Mar. 25-31 2013 Weekly Astrology Forecast. The Cauldron is Boiling: Make Some Magic!

Magic cauldron. Mar. 25-31 2013 Weekly Astrology Forecast. The Cauldron is Boiling: Make Some Magic!The week of March 25 holds extraordinary potential to create something new in your life, or supercharge something you’re already doing. The cauldron is boiling: make some magic!

I can’t remember the last time there were so many significant planetary interactions — 18 — in a single week! And that’s after weeding out all Moon aspects except the Full Moon, as well as every aspect that isn’t either Ptolemaic or a quincunx!

An Orgy of Cosmic Crossbreeding

Why this orgy of cosmic crossbreeding? Every planet in the solar system, except for Neptune and the asteroid goddesses, is passing through the same numeric neighborhood!

All these planets aren’t in the same signs, of course. But if two planets are close to the same degree number, even in different signs, they connect energetically.

In this case, 14 of these aspects sync up in the 10° to 12° range, while the other four line up around 8°. The hottest zone is fiery Aries. The Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus are all in close proximity there.

The bottom line is that the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus and Pluto are all hanging out at the same party. It’s Mount Olympus all over again!

Will the gods visit great blessings upon you, or great mischief? As always, that depends on how you partner with them. Let’s move on to the daily forecasts to formulate specific strategies.

3/25 (Mon)

We ease into this intense week with just one event on Monday: a Mars-Saturn quincunx. It’s possible to experience friction under this aspect. Mars is the accelerator pedal, and Saturn can be the brakes.

If you hit a roadblock, remember that a quincunx calls for adjustment. Consider an alternative. Once you get these two energies working together, they can have the endurance of the Energizer Bunny!

3/26 (Tue)

Many cultures around the world associate Tuesday with Mars. Therefore, it’s entirely appropriate that both of today’s aspects involve the Red Planet.

Mars’ early morning sextile to Jupiter is like a cappuccino. The espresso makes it plenty strong, but the milk and foam help it go down smooth.

It took effort to get positive energy from yesterday’s Mars-Saturn quincunx. But Jupiter is naturally expansive, and a sextile creates smooth, powerful connection. You can hit the ground running with this aspect!

The late-evening Mars-Pluto square is another story. This can be one of astrology’s most challenging aspects. If not used carefully, it can fuel anger, violence and inappropriate sexuality. Consciously managed, this energy can be channeled into ecstatic Tantric sex, record-breaking athletic achievement, and standing up for a worthwhile cause.

3/27 (Wed)

We have two aspects between slow planets this week. The first is a Jupiter-Chiron square. If you have old psychological baggage to clear, this aspect can bring it up in spades.

Jupiter and Chiron have been energetically square (within a 3° orb) since Christmas. And it will be another month yet before their connection significantly weakens. If you’re being challenged by all this emotional clearing, you may find my free healing invocation helpful.

Have you already done a lot of your emotional clearing? Then this Jupiter-Chiron square can empower your ability to help others with your healing and mentoring gifts.

Libra Full Moon

The March Full Moon shines forth at 5:27 AM (6°52′ Libra). For starters, check how “full-filled” you are with your relationships and creative expression. How about the amount of harmony and balance in your life? Take stock and make appropriate adjustments.

This Full Moon is in the numeric hot zone described in this post’s introduction. As a result, it’s massively aspected! It has five major connections, in addition to the Sun opposition that makes it a Full Moon in the first place. Most of these aspects are also oppositions to planets which, like the Sun, are in Aries.

Aspects to the Moon

The Moon’s opposition to Venus is almost exact. The opposition is the aspect of relationship. Venus rules relationships. And the Moon is in Libra, the sign of relationships. Clearly, this is an appropriate time to figure out who you want to spend more time with, and with whom you should minimize or break contact.

This theme is reinforced when we look at Mars and Uranus, the other planets opposing the Moon. With Mars (masculine energy) and Venus (feminine energy) conjunct, the relationship theme is further reinforced.

Uranus, also opposing the Moon, is smack in the middle of this Aries stellium. It can bring sudden change, breakthroughs and paradigm shifts. This adds the possibility of volatility to the mix.

But Uranus also communicates through intuitive flashes. Be sure to follow your inner guidance at this time, especially as it relates to relationships and creative expression.

The Moon is also making a square to Pluto. This aspect may ask you to “turn a corner” to empower important transformations.

The Moon’s final major aspect is a trine to Jupiter. This adds hopeful, expansive energy into the mix. It suggests that something positive can come out of the challenges this lunation might trigger.

The Sabian Symbol

This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks.” Since this Full Moon is in Libra, a mental air sign, the wandering chickens can represent our thoughts.

Chickens provide us with sustenance from their healthy eggs and flesh. In the same way, helpful thoughts, when positively nurtured (“a woman”), can help make our earthly sojourn happier and more fulfilling.

The hawks can represent negative thinking, which robs us of the positive thoughts’ beneficial effects. You may find The Pivot – focusing on a negative thought’s positive opposite – to be helpful in maintaining the health and integrity of your mental coop.

Finger of God

Also on Wednesday, the signature feature of the 2012 Winter Solstice Chart returns for an encore appearance. This Yod, or “Finger of God,” features two planets at the “back end” of an elongated triangle. These impact a third planet at the tip.

The two planets at the back end are Saturn and Pluto. Saturn represents conservatism, old traditions and existing structures. Pluto represents death and rebirth, like a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly. The theme here is the destruction of old structures that have outlived their usefulness. At the same time, new ones arise to take their place.

This idea is given even stronger emphasis because these two planets are in mutual reception. (Each in a sign that the other one rules.) Saturn is in Scorpio (the sign ruled by Pluto), and Pluto is in Capricorn (the sign ruled by Saturn). This reiterates the theme of profound transformation.

The planet at the tip of this Yod is Jupiter. In ancient astrology, Jupiter is the Great Benefic: bringer of hope, joy, celebration and expansion. And Jupiter is in Gemini, the sign of eclecticism, curiosity and playfulness. Thus, this Yod can once again represent the challenges of transformation leading to a bright, sunny and delightfully diverse future.

CORRECTION. The original version of this post said that this Yod began today. In fact, it began on 3/16. The original version of this post got the other two dates right: the Yod does peak today, and does end on 4/2.

3/28 (Thu)

A trine between Piscean Mercury and Saturn can help bring discipline and flow to your writing and thinking. It can also support your Law of Attraction visualizations

Sun-Venus-Uranus Triple Conjunction

Within eight hours today, we have three conjunctions in Aries: Sun-Venus, Venus-Uranus, and Sun-Uranus. Let’s just call it a triple conjunction to keep things simple.

I’ve already talked about these planets within the larger context of yesterday’s Full Moon. To briefly summarize my key point there, this is an excellent time to follow your intuitive flashes regarding your key relationships. Take them to the next level if they’re positive. Release or spend less time on them if they’re not.

This is also an outstanding time for fresh creative directions. You could branch out into something completely new, or bring a fresh approach to something you’re already doing.

Venus’ involvement means that money could be involved as well. Be on guard against impulsive spending or foolish financial risks. But be ready to make financial moves that have solid intuitive support.


Mercury Does a Triple

Piscean Mercury has kept a pretty low profile so far this week. But today it steps into the spotlight with three aspects.

Mercury starts with a conjunction to Chiron. This is especially supportive of mentoring and spiritual healing.

Mercury’s square to Jupiter can powerfully stimulate thinking and speaking. This aspect can also lead some people into bouts of verbal diarrhea. Be careful you’re not talking someone’s ear off!

Finally, Mercury’s sextile to Pluto is a general empowerment of all mental activity. For writers, this is a day made in heaven!

Friday wraps up with the week’s second and final aspect between slower planets. This time it’s a quincunx between Geminian Jupiter and Pluto. This is an excellent time to adjust your thinking, particularly in matters relating to religion, philosophy and the big “meaning of life” questions. This aspect remains strong through mid-April.

3/30 (Sat)

The weekend opens with a variety of aspects. A Venus-Saturn quincunx reminds us once again to reality-check relationships, creative expression and finances. Make whatever adjustments seem wise.

A quincunx between the Arean Sun and Saturn offers the same sort of “Energizer bunny” opportunities as Monday’s Mars-Saturn quincunx. As with that aspect, obstacles may be more successfully surmounted through re-strategizing than with unrelenting repetition.

3/31 (Sun)

Arean Venus and the Sun made the same aspect yesterday, and they play Follow the Leader again today as they both square Pluto. The Venus square once again reemphasizes this week’s “grow or die” relationship theme. The Sun’s square, however, speaks more to turning a corner for the sake of personal transformation.

Today’s other aspect, a Venus-Jupiter sextile, supports the easy, energetic empowerment of relationship, finances and creativity.

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