in the weekly forecast as well. Thanks, Bob!

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