March 1-15 2018 Astrology Forecast: Triple Conjunction Supports Relationship Healing

2018 03 04 Trpl Cnj Me Ve Ch NO WORDSA rare triple conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Chiron supports relationship healing in the first half of March. We also have Jupiter turning retrograde, a service-oriented Virgo Full Moon, and more!

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3/1 (Thu)

2018 03 01 Full MoonVirgo Full Moon

A Full Moon lights up the sky at 7:51 pm EST (11°23′ Virgo). Any Virgo Full Moon supports release or adjustment in your service, health and detail work. What life-affirming changes in these areas would make your life more wonderful?


This Full Moon’s strongest aspect is a tight opposition to Neptune. This strong relationship to the planet that dissolves boundaries can help you become more empathic. As you feel others’ emotions more vividly, you can feel more compassion for what they’re going through. This Neptune opposition also energizes spiritual practices and inspired creativity!

The Moon’s tightest non-solar aspect is a sesquare to Uranus. What can you do to live a more authentic life, and act on your flashes of inner guidance more consistently? How can you serve others so that you’re joyfully using your greatest gifts?

A Saturn trine can help you stay on track with these adjustments, and efficiently plan their implementation. Finally, a trine from Pallas Athena can help you be strategic and gently assertive.

Sabian Symbol

This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A bride with her veil snatched away.” This represents the forcible loss of innocence. The shock of this is echoed by the Uranus-Moon sesquare. This aspect also represents the radical paradigm shift of opening to a different reality.

But the overall effect of the snatched veil is best represented by the spiritual aspect of the Neptune-Moon opposition. As we awaken to our higher selves, the veil between the physical and etheric dimensions is lifted. (I know some who have had this happen dramatically during shaktipat or some other sudden awakening experience.)

This is a significant loss of innocence for the ego. Rather than experiencing itself as the center of the universe, the ego now knows that it’s a miniscule part of a vast divine consciousness. However, once this veil is snatched away, the ego is delighted to be rid of it. As a metaphorical bride, it can now wed itself in ecstatic holy union to its own divine nature!

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Joy, harmony and good luck can flow easily with Venus trine Jupiter (23°7′ Pisces-Scorpio). This smooth aspect also supports an expanded relationship with your higher self and enhanced creative inspiration.

3/2 (Fri)

Your mental prowess can enjoy a smooth boost with Mercury trine Jupiter (23°9′ Pisces-Scorpio). You can also enjoy an easier flow of divine guidance.

3/4 (Sun)

2018 03 04 Trpl Cnj Me Ve Ch V2Triple Conjunction: Mercury-Venus-Chiron

A rare triple conjunction lines up in Pisces today. Here are the specific events, which all occur within five hours:

  • Mercury conjunct Venus (1:05 PM EST, 27°12′ Pisces)
  • Mercury conjunct Chiron (4:25 PM EST, 27°28′ Pisces)
  • Venus conjunct Chiron (5:59 PM EST, 27° 28′ Pisces)

At 4:19 pm EST, these three planets are within 4′ of each other — that’s just 1/15 of one degree! This extraordinary tightness augments this triple conjunction’s power.

Some life-affirming uses of these merged energies include:

  • Divinely inspired thinking about relationship healing
  • engaging in a spiritually based healing process with a partner
  • engaging in cathartic creativity
  • intuitively guided mentoring, which is harmonious and/or focused on creativity
  • communicating to others about any of these things.

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About 13° earlier in Pisces, another conjunction is taking place today: a Sun-Neptune conjunction (13°55′ Pisces). This is conjunct Mercury, Venus and Chirion by sign, but not by orb. You can use this aspect to call in more creative inspiration or dive deeper into the spiritual realms.

3/6 (Tue)

Mercury and Venus enter Aries today. This supports appropriate assertiveness in your communications and relating. These sign changes can give your writing and creative expression fresh energy!

3/8 (Thu)

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter turns retrograde today at 23°13′ Scorpio. It will backpedal for four months, reversing 10 degrees before turning direct again on 7/10 at 13°20′ Scorpio.

This is a good time to reflect on how Jupiter’s core meanings are manifesting in your life:

  • philosophy, religion and the meaning of life
  • optimism, hope, joy and expansion
  • higher education
  • being the guru, professor or philosopher
  • foreign travel and influences

Also be mindful of Jupiter’s dark sides: overexpansion, and being convinced of your righteousness (and everyone else’s “wrongteousness”). This is also called “street corner preacher syndrome.”

Jupiter’s retrograde can also amplify your reflection on how the core meanings of Scorpio are relevant for you:

  • shared resources
  • occult practices
  • wealth and power
  • other people’s money
  • taxes, insurance and inheritances

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2018 03 08 Yod Jun Ce SaYod Peaks: Juno-Ceres-Saturn

Juno-Ceres-Saturn Yod started on 2/26, peaks today (3/8) and ends on 3/16. To learn more about this, see my interpretation of all four Yods in February.

3/9 (Fri)

You can enjoy amplified creativity with Venus quintile Pluto (2°48′ Aries-20°48′ Capricorn). This aspect could also give you great ideas for life-affirming relationship transformation and new ways to create income.

3/11 (Sun)

Taking quick action on your intuitive flashes is smoothly supported with Mars trine Uranus (26°24′ Sagittarius-Aries). Is it time to start a new adventure?

You can enjoy an overall energy boost with the Sun sextile Pluto (20°51′ Pisces-Capricorn). With the Sun in Pisces, this aspect also smoothly energizes awakening practices and inspired creativity.

3/12 (Mon)

Your feminine assertiveness receives smooth, strong support with Pluto trine Pallas Athena (20°52′ Capricorn-Taurus). This aspect also comfortably energizes practical creativity and strategic thinking.

3/13 (Tue)

Keep a cool head if any relational or financial challenges arise. These could be catalyzed by a Venus-Saturn square (8°7′ Aries-Capricorn). You can also use this aspect to create better structure in these areas.

The Sun sextiled Pluto two days ago, and today we have a Sun-Jupiter trine (23°11′ Pisces-Scorpio). Some of the effects are similar: an overall energy boost, and smooth support for awakening practices and inspired creativity. But this Sun-Jupiter trine will feel more light and sunny. Enjoy!

3/14 (Wed)

Accidents and wounding are more likely under a Mars-Chiron square (28°1′ Sagittarius-Pisces). Stay mindful of your surroundings. Fortunately, you can also use this square to strongly energize healing and mentoring!

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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    What a beautiful illustration of full moon energy we are facing at this moment of supreme transformation!! appreciation and blessings to you astroshaman and universe, alli.

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